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A few stray thoughts on Brooklyn 99 “Ding Dong”

This wasn’t a bad episode by any stretch of the imagination! I mean, with the way it ended how could it be? But…

The same episode which calls Madeline Wuntch, among other things, a “toilet ghost” is much too nice to her. Holt shouldn’t have given that sweet speech at the funeral, because Wuntch sexually assaulted him! This show has done a whole episode about sexual assault and yet Wuntch’s actions just remain completely forgotten about.

There was that unwanted kiss (ick) there was the time she patted him down for a wire and was clearly enjoying the sexual humiliation of it all…

Brooklyn 99 is a really good show so I never understood why they’re so inconsistent about this. (Gina could also be brought up around here, but hooo boy that’s a whole nother post.) Wuntch wasn’t Holt’s “star-crossed hater.” She was his abuser.


Captain Holt being his glorious self 

jake: me and amy have had a tipoff from an old contact. He says that the body of the missing mafia boss was buried here just twenty-four hours ago!
holt: we have no time to wait around for forensics. let’s start digging.
amy: there are fragments of clothes here, this must be it
jake: i think i found something –
amy: jake, this isn’t what we’re looking for. this is a much older murder victim.
jake: this body’s been buried here for years, it’s decomposed into a skeleton.
holt: my god, it’s all just –
amy: oh no