“We All Need OCD Now” – My Thoughts on This Week’s Wall Street Journal Article

Wow. What an absolutely terrible article/thing to believe.

Sassy Cat Lady:

I know, I’m supposed to be on my sort-of blogging break. However, when I read about a certain article published by The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday (31st March), I had to come out of my box and address it. To be honest, I didn’t really want to taint my blog with this fantastic piece of journalism, and part of me was thinking “don’t do it, you might just kick the shit out of your laptop in the process.” However, as I was washing up this evening I found the rage building up and I needed to get it out.

If you’re not sure what the F I’m on about, earlier this week The Wall Street Journal published an article entitled We All Need OCD NowI’m sure you’ll probably know why I have a problem with this just from the title. Now, the eagle eyed among you will…

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OCD vs Coronavirus

Passing along. (My OCD is not really germ-related, but my god, with what’s in the news I cannot imagine the hell a lot of people are going through right now.)

OCD Girl

cropped-cropped-ocd-girl-cover.jpgby Zoe Butcher (OCD Girl’s alter ego)

Ah, an epidemic. That special time when everyone suddenly realises that maybe, just maybe, they should be washing their hands more often (apparently a lot of folks seem to view this practice as optional rather than essential). Whilst sufferers like myself sit back in the smug knowledge that we’ve been washing our hands properly, not shaking hands and opening doors using bits of kitchen paper for years, the rest of the world has a nasty case of sudden-onset OCD.

If you arelike me, a long time OCD suffering germ-phobe with emetophobia to boot then you probably don’t need to be told how important it is to wash your hands properly.


For those of you though, that think hand washing is a waste of time and that germs somehow just ‘bounce’ off you harmlessly due to some hitherto unknown superpower you have –…

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To my fellow OCDers

If you were horrified by this story, as I was, here’s a reminder that OCD didn’t cause this person to throw a small child off a balcony, and neither did any other condition. He did it because he was a horrible person, nothing more, nothing less.

OCD is a tumor on a person’s morality. If you’re afraid of becoming like this guy, your OCD will needle away at you and make you do compulsions, “If I turn the lights off twice before leaving the room, that means I’m not the sort of person who would try to kill a child.” I’ve been there. But – you’re fine. Honestly, you are. There’s no link between OCD and murder, absolutely none.

VHS Lady

This story has been bouncing around the internet for the past couple days. I’ve heard people saying “She must have had OCD!” but so what if she had? She did something truly impressive here. She might have preserved old TV shows that would’ve otherwise been lost. (Doctor Who fans will recognise the pain of that.) This story has also served to remind me I need to really work on digitizing me and my mother’s three or so boxes worth of VHS tapes from the ’90s before they’re lost forever.

So from one Overly Devoted Archivist to another, thank you, Marion Stokes.