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My favourite adoptive relationships in fiction

Because what’s the fucking point otherwise. [x]

Some Raimi Spider-Man headcanons that no-one asked for:

  • Peter is autistic, and has selective mutism (that bit in the first movie where he just smiles at MJ instead of answering her made me think of this: I hope it’s accurate)
  • Harry is bisexual: he hides it well. His feelings about Peter have always been deeply confusing and contradictory.
  • Ursula and her father are Jewish (Mageina Tovah is, after all.)
  • Gwen is openly bisexual
  • Flash Thompson later got in touch with Peter and MJ and apologised for his behaviour in high school, which is why he can be seen in the background at Harry’s funeral.
  • MJ and Gwen sought each other out after the events of Spider-Man 3 and became friends. (Well, that’s semi-canon anyway I guess, the novelisation has them hugging at the funeral)
  • Gwen has three younger brothers, because that’s a bit of canon from ASM that I really like. (It always weirded me out that there were so many only children in the Spiderverse)
  • That little boy who is impressed at Peter’s car stunt is this universe’s Miles Morales.
  • May knows her nephew’s secret identity because she’s essentially his mother. Robbie knows too, because he’s much, much less self-obsessed and cynical than Jonah and quickly worked it out. Ursula also knows, because she lives next door to Peter after all and has witnessed his suspicious comings and goings. All three have sworn to themselves to never, ever tell anyone.