I’m sick and tired of the MCU fandom acting like this man doesn’t exist:

And please don’t explain to me how Phastos isn’t as popular because he’s a “side character”, or has less screen time because Phastos has the exact same screen time in Marvel’s Eternals than fandom’s sweetheart Druig, yet you’ll never see anyone call Druig a side character.

I know what you’re trying to do, and I’m with you, I hate Disney as much as the next person but stop with the:

“There’ll never be a Gay character in the MCU” There already is.

or the “Thor Love and Thunder is the gayest MCU project” No it’s not.

It’s amazing how people will praise shows for their “groundbreaking” LGBT+ representation when there have been other forms of medium that have explicit LGBT+ representation. Like they had Phastos kiss his husband on screen, and they didn’t kill him off in the end of the movie. Yet people will simp over Druig who is quite problematic if you really think about it.

Like the dude brainwashed an entire community for centuries, and it was framed as if it was a good thing. I know Wanda’s not necessarily a good person. She’s made mistake, but Westview was an accident and she did let them go in the end. Multiverse of Madness is a whole other thing, but I can definitely sympathize with Wanda more than Druig.

Besides that, there are more blatantly obvious forms of LGBT+ representation that is in media and people keep ignoring it. Don’t.

The reaction to Phastos still absolutely infuriates me. “Oh, we just don’t think we can count him as a gay character because he gave humans the power of technology and they used it to make atomic bombs! That makes him no better than a weapons manufacturer!” Buddy, I have some bad news for you about Iron Man.