gail x erica

Happy Valentine’s Day, assorted OTPs!

A very happy day to Amy&Rory, Quinn&Gary, Enjolras&Grantaire, Peter&Harry, Bubblegum&Marceline, Star-Lord&Gamora, Gail&Erica, Faramir&Eowyn, Finn&Poe, and Disneyverse Esmeralda&Phoebus.

Most of whom never celebrated or had any concept of a Valentine’s Day.

What is your favorite femslash ship* that has at least one woman of color?


  1. What do you find most interesting about these characters? This ship?
  2. Which specific fan art, fanfic, and/or meta for this ship is your favorite? Why?
  3. In what ways does this ship expand representation for or defy stereotypes about LBPT women and/or women of color? Ditto LBPT women of color.

*For now, I’m not including Canon Character/OFC because I want to see what ships come from characters that we do not have to create ourselves.

*Please, do not list ships that involve whitewashing, brownfacing, redfacing, yellowfacing or the like.

Gail/Erica from The Last Man on Earth. (A post-apocalypse sitcom which after a bad first series suddenly became AMAZING.) Honestly, when they first got together, it looked on the surface like it could’ve been a bait for higher ratings: get the only two unattached women on the show together, show ‘em kissing, and then forget all about it and put in a throwaway line saying they broke up or something. But that didn’t happen! Instead, they’re raising a baby together; and they’re constantly being physically intimate together even in episodes where the plot is focused on something else entirely; and they clearly love each other and it’s just so sweet and nice. Is nice a good word? I think nice’s a good word.

I really wish there was more art/fic/eta for them but the fandom for TLMOE is so tiny that there’s only a small amount of stuff. However, what there is all wonderfully done, and it can be found here!

Gail/Erica is interesting because in a way Erica defies a lot of a stereotypes just by herself? She’s black, bisexual, an ex-criminal, has taken recreational drugs at one point in her past, and yet she’s (usually) the softest and sweetest person in any given episode. (The most recent episode was a rare exception.) The writers even said in an interview that she was “the last judge” of humanity’s behaviour post-apocalypse, and it shows a lot. The fact that Erica and Gail both have “motherly” roles in the group, including sometimes to people who they have no biological relation to, strikes me as a bit of a stereotype-buster as well possibly?

Also there’s a big age gap between them – Erica gives her age as 25 at one point and Gail is in her sixties if her actress’s age is anything to go by. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a May-December same-sex romance on TV before. (And, re: Gail, there aren’t really many WLW over 50 on TV anywhere.)

Anyway, I’m so happy everyday that the show went in this direction and did a good job of it so far.