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Beth Matthews’ raw honesty saved lives, say mental health experts — BBC News – Home

It was only when she died that her family found how many people she helped with her writing.

Beth Matthews’ raw honesty saved lives, say mental health experts — BBC News – Home

This is an incredibly sad story, made all the worse by all the healthcare professionals who let this woman down.

But reading about all the lives Beth Matthews touched… I think there’s a tiny element of hope in there too. Very tiny. But still there.

To my fellow OCDers

If you were horrified by this story, as I was, here’s a reminder that OCD didn’t cause this person to throw a small child off a balcony, and neither did any other condition. He did it because he was a horrible person, nothing more, nothing less.

OCD is a tumor on a person’s morality. If you’re afraid of becoming like this guy, your OCD will needle away at you and make you do compulsions, “If I turn the lights off twice before leaving the room, that means I’m not the sort of person who would try to kill a child.” I’ve been there. But – you’re fine. Honestly, you are. There’s no link between OCD and murder, absolutely none.



Intuition is real. Vibes are real. Energy doesn’t lie. Tune in.

This is actually called thin slicing. Your brain recognizes patterns from very small “slices” of information by comparing them to things you have experienced before. This all happens very quickly on a subconscious level without our conscious mind being involved. So intuition is actually really fast pattern recognition, and it can be very accurate. So yeah, if you have a gut feeling that a person or situation is not good, get the hell out. Your brain knows what’s up. 

Serious question:

Is this also the case if you have OCD/intrusive thoughts











Pretend ur invasive self hating thoughts r being said to u by a 13 y/o boy on xbox live trying to get a rise out of you like
“Your girlfriend dumped you because you’re ugly”
that’s nice tim isn’t it past ur bedtime

also, if you have intrusive violent thoughts, pretend they’re being said to u by an annoying backseat driver

“drive into that pole”
thanks karen or i could not do that


you can also pretend that the Super Paranoid thoughts are being said by that conspiracy theorist in your history class

“maybe they poisoned you”
maybe you should fuck off, geoffrey-with-a-g


My favorite for intrusive anxious thoughts is to pretend Spock’s behind you with an answer.

“did I lock the door-”

captain you have locked the door every day for over ten years, and it is very hard for most people to break even subconscious habits, so you most definitely locked the door

I told my new psychiatrist about how I learned this from y’all and his eyes lit up. He didn’t smile but he did nod a whole bunch of times, it was great.

I like to pretend that my intrusive thoughts are being said to me by a super uptight religious white lady

“god hates you because you don’t believe in him”
“your failures are too great to be forgiven by anyone”
“everything you do is wrong and you are going to burn in hell”

thanks for the input brenda but fuck right off

I would just like to say that I love you all for this idea.

Reblogging this for a friend.


Having intrusive thoughts about, e.g., murder, does not inherently actually make one a murderer.
Accusing someone of actual murder, when they only admitted to intrusive
thoughts about murder, does literally no good to anybody.

There is literally no good outcome of conflating thinking about some horrible act and actually doing the thing. That way lies Orwellian thought-crime-policing absurdity.

Why the hell are people acting on the opposite assumption?

(Ironically, many of the people throwing around claims like this will then go and throw around actual death and violence threats / wishes, among other things – which seriously undermines their credibility, to say the least.)

As someone who’s had a literal lifetime of absolutely horrific intrusive thoughts (anyone can ask me about ‘em, I’m an open book, it’s for the better) I find this site’s attitudes towards them……………um. Disappointing.



Does anyone else have like. Anxiety-related memory problems. Like, after you do something, you start wondering if you messed something up or did something wrong, and you get really anxious over possible mistakes you made and you genuinely can’t remember if you made those mistakes or not?

Like for example maybe you write someone a letter and then after sending it you start imagining you made some terrible mistake and despite the fact that you yourself wrote and proofread and sent it, you can’t remember if you did or not?

It happens to me a l o t and it’s terrible and scary because I can’t trust my own memories when I’m anxious

I do that thing with letters ALL THE TIME, so I always take a picture of them with my camera phone before I send them.

It must be nice to choose how you react to panic/trauma/losing speech and “choose not to be [so-called] mean.” Being NT sounds fun :)






^This anon appears to be in response to a post of mine where I say: 

You can be angry about things but still make the conscious decision not to be cruel. When we remind each other to be kind, we’re not saying don’t be mad. There’s a lot of stuff to be mad about right now. But you can still be a kind and patient person. You don’t have to be mean to other people. You can choose.

Oh yeesh, is this for real? Anon, here, from my FAQ:

Not your fault you didn’t know, but it’s just sloppy on your part to not even try to find out if the person you’re mad at for literally reminding people that they have the choice to be kind (? be nice? is all I’m trying to say) is NT or not. (Not that it would be okay to do this to someone who is NT for promoting kindness?) 

Look, I hate having to do this tumblr oppression checklist schwarbage every time people accuse me of being *~the enemy~* because my experiences and opinions don’t match their elitist and radical narrative of how someone like me should FEEL about everything I’ve been through.

Calling someone with several literal neurological disorders that mark me as disabled an NT is… ouch! You lose a point there, kiddo. 

What particular response were you hoping with this sort of message? Did you stop to think that you are messaging a stranger and you know very little, no, in your case, even less than a little about? I was beaten as a kid, for crying out loud, and you’re telling me how *~nice~* it is for me that after a lifetime of struggling relating to what happened to me (yo, I didn’t actually find out I have PTSD until my mid 20′s) I finally learned to stop being a hostile, moody, unstable, turbulent, prickly, hissing person and I started the journey of getting back in touch with myself. 

Realizing that came at the same time as a bunch of other really heavy stuff with my health and loss, and for a minute I got hooked into the whole bullying = social activism thing, and I’m telling you right now—If you wanna be that good person, someone who can set a good example for other people to be good too, to be kind, to not hurt each other, to be conscious, to be aware, then you have to let go of the part of your ego that is making you think that getting asspats and morality points for being mean to literal strangers on the internet and making hurtful assumptions about them based on your own closed-mindedness. 

That doesn’t save the world. That doesn’t save other people like me who are wired differently either from birth or from illness or from trauma.

You have the ability to be someone you can be proud of, and the way you are acting right now is nothing to pat yourself on the back over. 

Please, in the future, before you mindlessly send a message like this: do your homework and ask yourself if what you are doing is something someone who cares about making life better for people would do. 

Many circles on tumblr want people like me to believe that because all this bad stuff happened and things are pretty rough for me on a day to day basis, that I am now permanently angry and mean because why should I owe anyone my kindness—But it’s not that I feel I owe my kindness and patience. It’s asking, what does this opportunity present to me if I take a deep breath and approach it with compassion? 

Yes, even I mess up and snap sometimes when I’m mad! It’s a human thing! No one is perfect. But we gotta just own up to it and get back to doing our best to be conscious. 

See, there, you being a knucklehead gave me the chance to talk about something important. A good lesson in never assuming things about people! Ding-dong, class dismissed.

Also, the anon is pretty clearly implying that only NTs are nice.

I know SJ makes it sexy to be angry, but do you really want to convince all the NTs that none of you are nice?

That seems to me like shooting yourselves in the foot, honestly.

Also, if you really want to spread the message that disabled people aren’t capable of choosing to be kind, please consider people like me, who actually WANT nondisabled friends.

You can think I’m silly, you can think I’m naive, you can think I’m destined for heartbreaking betrayal and haven’t lived long enough to know it yet (even though I’m likely older than you), but you’re being a real jerk if you tell people things that lead them to avoid me because I’m too disabled to be kind.

The most saddening thing to me is that this kind of people acts like being good is almost something you’re destined for, and being cruel something you’re doomed to. 

And I get that. Honestly, I completely get feeling like you’re just destined to be a monster. But that’s no way to live. 

I’ve lived like that before, thinking nothing kind I could ever do would ever make me good, beause I was too fucked up, so I should either learn to embrace cruelty or succumb and… it was probably the worst thing I ever experienced. Arguably worse than sex dysphoria. 0/10 would not recommend.

That’s not a kind of thing you want other people to feel like, anon, and if it’s how you feel, then please talk to other people who’ve been through it. You are not doomed to be a monster just because you feel like that’s the only option. 

If you feel like that, your illness is lying to you. Your illness wants you to suffer. That’s entirely why it tells you those things. Now imagine your illness was some jackass telling someone you love the same things, what would you feel like doing? If the answer is “punch it in the face”, that’s the same kind of thing you should try to feel towards it when it does that to you. You may not be able to punch it in the face, but you can certainly tell it to stick it.

If you feel like that, your illness is lying to you.

If you feel like that, your illness is lying to you.

If you feel like that, your illness is lying to you.