David Tennant and Catherine Tate are coming back to Doctor Who!

And I have slightly mixed feelings, I admit. If it was just Catherine Tate as Donna coming back I’d be over the moon! But the Tenth Doctor is here too and as much as I like David Tennant, I hate Ten. As you know. I’m sorry!

In the press release Russell T Davies implied it could just be a flashback or a parallel universe but what I REALLY want is for him to finally reverse Donna’s terrible ending, I’m still salty about it over a decade later.

Well at least no-one will have to digitally de-age them.

The very broken contact form

So it turns out that I have not being getting ANY messages submitted via this blog’s contact form! Goddammit. The messages did appear in the ‘Feedback’ page on my WordPress dash, but I never even knew what the ‘Feedback’ thingy did! Sorry everyone. If you want to contact me in the future maybe just leave a comment instead?

I even tried sending myself a message via the contact form and yep, straight in my email spam folder where I’d never have seen it. Gah. :/

Twenty years ago

Twenty years ago to the day I started blogging. Well, I suppose it was Livejournalling back then. I was about a month into being 14 years old at the time, and now I’m 34.


I wish I had something else to add here, something that would sound smart. It’s really… weird when I go back over old posts and realize how much the world has changed since I wrote them. Sometimes it’s changed for the better. I hope this blog is still around in 20 years. Who knows? Maybe my possible future children can read it then.

Noughts and Crosses season two

I caved and I bingewatched the rest of it in one go. Oh man, an absolute punch to the gut, even though I knew full well what the ending would be. My sadness is uh, I guess also sort of tinged with happiness that one of my favorite books was done justice with the adaptation, which is a very odd thing to feel.

INCREDIBLY well done series with an absolutely amazing cast. Paterson Joseph and Helen Baxendale in particular killed it. (Hey, there’s a depressing stealth pun in there!) No idea when the BAFTAs are but honestly I hope this show gets the nominations piled on. Hey do the BAFTAs have a best set/costume design category?… they don’t. Well, they should make one just for this show then.

I keep hearing rumors there might be a season three after all and it’s not like they don’t have a lot of material to work with so I would love that if it happened. I’m still very happy with what we got though. Not HAPPY happy obviously, the final scenes were so heartwrenching I could barely watch them, but you know what I mean!