I’m simultaneously excited for and utterly dreading No Way Home

Hey, didya see that one big supposed Spider-Man leak today? I don’t dare repost the pictures here. I’ll just say they were featuring the two other Spider-folks everyone expects to show up, plus Daredevil (which is kinda what made me lean on the side of “probably not real”). And I am DREADING THIS FILM! I mean, I’m excited too, it’s hard not to be at this point, but I love the Raimi trilogy y’know? It’s why I still have raimispiderman going over on tumblr. And I just don’t want the MCU messing with the core story of the Raimi movies. I can accept some cameos from what appear to be slight variations on Molina-Ock and Dafoe-Goblin, but bring Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man back and it just sort of… disrupts the canon of the original movies, you know? They were very down to earth (as far as superhero flicks can be) and just don’t fit in with the wider MCU and its multiversal gods-and-monsters stuff at all.

I am looking forward to seeing what’s apparently a new Green Goblin costume (worn by a stuntman here-)

but Goblin is on the poster released yesterday and as far as I can tell it’s the same costume from the Raimi movies, so that’s a wee bit disappointing.

It also occurs to me that poor Tom Holland hasn’t really had a solo solo film yet, another big MCU superhero is always there with him and in this one he’s kinda by necessity playing second fiddle to the supervillains. Aww man, sorry Tom.

Is anyone else feeling the same way? Just sort of a bit :/ about the whole enterprise?

Doctor Who Flux #2 liveblogging

-Oooh a big spooky floating house! What’s that doing there?

-Ah, shade at Florence Nightingale, based on what I know of her I’m not gonna complain.

-This talking energy diamond is weird, I appreciate when Doctor Who does random weird shit without explanation.

-Dan’s been around 1 episode and he’s already getting erased from time, oh dear.

-Aw hell yeah Dan’s parents! I love meeting companions’ parents!

-Russia is gone, oops. Does Doctor Who even air in Russia?

-Is Strax here? I wanna see Strax, he always cracked me up.

-“Former President of Gallifrey” nice

-I wonder if regular folks like Dan’s parents remember some of the other alien invasions that’ve happened in the Whoniverse recently. They don’t seem overly shocked at the current situation…

-Wait Yaz is still a police officer? When does she ever go to work?!

-Aww no! Civilians being lined up and executed! Sontarans look and sound so funny I forget they’re bastards.

-Oh yeah you can always count on the British military to come in and ruin everything.

-Don’t do it Dan, companions have a bad track record with ladders and cranes.

-I dig Swarm’s ridiculous aesthetic and completely OTT villainy, he seems to have wandered in from another show entirely.

-Ah, this guy is Harriet Jones no 2 I guess. (Worse, though.)

-I hope the Doctor meets Mary Seacole again too.

-Wait, did Dan leave without saying goodbye to his parents?

-Oh geez no, Yaz! However her being in the “next time” trailer considerably lessens the impact of the cliffhanger…

Fire Lord Ozai

Turns out Daniel Dae Kim has been cast as Ozai in the Avatar live-action series, and that served to remind me of one of my favourite things about the original show. (I have a lot of favourite things about that show, but anyway.) For two whole seasons we don’t see Ozai’s face, only this shadowy figure, and he’s built up and up as this terrible thing and then we finally see him-

-and he’s not a monster at all. In fact he looks noble, wise, attractive even. Heck, he looks more like the archetype of “wise teacher” than even Iroh does really. We the audience know Ozai’s done all these terrible things but it doesn’t show on his face at all. The first time I watched Avatar that completely threw me, I still think it was such a smart way to design a villainous character.

I hope they can pull off a similar thing in live action!

animal crossing update!

I’ve been eagerly counting down the days. Worth the wait! I got the update yesterday, one day ahead of schedule (woo!) and the DLC today.

Villagers can come into your house now!

And recipes are available!

And Kapp’n is there!

Mostly I’ve been playing the DLC though. LOOK HOW CUTE NIKO IS.

I designed a house for Eloise and she liked it!

I’ve also been having a go at the new photomode, although I haven’t quite got the hang of the different settings and filters yet.

Brewster’s Cafe is next on the to-do list!

Trans Activism UK – The BBC Quietly Removing Lily Cade Isn’t Enough — LauraKBuzz.com

Today, November 4th 2021, ten days after the initial publication by the BBC of ‘We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women’, the BBC has issued a small and vague change to their article without any fanfare. While the BBC have removed the quotes and statements by Lily Cade from the article, they did […]

Trans Activism UK – The BBC Quietly Removing Lily Cade Isn’t Enough — LauraKBuzz.com


Remember the BBC’s anti-trans article from last week? It got even worse. The person quoted most prominently in the article, the one now known to be a rapist, it turns out the BBC probably knew about the accusations against her all along-

-and published anyway, for no reason other than to demonize trans women. Wait. It gets even worse from there, too. Yesterday Lily Cade published what can only be called a manifesto on her own blog, in which she called for the lynching (yes, really, this really happened) of prominent trans women including Caitlyn Jenner, Fallon Fox and the Wachowski Sisters. I’m led to believe at least some of the people she named know about it and have taken steps to protect themselves, but she was also threatening all trans women in the most revolting and violent terms, and-

-Well, the BBC didn’t report on it. Why would they? Not many media outlets did. Newsweek did, if you want to have a look and see what Cade said without having that bile injected directly into your eyeballs. But for the most part, in Britain, just total and complete silence.

This has just been one of the worst weeks I’ve ever witnessed for LGBTQIA people in the UK. I posted some of the information about Cade and the BBC on one of the forums I go to and I got this in response:

Which I’m posting here because it is a perfect snapshot of the UK’s attitude right now to the abuses going on under their nose.

Tory equalities minister leaps to defence of anti-trans professor Kathleen Stock

Equalities minister Kemi Badenoch has defended anti-trans former Sussex University professor Kathleen Stock, insisting: “She is probably in step with the majority of the population.”

Tory equalities minister leaps to defence of anti-trans professor Kathleen Stock — PinkNews | Latest lesbian, gay, bi and trans news | LGBT+ news


Doctor Who Flux #1 liveblogging

-I do wish we’d gotten some adventures with just Yaz and Thirteen. It’s a dynamic we’ve seen annoyingly little of.

-Ah, some Victorians whose attitudes are identical to the Tories! Right down to the hating the poor!

-Here’s John Bishop! Awww Dan seems nice. Very devoted to Liverpool.

-That’s an interesting thing there, the Ruth Doctor was a tour guide as well…

-This lady only has one arm, I appreciate that little bit of inclusivity.

-Awww Dan seems SUPER nice! I hope he doesn’t die.

-He refused free food but all his cupboards are bare. :(

-I would ALSO smash the whirring beeping thing with a big axe.

-I can’t take the giant talking dog very seriously, sorry.

-Claire is interesting, I gather there’s a big spoiler about her out there, I’m not gonna look it up

-Oh… that. That was the spoiler. Claire, going into the house won’t help you hon

-And here’s Jacob Anderson as well! Sitting in what looks like a reused set from The Impossible Planet

-Galactus? Is that you? Is Doctor Who about to be sued by Marvel?

-Wow there are a lot of plotlines bouncing around here

-This space dog sounds so much like Sean Bean… is it him?!

-Oh now we have the Sontarans too! It’s a full-on monster reunion!

-This is gonna be something to do with The Timeless Child, isn’t it?

-Is this creepy alien dude The Master? That kinda sucks for Sacha Dhawan if so

-HELP this is so confusing

-Oh Mary Seacole is in the next episode! Sweet! I’ve always thought there should be an episode about her as one of Britain’s most underrated heroines.