Final Space 3×03

So I knew ahead of time that this episode contained Baby Cato Even Littler Cato, but I did NOT expect the twist regarding his backstory and oh no. Oh no.

Wait was this episode called The Ventrexian as a deliberate nod to The Mandalorian? Killing machine suddenly finding himself having to protect an adorable, helpless child… It fits I guess.

So yeah! Avocato killed LC’s biological parents before deciding to raise the baby as his own and this has BIG RAMIFICATIONS! Little Cato is inevitably going to find out and oh god. I suspect Fox will be involved in that part of the plot too since it’s his people Ventrexia were at war with. (And frankly it’s long past time he got something to do.) And what became of the other son Avacato talks about in the past tense? Is he dead? I think we’re supposed to believe that’s the case… or is he still out there somewhere?

As you can probably tell I was very invested in this so it’s a bit disappointing to me that the rest of the plot seemed kinda meh, I didn’t dislike the Gary and Quinn bits but oh look Biskit is there and I just find him super annoying, I’m sorry. Can we replace him with the sentient cookie machine?

Gosh I’m looking so forward to learning where this all ends up!

Harry Osborn’s Comic Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #47 (1967)

Lots of things happen in this issue!

Harry and Peter chat 60s-style, except of course thanks to the sliding timeline none of this ever happened in the 60s! So we’ll have to imagine what era-appropriate sex symbol Harry “really” referenced at this point.

Ah this is all so sad to read fifty years on, knowing what will be changed and retconned.

Harry and Peter flirt with Gwen, Harry somewhat more successfully than Peter.

Oh here’s Kraven! (He was introduced in ASM #15 if I remember correctly so readers of the time would’ve already known him.) But more importantly: romantic entanglements! I still don’t know what the relationship between Harry and Gwen really was at this point because dating just seemed to be different in the 60s? I think these days we’d call it like, a non-exclusive casual relationship I guess.

Whether or not they ever hooked up hooked up is up to you really but honestly I imagine they probably did.

In these panels! Harry reminds us he’s rich, the boys are awestruck by the girls dressed up, Gwen looks jealous of MJ in the background there and wow there used to be a time where women could hang out wearing short skirts in the middle of the street and not get sexually harassed so much they went back inside?

Uh, one way in which the early Marvelverse differs from ours I guess.

Flash is on his way to the Vietnam war, a subject we’ve already tackled.

MJ and Gwen participate in a dance-off which the boys, ur, appreciate. Then in bursts a man wearing a dead animal and he wants Harry!

Flash attempts, with endearing bravado, to save Harry. Harry gets in a few punches but to no avail.

Ah, the days before Harry’s hatred for Spider-Man set in. Also awww, that panel of Gwen and Flash helping Harry is sweet. The Flash-Harry friendship is almost completely forgotten about these days but it was a nice one.

Huh Norman sure got there quickly.

Ahh if only Peter had tried that same technique with Gwen. (Too soon?)

Annnd there ya go, back in the days where Marvel could tell a story in one issue instead of six.

I have a feeling this story was given a retelling of sorts at some point in a much later comic, but we’ll deal with that when we get to it.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 3

Hmmmm… I’m enjoying a lot of this show but bits of it make no sense to me and honestly leave a bad taste in my mouth. We had one episode of “Maybe the Flag-Smashers have a point” but this episode we see them committing an act of terrorism just to make it clear that nope, they’re supposed to be evvvvvvil despite them having done, uh, pretty much no real evil prior to that IIRC. Sigh. You deserve better, Erin Kellyman.

I’m still very interested in this show’s actual characters (Sam, Bucky, Sharon and more inexplicably Zemo) but the plot and the politics just seem all over the place?

Gah, anyway…

Hooray Wakanda is involved now! Nice to see Ayo again. Wow Bucky that whole country took you in and helped you and you repaid them by freeing the guy who killed their last monarch, geez.

I had literally never heard of Madripoor before but apparently it’s connected with the X-Men? The MCU sure are throwing in a lot of X-Men related stuff without actually showing any X-Men.

I loved the callback to the Civil War “move your seat” moment, heh. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan have such good chemistry and I hope they do many more movies together, not even necessarily MCU ones.

Halfway through this episode I had the stray thought, “I wonder what non-Americans make of this show” before remembering I was, in fact, not American. Make of that what you will I guess.

Wandavision Fan Teaser Trailer – I’ve Got No Strings

Over the past week or two I’ve been working on this!

It’s based on the 2015 “no strings” teaser trailer for Age of Ultron, as you can probably tell. I love that version of the song and how creepy it is, so it just seemed perfect to put together with footage from Wandavision.

The music is by L’Orchestra Cinématique:

And the footage is, of course, copyrighted to Disney! This is for fan purposes only.

Superstore the final season

Gosh I’m so glad I watched this show. It’s been a great ride and I feel like it ended in exactly the right place. Amy and Jonah are together, Amy chose her principles over her job, Jonah went into a career where he can actually change things. And Sturgis and Sons now exists while (most of) Cloud 9 doesn’t, a tiny but significant win for the little guy and I loved that. This show was so, SO rightly angry at corporate America.

And the side characters got happy endings too! Everyone did! (except for the foot collector whose identity I will not spoil.) Sandra learned to stand up for herself, Mateo got a job where he can hang out with Cheyenne all day, even Carol somehow got welcomed back into the fold. The scene of everyone together at the picnic in some not so distant future was so sweet. I noticed no-one was wearing masks in that scene, let’s hope that’ll be reality before too long..

I remember I didn’t want a spinoff of Cheyenne and Bo and I still don’t, but I would definitely take one of Glenn, Cheyenne and Mateo working at the new Sturgis store. Or arguably even better, one of Sandra and Dina working at the distrubution center being frienemies on a equal level.

The whole last episode reminded me of The Office finale which I saw for the first time a couple weeks ago, “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?” Moments of beauty you could say.

Final Space 3×02

This was supposed to be a lighthearted episode, if I remember rightly, but it opened up a lot of big questions nonetheless. The Lord Commander is back (noice), Avacato probably still has Invictus within him and now Bolo has a super cool space sword.

Biskit debuted in this episode and everyone was looking so forward to him but I don’t find him all that cute or engaging, sorry! Maybe he’ll get better as we go along? I mean, he is a cat, that’s always a plus.

I’m really glad Nightfall is still part of the story and still being mentioned, she’s kinda completely a separate entity from Quinn at this point which is terribly confusing but I hope it leads to some good Quinn moments later. What I really want is for Quinn and Ash to have a conversation about her, though that probably should have happened back in episode 1 to be honest.

I’m really going to miss HUE in his robot form. His design was so adorable. Awww. :(

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 2

This episode didn’t shy away from showing life as a black superhero in America, oh man. That one scene with the racist cops was agonising, but it’s supposed to be.

I didn’t know anything about the character of Isaiah Bradley so I looked him up after the episode. He was created in part as a comment on the Tuskegee experiments, oh god. I assume we’ll be seeing him again before the end, as a walking talking representative of well, everything mentioned in the previous paragraph and more.

I loved how John Walker’s introduction was a dark mirror of Steve’s experiences when he first became Captain America, right down to the dancing girls.

I was amused by the scene with Bucky and Sam in, as it turned out, literal couples therapy but it’s edging rather close to queerbaiting I think. (Do people still use that term? Is there even another one?) I mean you can’t sort of giggle in a “will they, won’t they” way when we know and have known for years that the answer is “They won’t.”

Oh and I also love how Sam treats Redwing like an actual bird. Also it (sorry, he) whistles and makes bird noises! Awww.

Erin Kellyman is in this one hooray!