This whole shitty thing with Kelly Marie Tran really throws the whole “male characters’ actions are blamed on the writers but with female characters it’s their fault” thing into sharp relief, man. Like, Draco Malfoy spends seven Harry Potter books and a play being a violent racist who shouts slurs at people, and everyone goes “Aww, he’s just misunderstood! Why didn’t JKR give him a redemption arc?” MCU Loki killed hundreds of people and it’s all “Well… that was a bad movie written by a bad writer so it doesn’t count?” But Rose Tico…

…is just a regular person? Who finds heroism within herself? Is not a villain? And yet every damn post about Kelly being harassed seems to begin with “Well, I don’t like Rose but…” Why not?!? And why is that even a necessary thing to quantify?!?




if elon musk implies that a single party owns the media and his entire fanbase in unison goes “oh its the jews. you’re talking about the jews” and elon doesn’t address that by going “screamingkermit.jpg it’s not fucking jews you piece of shit antisemitists” but rather sits there like “…… ;)” you don’t get to say that Tumblr is projecting by implying that he claims that jews control the media. had he thought differently he would definitely notice the replies and pull up another tweet to straighten things out, which he didn’t, because his fanbase realized exactly what he meant. that’s how dogwhistling works. wheres your Logic you weird reddit rejects stuck in the notes of that post yapping like you shit your brains out years ago


it’s really interesting that elon musk has the time to attack everyone talking about unions in his replies, and yet he coincidentally doesn’t have the time on his hands to acknowledge the actual hundreds of /pol/ sewage people answering his leading question with anti-semitic image macros




The Amazons’ New Clothes

Zack Snyder caused an Amazonian uproar on social media when he started sharing pictures of Amazons from Justice League in leather bikinis.

This abrupt change of direction is a shock and these outfits look like generic barbarian women from a game of Dungeons and Dragons. They completely lack the unique flavor of the Greco-Roman-inspired armor ensembles that Lindy Hemming put so much thought and historical research into creating for Wonder Woman. The Wonder Woman designs received acclaim from fans and costume fanatics alike. They were clearly inspired by the Amazon’s origins in the Mediterranean and were feminine but very functional. Why mess with perfection?

Oh, right. The all-male team of directors and executive directors wanted women to fight in bikinis.

Wonder Woman began filming in 2015, the year before Justice League started filming in 2016. The Amazons’  design was finalized and most of the costumes completed while Justice League was still in pre-production. That means that there were discussions about what the Amazons should wear into battle in Justice League and the epic designs from Wonder Woman were rejected in favor of leather bikinis. Let that sink in. They rejected already finished costumes to redesign and remake the armor so that more skin would be showing.

“To be absolutely clear, my issue is not with the lack of modesty. The Amazons in Wonder Woman wore sports-bra-like outfits when they were not fighting and I think that is very realistic for a society that lives in a Mediterranean climate. My problem is a millennia-old military culture wearing bikinis into battle because they are women. My problem is a wise civilization that was created by the gods to protect the world thinking that soft leather is armor.

I have a problem with a really great design being thrown out in favor of something that would excite the cis male gaze.”

Not to mention that “armor” that exposes the most vulnerable part of the body is not armor.  It is a bathing suit.

Fuck this shit.


Does anyone else just lay in bed for an hour or so before they fall asleep and generate their own fanfictions? And they are super elaborate and you just sit and go through it and wasting precious sleeping time.
Reblog if u do.

Then I fall asleep and in the morning they’re completely forgotten.


– Looper (dir. Rian Johnson)

me at 6pm: when will god let me rest. i have not slept in 929283838 years. so exhausted. let me rest let me sleep. so exhausted.

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