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Happy Valentine’s Day, assorted OTPs!

A very happy day to Amy&Rory, Quinn&Gary, Enjolras&Grantaire, Peter&Harry, Bubblegum&Marceline, Star-Lord&Gamora, Gail&Erica, Faramir&Eowyn, Finn&Poe, and Disneyverse Esmeralda&Phoebus.

Most of whom never celebrated or had any concept of a Valentine’s Day.

wlwappreciationweek: favourite canon wlw ship

Erica and Gail, The Last Man on Earth


Favorite f/f ships [6/??] The Last Man on Earth – Erica and Gail

Erica is not just some woman I’m dating. Ok, we’re not married, but we’re in a committed relationship. Erica and I were doing the female hunka chunka before we even knew y’all were alive.

“Ultimately, we all felt like Erica and Gail are in love, and that’s not
going to change.” [x]

For the first time since the virus took our world away, I’ve been… really happy…

mary steenburgen and cleopatra coleman ship the hell out of gailca (erigail?) and I love it