The Doctor Who s4 finale rewatch (1/2, The Stolen Earth)

Okay so the rewatch of the Doctor Who season 4 finale was a BIG undertaking and loads of the cast and crew joined in! And some wonderful person actually put them all together in a list so the whole watchalong was made easier! Woo!

However, I’m gonna do the same thing I did for some of the other rewatches and put all the most interesting tweets together and in order. (Also I added Georgia Tennant’s tweets because they were friggin’ hilarious.) So first I’ve done The Stolen Earth and tomorrow I’ll do Journey’s End. There’s a wealth of fascinating information in there and well, this blog isn’t called Overly Devoted Archivist for nothing.

(Freema is utterly and totally delightful throughout all of this)

(I absolutely love all the Noel-Freema interactions here. Hey hope springs eternal Mickey and Martha will be back one day…)

Georgia Tennant is the absolute star of this watchalong.

Oh, lemme stick that in a gallery of its own (click to enlarge)-

Here’s that picture in full!

(Old Jack, if you’re curious)

(I do love RTD’s doodles)

God, that would have been amazing. I really wish that had happened.

The absolute star, I tell you.

My GOD that was a lot! Check back tomorrow for the Journey’s End stuff!