j jonah jameson

The original Spider-Man trilogy is campy and cheesy and it probably hasn’t really aged well, but I love it so much and will absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes the MCU simply because (as seen above) it is just so thoroughly uncynical and virtually everyone from Peter to Gwen to Aunt May to Peter’s neighbour to random bystander #563 is SUCH A GOOD PERSON

The Daily Bugle crew aren’t appearing (as far as I can tell) in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but if they were here’s who I’d want them to be:

J Jonah Jameson: Peter Capaldi w/ moustache
Joe ‘Robbie’ Robertson: Idris Elba
Betty Brant: Rinko Kikuchi
Glory Grant: Freema Agyeman
Ned Leeds (nice one, Spectacular Spider-Man): John Cho