Under His Eye

Wouldn’t it be awful, awful, awful if people flooded this website with fake information? Some people are already doing it, snitching on Greg Abbott himself in in some cases, and obviously I TOTALLY condemn them and DEFINITELY don’t think it’s hilarious that some people are outright sending porn as well. Oh and while we’re at it don’t sign this petition and DEFINITELY don’t donate to Planned Parenthood!

May the Lord open. Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.

An unexpected familiar face in What If

Wait, Leslie Bibb was in the opening credits, so is that…? Yes! It’s the other Christine of the MCU, Christine Everhart.

Who I always very much liked as a character, as it is her who refuses to take Tony’s bullshit and informs him about Gulmira in the first Iron Man film, thus indirectly saving a lot of lives. Not that you would know from the movie that she’s competent and important, since it defaults to immediately slutshaming her.


Haven’t done one of these in a while! Food growing is going surprisingly well.

We harvested some more potatoes, and though they have green and brown splodges on them they’re still edible! I mashed them up and ate them, as you do.

There’s also a pretty good blackberry crop this year!

And I also have an apple tree now! I suspect it will be many years before it bears fruit but still. My parents used to have apple trees and it was so fun picking them every year.

Its leaves turn brown every now and again but I’m told that’s normal.

Teacher investigated after allowing students to ‘pledge allegiance’ to Pride flag — PinkNews

A teacher is being investigated over a TikTok in which she jokingly described allowing her students to “pledge allegiance” to a Pride flag instead of the American flag. Kristin Pitzen of Newport Mesa School District in Orange County, California, posted the video to her since-deleted TikTok account @mrsgillingsworth. In the TikTok, she said: “Okay, so […]

Teacher investigated after allowing students to ‘pledge allegiance’ to Pride flag — PinkNews – Gay news, reviews and comment from the world’s most read lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans news service

Every so often I think, American culture isn’t that different to UK culture, right? We’re pretty similar countries. Similar awful histories, similar recent mistakes, similar aesthetics, you get the idea.

But the Pledge of Allegiance thing just boggles me every time.


Okay you gotta see this, even if you’re not a Spider-Man fan. Someone remade the No Way Home trailer using only footage from the 90s cartoon and it’s… I’m in awe of this person’s editing skills, okay? And the fact that they did it within DAYS of the actual trailer coming out!

Hey, teacher,

#LeaveOurKidsAlone was trending in the UK this morning. All anti-vaxxers outraged, OUTRAGED at the prospect of kids aged 12 being given the Covid vaccine. And yet, funny this, kids aged 12 and under can still very much can die of Covid! Oh it’s rare, but it does happen. And YET.

Whenever I see a hashtag like this I think the operative word is always “OUR.” The important part isn’t even to do with vaccines but the fact that these parents see themselves as owning their child and thus there’s no possible way that the kid might, y’know, have an opinion regarding their own medical treatment. Not to mention, I note the hashtag is filled with nonsense memes about “rising up against tyranny” and art depicting brave heroic parents protecting faceless, wordless children.

I suspect the anti-vaxxer circle on Twitter and the TERF circle is one and the same. There’s just a grand lack of desire to see children as actual people rather than the property of their parents.

Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer

It’s here! I wonder if the leak forced Disney’s hand.

I’ve wondered ever since Molina was announced to be appearing, how the hell are they gonna pull off this multiverse stuff considering he’s meant to be dead in his own universe. That’s not even getting started on the Goblin laugh and pumpkin bomb in there. My kind-of hope is that all the multiverse characters (including TobeySpidey and AndrewSpidey if they do appear) are quick cameos, but that probably won’t be the case. I just don’t want Disney messing with my beloved Raimiverse. :/

Doctor Strange performing a dangerous spell and messing with the multiverse seems rather out of character for him (well, the sufficiently character-developed him) but I’ll wait to see that in context I guess.

The Millennium Dome redux

I posted these photos of the infamous Millennium Dome back in June, but since then I’ve found more photographs of the place! Turns out my family visited it twice… I kinda suspect it was because the first visit turned out to be disappointing and my parents thought the second time would be better.

I….can’t remember if it was or not.

Here’s me being part of the “net generation.”

This pic here, where I look incredibly sulky and pissed off, gives a good idea of the scale of the Dome. (Absolutely no reblogging this photo please.)

Now I’m curious as to what that wall of screens was.

Turns out it was the Self-Portrait Zone:

And I actually remember those sculptures! My 12-year-old self found them VERY unsettling (especially The Couch Potato, which was a guy melting into his sofa) but sadly I guess we didn’t take any pics of them.

This globe and spaceship marked the entrance to Home Planet, a sort of educational dark ride.

Y’know what? The Dome sold Dome-branded merchandise! And while going through old boxes I found what I myself purchased from the gift shop!

That’s it! Just a notebook with a holographic sticker on it! I wonder how much it cost to produce.

This brochure I found is quite interesting. It says “For one year only” so… Was that always the plan, to only have it open for one year? Or had things deteriorated so quickly by October they’d already decided to close it? Either way, how incredibly wasteful.

I DO remember the Blackadder film! I think it was the first Blackadder I ever saw.

CUl8tr, Dome! Though before I sign off – I ran across this photo from the same era in my boxes and boxes of photos. It’s a little LEGO dome at Legoland in 2001!

…The real thing would’ve closed by then.

Cornflake tart

When I was at school one of the few decent things (in my mind) that they served for pudding was cornflake tart! It does pretty much what it says on the tin, it’s… a tart with cornflakes.

Nowhere ever seems to sell them! I’ve eaten them maybe once or twice, that’s it, since I left school over a decade ago. So finally I decided, maybe I oughta make one.

To my own surprise, it turned out really nice!