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Noel Clarke

Today many women accused Noel Clarke of sexually predatory behaviour, via the Guardian. I believe them. I’m so, so disappointed though. What did we miss? What did I miss?

Over the years plenty of my favourite characters have gained the face of a sexual predator, sigh. It’s shattering in so many ways, knowing just how many people seem to get a little power and instantly seem to start abusing women. I don’t know where the Doctor Who fandom is going to go from here, I’ll always be extremely fond of Mickey but obviously seperating a character from an actor is so very hard.

Also, I think more questions are going to be asked soon about rumors flying around about John Barrowman. If they’re true, and I’m pretty sure they are, he needs to be held accountable too. It sucks to lose the heroes of your childhood but what can you do?

Clarke was also a Grenfell campaigner and now I’m seeing the news of his being dropped by BAFTA right next to a headline about current Grenfell protests, which is just surreal.

John Barrowman will never, ever apologise to bigots for Doctor Who’s pioneering omnisexual time agent Captain Jack Harkness — PinkNews – Gay news, reviews and comment from the world’s most read lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans news service

As Captain Jack Harkness, the omnisexual immortal Time Agent, John Barrowman blazed onto screens in the 2005 revival of Doctor Who and has never looked back. Fifteen years later – via headlining the show in spin-off Torchwood – Jack’s back to battle Daleks on New Year’s Day in the festive special “Revolution of the Daleks”.…

John Barrowman will never, ever apologise to bigots for Doctor Who’s pioneering omnisexual time agent Captain Jack Harkness — PinkNews – Gay news, reviews and comment from the world’s most read lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans news service

Even as a teenager watching Jack I knew he was important in a way I couldn’t even describe. God, there are problems with 2005 era Doctor Who, but Jack isn’t one of them.

I really hate how it’s been forgotten now what a HUGE GODDAMN impact John Barrowman and Russell T Davies had on a particular generation of British kids. I still see Jack’s character being labelled as “queerbaiting” and it makes me so fucking angry. Barrowman and RTD were two gay men who put their careers at risk to create Jack and that was how they were thanked.

(It’s, uh, a bit of a sore point with me.)

The Doctor Who s4 finale rewatch (2/2, Journey’s End)

You’ve read the first one right? Let’s crack on.

Aww bless them.


The Doctor Who s4 finale rewatch (1/2, The Stolen Earth)

Okay so the rewatch of the Doctor Who season 4 finale was a BIG undertaking and loads of the cast and crew joined in! And some wonderful person actually put them all together in a list so the whole watchalong was made easier! Woo!

However, I’m gonna do the same thing I did for some of the other rewatches and put all the most interesting tweets together and in order. (Also I added Georgia Tennant’s tweets because they were friggin’ hilarious.) So first I’ve done The Stolen Earth and tomorrow I’ll do Journey’s End. There’s a wealth of fascinating information in there and well, this blog isn’t called Overly Devoted Archivist for nothing.

(Freema is utterly and totally delightful throughout all of this)

(I absolutely love all the Noel-Freema interactions here. Hey hope springs eternal Mickey and Martha will be back one day…)



“I knew I had to date him, that was it. So I made a date with Scott later. [But] Cher had just been to see Sunset Boulevard. And she hunted me down the next day through management, people, whatever.

“They said, ‘Cher wants to have dinner with you.’ And I said: ‘I can’t… have dinner with her.’ And there was a dead silence at the end of the phone: ‘What?!’ ‘I can’t have dinner with Cher because I have a date tonight with Scott.’ 

“They went: ‘Right, hold on.’ Click. On hold. Over to the other line. Apparently they were going to ask her: ‘He’s got a date, and he doesn’t want to break it.’

“That was the chance of a lifetime for me. I’m not talking about having dinner with Cher, but my date with Scott. The management came back to me and said: ‘Fine, she says, bring him.’

”[…] And we all met up and had dinner with Cher and we had a fab time. At the end of the evening, she said to me: ‘Walk me to my car, you’ll love it.’ As we were walking to the car arm-in-arm, the photographers came out of the bushes, you name it.[…] And the next day in the tabloids, I was her new toyboy.

“But little did they know, the boy with the bicycle that walked out after us went and unhooked his bike. I put her in the car, went off, got my Jag, opened the trunk, put his bike in the trunk, and took I took him home. And he stayed. For eighteen years now.”

– John Barrowman on his first date with husband Scott Gill in 1994

Moffat’s the reason Captain Jack isn’t back




So John Barrowman said that it’s ‘certain egos’ stopping Torchwood coming back. He’s talking about Steven Moffat who thankfully is leaving. Good riddance.

Other stuff John has said:
-around 17:00
-this may change when somebody leaves and someone new and wonderful comes in’
-around 20:40
-‘as long as Steven Moffat is involved, Jack will not be back.
-Then mentioned about Chris Chibnall taking over and taking him for dinner.

Moffat has never had anything to do with Torchwood. Torchwood is RTD’s baby so if it’s not the BBC’s lack of interest in Torchwood why Torchwood hasn’t come back (or Starz) he’s a more likely candidate for why than Moffat.

Why is Moffat often seen as this all powerful figure who just needs to snap his fingers and the BBC does whatever he wants? He doesn’t even have complete creative control over DW, there are many producers and execs above him that things will need to be cleared with. If the BBC wanted to make more Torchwood there is nothing Moffat can say that would stop them. Showrunners just don’t have that kind of power.