Things British people are mad about today

-Meghan and Harry baptizing their daughter with the title “Princess” which she would have had anyway seeing as she’s a granddaughter of a king?? Royalty is an opt-out system and she’s too young to opt-out. WHY is this news.

-Gary Lineker calling the government out for using Nazi-like rhetoric. There’s calls to get him fired from his job at the BBC, because now the Daily Mail believes in cancel culture all of a sudden, what a surprise.

A Labour MP including a trans girl’s name on a list of women murdered by men this year. Yes. This is really and truly a thing TERFS are mad about. Not the actual murder, just the murder victim being included on a list under her preferred gender. That is where we are currently at.

Leicester vigil for Brianna Ghey

I came away with it with some anger because of all the hecklers who went past and shouted things. I overheard some guy shouting “Protesting doesn’t work!” obviously trying to pick a fight, some lads outside the crowd clapping sarcastically, and some absolute asshole walking past screaming “TRANS WOMEN CAN’T HAVE CHILDREN,” and continuing to scream it even as he was roughly turned away. Wtf?!

I heard a bottle was thrown at one point, I didn’t see it but holy fuck. I hope it was a plastic bottle and not a glass one?!

Many of the speeches were also drowned out by a guy down the road preaching religion with a very loud sound system. I have no idea if he was doing it on purpose, he did stop eventually, but it did rather feel like he was doing it on purpose.

As usual, it’s absolutely absurd and obscene that trans people have to put up with this. The actual memorial is beautiful but it should never have had to exist.

Forced to Undress

Scotland passed the Gender Recognition Reform Bill the other day and British Twitter, very predictably, exploded in hatred. One tweet that stood out to me is this one:

“I believe every women who voted this through should be forced to undress in a changing room with a trans women.”

An interesting word, that “forced.” (HMS_Ark_Royal has yet to respond to my question about how, exactly, they plan to force me and women like me to undress in front of strangers.) You see, forcing a woman to strip is an act of sexual assault, and I am intrigued as to why this individual thinks sexual assault is a fitting punishment/trial for anybody of any gender.

“But the government is going to MAKE people change in trans-inclusive changing rooms where they will see GENITALS! THAT’S sexual violence! THAT’S what we mean!” Except, that’s not how public changing rooms work. Or public toilets for women. I (cis woman) have been using public toilets and dressing rooms since a very young age and I have never seen a single genital in any of them. Here, I drew you a diagram.

If someone is trying to force their way into one of the private booths, they are a sex offender REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THEY’RE TRANS OR NOT, REGARDLESS OF WHAT GENDER BATHROOM THEY’RE USING. Oh and yes, “I just forced my way in to check whether they had a vagina or a penis!” counts as well, I’m afraid.

Gender neutral bathrooms are already the norm for a HUGE selection of the British population, and I’ve shared crowded public bathrooms with trans women many a time. Probably without even noticing in some cases. Apparently that’s bad, but wanting women to be be forced to strip is just fine, right?

Little bit of projection going on there I think.

Woman exposes self in public; complains people saw

Perhaps you’ve seen this story going round from, where else, The Daily Mail:

So here’s a little point-by-point summary of the actual story, which you can view on to avoid giving hits to the Mail:

-Woman is shocked to find men in what she “assumed” was a female changing room, without considering that maybe she assumed wrong. (All changing rooms have their own booths, so no-one would be changing in front of anyone else anyway.)

-Later this woman couldn’t find a changing room in Zara (unsurprisingly they tend to be pretty full around Christmas shopping time???) so decided to get changed outside one, which is a communal space.

-She refers to this as her being in a “safe space” which is weird because I remember the Daily Mail claiming safe spaces were for SJWS and snowflakes.

-She was shocked! SHOCKED! that people were walking around in this communal space while she was changing, and even more shocked that none of the men were actually paying attention to her.

But again SHE CHOSE to get changed in an area where everyone could see her!

-Later on in the article she brings up shops in areas which “are home to a large Arabic community” as if that has anything to do with anything.

-Apparently it is all transgender people’s fault that she was late to her office party, rather than her own poor planning.

I’m sorry, Charlotte, but this safe space you want doesn’t exist. And safe spaces are bad, remember? The people you work for have made that quite clear.


Trans Activism UK – The BBC Quietly Removing Lily Cade Isn’t Enough —

Today, November 4th 2021, ten days after the initial publication by the BBC of ‘We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women’, the BBC has issued a small and vague change to their article without any fanfare. While the BBC have removed the quotes and statements by Lily Cade from the article, they did […]

Trans Activism UK – The BBC Quietly Removing Lily Cade Isn’t Enough —


Remember the BBC’s anti-trans article from last week? It got even worse. The person quoted most prominently in the article, the one now known to be a rapist, it turns out the BBC probably knew about the accusations against her all along-

-and published anyway, for no reason other than to demonize trans women. Wait. It gets even worse from there, too. Yesterday Lily Cade published what can only be called a manifesto on her own blog, in which she called for the lynching (yes, really, this really happened) of prominent trans women including Caitlyn Jenner, Fallon Fox and the Wachowski Sisters. I’m led to believe at least some of the people she named know about it and have taken steps to protect themselves, but she was also threatening all trans women in the most revolting and violent terms, and-

-Well, the BBC didn’t report on it. Why would they? Not many media outlets did. Newsweek did, if you want to have a look and see what Cade said without having that bile injected directly into your eyeballs. But for the most part, in Britain, just total and complete silence.

This has just been one of the worst weeks I’ve ever witnessed for LGBTQIA people in the UK. I posted some of the information about Cade and the BBC on one of the forums I go to and I got this in response:

Which I’m posting here because it is a perfect snapshot of the UK’s attitude right now to the abuses going on under their nose.

Tory equalities minister leaps to defence of anti-trans professor Kathleen Stock

Equalities minister Kemi Badenoch has defended anti-trans former Sussex University professor Kathleen Stock, insisting: “She is probably in step with the majority of the population.”

Tory equalities minister leaps to defence of anti-trans professor Kathleen Stock — PinkNews | Latest lesbian, gay, bi and trans news | LGBT+ news


Open letter signed by 16,000 calls for BBC apology over trans article — BBC News – Home

The letter, which takes issue with a BBC News online story, is signed by more than 16,000 people.

Open letter signed by 16,000 calls for BBC apology over trans article — BBC News – Home

They’ve gotten this far and still, unsurprisingly, neglected to mention that one of their sources for this article was a self-confessed (cis, female) rapist.