qui gon jinn

Hi Moddy! I was wondering what you think of Qui gon Jinn? Your fics show different perspectives of him so I was curious


Okay so first of, I find him a hot and interesting character.

That said… I also understand he’s a deeply flawed and hurt man. A human with traumas, strong conviction and hurts and someone that has lashed out at people that don’t deserve his scorn. He’s also a person that is fierce, compassionate and wants to help, even when the order he serves and the Senate the Jedi is suppose to obey tells him no.

He’s someone, just like everyone else of us, is trying to live a life.

I don’t blame him for having traumas honestly, I do blame him for taking it out on people that don’t deserve it though, as we’ve seen in canon stuff that he’s behaved like a arse to Obi-Wan.

And I blame Yoda for pushing a apprenticeship on him, using a child to heal an adult.

But yeah, that’s my opinion of him. Just a human with flaws and good sides.

Cause there is no such thing as a perfect human.

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The Psychopathic Menace: Qui-Gon Jinn Rampages in 1999 Video Game —

This is something I did not know, but as a diehard Qui-Gon fan now delight in knowing.