Happy Valentine’s Day, assorted OTPs!

A very happy day to Amy&Rory, Quinn&Gary, Enjolras&Grantaire, Peter&Harry, Bubblegum&Marceline, Star-Lord&Gamora, Gail&Erica, Faramir&Eowyn, Finn&Poe, and Disneyverse Esmeralda&Phoebus.

Most of whom never celebrated or had any concept of a Valentine’s Day.


Here’s my favorite comic ever (until the next one). And this is just Part One, so there’s even more cuteness coming tomorrow when I post Part Two. I just, I really love these two. I JUST WANT THEM TO LISTEN TO MUSIC TOGETHER AND BE HAPPY!


Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a Starmora comic for all you fans of these two cuties being cute. I always have fun drawing Peter and Gamora, and this time, I also had a lot of fun drawing clouds in the background. (I’m really hoping to get into digital art this year though, so I can be a little more consistent in my shading/backgrounds/etc…)