Me: -so after it became apparent that ‘retarded’ had become a term of abuse, educators and psychiatrists switched to other terms like ‘handicapped’ or ‘special needs’ in an attempt to –

George Orwell, whom I’ve dragged forward in time with my arcane powers because I’m lonely and want someone to talk to: You have a telephone in your pocket?  It listens to you all the time?

Me: Never mind about that, the point is, young people now mock each other by sending the wheelchair emoji – that’s a type of electronic heiroglyph – to suggest mental deficiency and shout SPESHUL!!!! while doing offensive imitations of disabled facial expressions and posture.  So any attempt to lexographically make crimethink impossible is pretty much doomed because the meaning of words in everyday conversation can’t be controlled by a dictionary entry, no matter how many Ministry of Truth employees-

Orwell: It reports your location to the telephone company at all times?

There’s a lot to unpack here, but why is ableism described as “crimethink”, a word that invokes fascism? Why is it indicated that people trying to eradicate it are comparible to “Ministry of Truth employees?” Why is ableism always the punchline and the exception when it comes to freedom of speech issues? 

As if the entire idea of disability=lesser, whether represented by the r-word or a wheelchair emoji, wasn’t in itself fascism?

Casual ableism

J.K. Rowling and Julie Bindel dropped this yesterday:

…and it’s a joke, of course it’s a joke, and a pathetic one at that, but as someone with a mental illness I find this sort of thing so frustrating. (‘Section’ refers to being sectioned under the Mental Health Act.) I’ve gathered from retweets that these two are making fun of one particular person, who I do not know, but it doesn’t matter because if you’re making fun of someone’s X characteristic you’re also making fun of everyone else who has X characteristic.

I mean, I’m long past the days of expecting better from the British TERF society, but… yeah. Uh, happy international women’s day.

This story made me SO angry

From the UK:

But arguably the worst part is the pub’s backhanded, victim-blaming “apology”:

Staff expressed that if this had been known beforehand, or an explanation given sooner, the situation could have been avoided.

Ah yes, she should have EXPLAINED THE DEEPLY PERSONAL MATTER to complete strangers before BEING ALLOWED TO USE THE BATHROOM. What does Wetherspoons require of customers who simply have the runs (probably from eating their food)? Do they insist on every shit being declared to them beforehand? She did not owe anyone an explanation for using a bathroom. This is a godawful apology, if you can call it that, and I sincerely hope that before too long they have to issue an apology for the apology.

Fuck Wetherspoons, and fuck the ableist culture which leads to these things happening on a regular basis. That poor girl. I’m so mad.


Speaking of invisible ableism type things… here’s a picture of one of the disabled parking bays at Cleethorpes beach, where me and my parents were last week.

But can you spot what’s very wrong with it?

Wait… I never actually answered this, damn. The answer is that the actual pavement isn’t accessible for a wheelchair. (Or most wheelchairs, anyway, I would think.) To get onto the pavement my family had to go down the road – where the friggin’ cars were – to the next disabled bay which did have a ramp.










Lol savage

I no longer believe in the human race.

This is the laziest shit ever

How lazy can humans get?

Have you never met white ppl?

I didn’t realise only white people lost mobility due to age, physical disability or degenerative illnesses.

Because the target market for this product are those people who are disabled or lack mobility. You are literally mocking people who cannot for whatever reason do something you take for granted and then packaging it up as a race issue.

anyways, yall who commented before this last person need to be more careful and remember that uh disabled people exist 🙂

(This is not directed to krispythinkings or rambling-serkstan)
I had to put my grandfather’s socks and shoes on for him for years and sometimes he would get really mad about needing my help.
His legs were paralyzed, so, in order to get his feet into his socks and shoes he would have to use both hands to pull his whole leg up to get his foot off the floor so I could slip the sock on over his foot and then I had to make sure it was on right (I’m autistic and I often put things on backwards, inside out, or sometimes in the case of shoes i put them on the wrong feet).
It was really difficult for him to do this because he was in a ton of pain.

I wish I’d known this existed back then cus he would’ve loved it. It would have helped with our morning struggle so much. He wouldn’t have needed help with his socks at all.
This thing is designed so the weight of your leg will put the sock on for you.
Being able to put your own socks on may seem like a small thing to some people but when you can’t take care of yourself without help; things like these can help you maintain at least a little bit of control over yourself. And it can help you feel a little more independant.

I’m not saying that ppl who need help putting on clothes (or with taking care of themselves in any capacity) are a burden either, (Hint: we aren’t a burden) but I definitely feel like a burden whenever I cannot do something that allistic, neurotypical, or abled people can do by themselves because of this kind of attitude.
Products like this can help with that.

Typically any product that you see in infomercials that looks like its designed for “lazy people” is actually designed for disabled people.
But they market to a wider audiance to make more money.

AND BEYOND THAT; why the fuck do yall care so much about how someone else chooses to put their socks on???
Get a fuckin hobby.

We got this for my mom after she lost her range of motion in an accident. She can’t reach her feet to put her socks on herself, and hates asking me or my brother to do it. It’s a little lightweight, so if you’re having trouble you might consider propping it against something, but otherwise it’s a solid product!

My mum can’t move, well… anything at all really thanks to MS. This would’ve been really handy while she was in the early stages of it though.





The last part, especially.  Why do so many people have to interfere with really harmless aspects of how other people live?

Who the hell goes to the grocery store to socialize?

I guess it would be great grand parents of Gen Z. My grandparents know/knew half the people in the grocery store.  They went there to talk to people they knew. They would strike up conversations with people they’d seen in there around the same time as them more than once a week. 

An now my parents, boomers, in their 60′s are starting to do it to. Especially now that my mom is disabled and due to her issues drops friend groups constantly and doesn’t talk to many people daily outside of my sister and nephews. 

So the answer to “Who the hell goes to the grocery store to socialize” is people who grew up with out the internet. People who don’t see the internet as social interaction. People who are older and have grown up with the idea that talking to strangers in public like that is totally normal. Where as Gen X/Gen Y/ Millennials have grown up being told we should never talk to strangers. We must be cautious. We have to watch who we befriend because the bad people are everywhere. And then we’re berated for appearing anti-social. 

Gen X will start doing this next. I suspect I’ll see it in my sister in the next 15 years. 

My partner (Millenial) and I (maybe gen X, probably millenial) had a nice, brief chat with the owner of our favourite cafe when we ran into her in Target the other night.

So, you get to be social with people who aren’t actually friends in grocery stores. We don’t go there to socialise, but that does not mean that they aren’t social spaces. And they are definitely public spaces.

The issue is not the social/asocial nature of public space but the fact that people acting not-how-you-want in public space DO NOT NEED TO BE CORRECTED. One should basically trust that anyone not harming themselves or others is doing their best to meet social expectations in public. (Also, public social expectations are cultural and therefore different in different times/places.)

Give everyone space and the benefit of the doubt.

How witty of you. Still a fucking mong.


But a witty “mong,” apparently, so even you, with your apparent anonymous vendetta, appear to feel the need to give me some credit.

Now, much as I enjoy scoring cheap clever response points out of your vapid anonymous bile, I’m afraid I shan’t be responding to anything else you send me. I’ve got some really excellent asks to get back to, several writing projects to work on, some books to read, a queue to fill, and a whole lot of life to be living. Snarky retorts are tragically hard to schedule in that, so I’ll wish you a good day and leave it at that.

My mind still quietly boggles whenever I see the m-word dropped so casually. God, why do people still seem to think it’s okay to use?




when straight people talk to gays


how about “when abled people talk to disabled people” OP, how about that? 

#disabled people aren’t people they’re just metaphors!#obviously!#having a disability must be a metaphor for marginalized groups right?#cause disability is just a thing & not a group of marginalized people themselves right? (via onewordtest)



Don’t armchair diagnose mass shooters and other killers. The misconception that all violent people must be mentally ill (and the following conclusion that all mentally ill people must be dangerous) has horrible real life consequences for visibly mentally ill people.

Schizophrenic people are 14 times more likely to be a victim of a violent crime than committing one because people assume that we’re homicidal and dangerous and may react very negatively to visibly mentally ill behavior, partly due to all the media portrayals of schizophrenics as violent killers.

50% of people killed by police are disabled or mentally ill (and the victims are disproportionately black or other people of color) because the unusual behavior of visibly disabled and visibly mentally ill people is read as inherently threathening and dangerous.

Please consider the real life consequences of reinforcing the association between mental illness and violence – people are dying because y’all want to blame all evil in the world on severe mental illness so that you can clearly separate yourself from it. You’re harming an already extremely vulnerable and marginalized group of people and it’s time to stop!

I encourage people who aren’t schizophrenic to reblog this. These stereotypes are literally getting people killed and I’ve seen no awareness around this on this website.