the ninth doctor

RTD’s “Rose” tweets + sequel

Some tidbits from Russell T Davies about the making of Rose today:

I’m glad RTD doesn’t know what the computer thing is about either, because people used to say it was obviously implying Mickey was cheating on Rose, and that made me sad.

And here’s the “sequel” which was released afterwards! Listen all the way to the end…

Everything that appeared in that one scene from The Timeless Children

You know the one.

Honestly, whatever you think of the episode… WHAT A SCENE. Over five decades of Doctor Who history (Whostory?) packed into a few seconds. With the theme tune! I loved it to pieces.

So being me I’ve gone through it frame by frame to pick out everything that appeared. (This gets pretty long, as you may have expected, sorry)



1×01 Rose // 10×12 The Doctor Falls

It’s up to you, Bill. But before you make up your mind, let me show you around.