Me: -so after it became apparent that ‘retarded’ had become a term of abuse, educators and psychiatrists switched to other terms like ‘handicapped’ or ‘special needs’ in an attempt to –

George Orwell, whom I’ve dragged forward in time with my arcane powers because I’m lonely and want someone to talk to: You have a telephone in your pocket?  It listens to you all the time?

Me: Never mind about that, the point is, young people now mock each other by sending the wheelchair emoji – that’s a type of electronic heiroglyph – to suggest mental deficiency and shout SPESHUL!!!! while doing offensive imitations of disabled facial expressions and posture.  So any attempt to lexographically make crimethink impossible is pretty much doomed because the meaning of words in everyday conversation can’t be controlled by a dictionary entry, no matter how many Ministry of Truth employees-

Orwell: It reports your location to the telephone company at all times?

There’s a lot to unpack here, but why is ableism described as “crimethink”, a word that invokes fascism? Why is it indicated that people trying to eradicate it are comparible to “Ministry of Truth employees?” Why is ableism always the punchline and the exception when it comes to freedom of speech issues? 

As if the entire idea of disability=lesser, whether represented by the r-word or a wheelchair emoji, wasn’t in itself fascism?