the first doctor

Everything that appeared in that one scene from The Timeless Children

You know the one.

Honestly, whatever you think of the episode… WHAT A SCENE. Over five decades of Doctor Who history (Whostory?) packed into a few seconds. With the theme tune! I loved it to pieces.

So being me I’ve gone through it frame by frame to pick out everything that appeared. (This gets pretty long, as you may have expected, sorry)



[two gifs from the teaser trailer of “twice upon a time” depicting a scene from “the tenth planet” (the serial in which billy hartnell as the first dr.who regenerated into pat troughton) – “love. pride. hate. fear,” says hartnell to a mondasian cyberman in black and white, 4:3 ratio. have you no emotions, sir?“ as he speaks color floods his features and the background widens, until we are in HD and full color, the end of the line being performed by david bradley]