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On the Comlink is a feature in which StarWars.com writers hop on a call (virtual or old fashioned) and discuss a specific Star Wars topic. In this installment to celebrate Star Wars Day, Dan Brooks, Kristin Baver, Katie Barnes, Dustin Diehl, and Bria LaVorgna discuss how they first became Star Wars fans and what has kept them…

On the Comlink: What Does Star Wars Mean to You? — StarWars.com

A really nice article for today from the official Star Wars site!

I, also, come to Star Wars for the politics.

Final Space 3×07

(big spoilers ahead, obviously)

Awww man. I thought this character death was by far the most likely one and yeah, there we go. Poor poor Fox.

I do really wish they’d given Fox a bit more development before killing him off. In this episode we finally learned the most tragic aspect of his tragic backstory but there isn’t time to do anything with it before he goes. I expected the last shot of this episode to be Ash removing Fox’s machine gun arm and I’m kinda disappointed that didn’t happen?

Ash is full-on dark side now I guess. I don’t think it’s so much the horror of seeing Gary specifically kill her brother, she knew it wasn’t him in control, it’s more that it’s so consistently her who keeps losing people I guess. She’s lost a sister, a father (albeit a terrible one), a friend/mother-figure and now the brother who she probably loved more than anyone else around. I wonder what’s going to snap her out of it. I suspect and hope it’ll be Quinn.

Poor poor Gary as well. His expression at the end of this episode, oh man.

New Pokemon Snap

After a lot of running around from sold-out store to sold-out store today I was able to net myself a copy of the new Pokemon Snap! Strange to think the last one came out more than 20 years ago (and I didn’t even get to play it the year of release because I was a child with no Nintendo.)

LOTS of fun. Still trying to work out how to do the “friends” thing. But here’s some of my fave Snaps I’ve taken so far:

a different ending for TFATWS

No The Falcon and The Winter Soldier tonight, obviously. But I’ve noted that so many people were disappointed with the ending, it’s the first Marvel project in ages to get a bad RottenTomatoes score even, and I think I see where they’re coming from? It was great to see Sam become Captain America and Bucky find some peace, just everything else didn’t really work.

One criticism that stuck in my mind was something along the lines of, “Would Sam getting Isaiah a statue and a museum exhibit really change things? Especially since he wasn’t asked first and now his likeness is sitting in a room filled with reminders of a past and government he hates?” And I sort of wonder if that wouldn’t have been a better ending, going with that. Sam shows Isaiah and Eli the new Captain America room with its statue and Isaiah hates it, really hates it. He gives Sam a look that says something like, “how could you do this without even asking?” walks away and that’s it. A reminder that superheroes can’t fix everything and an even more crucial reminder to us the audience that something similar happened in real life and can’t be undone.

It would’ve been a really bleak ending, but still. Maybe Eli stays.

Noel Clarke

Today many women accused Noel Clarke of sexually predatory behaviour, via the Guardian. I believe them. I’m so, so disappointed though. What did we miss? What did I miss?

Over the years plenty of my favourite characters have gained the face of a sexual predator, sigh. It’s shattering in so many ways, knowing just how many people seem to get a little power and instantly seem to start abusing women. I don’t know where the Doctor Who fandom is going to go from here, I’ll always be extremely fond of Mickey but obviously seperating a character from an actor is so very hard.

Also, I think more questions are going to be asked soon about rumors flying around about John Barrowman. If they’re true, and I’m pretty sure they are, he needs to be held accountable too. It sucks to lose the heroes of your childhood but what can you do?

Clarke was also a Grenfell campaigner and now I’m seeing the news of his being dropped by BAFTA right next to a headline about current Grenfell protests, which is just surreal.

Boris Johnson said bodies ‘could pile high’ during lockdown discussion — BBC News – Home

The BBC has been told Boris Johnson made the remarks during discussions in No 10, which the PM denies.

Boris Johnson said bodies ‘could pile high’ during lockdown discussion — BBC News – Home

So there’s a fair amount of discussion at the moment about “Did he really say that? Those exact words?” and yes, I absolutely and thoroughly believe he said that in those exact words.

I also absolutely and thoroughly believe the Conservatives will win in another landslide next election.

Final Space 3×06

Adult Swim tweeted this the other day which I reckon gives a good indication of how the rest of this season is gonna go.

Hmm, this was one of the weaker episodes so far I think, especially considering how good last week’s episode was. The more I think about it the more I’m not a fan of Ash’s sudden redesign because it makes no sense whatsoever, why is Invictus giving her a cool new undercut and a new eye suddenly a priority. If there had ever been some indication that Ash was unhappy having only one eye or there had been some trauma linked directly to that, that would be different, but there never was.

Olan Rogers did try to explain it on Twitter:

but I dunno, it was just a thing that came so completely out of nowhere.

And again lots of Tribore bits in this episode and again ugggggh. Also “being able to contact the dead” is a really random thing to throw into a comedy bit when the stakes are so high elsewhere in this universe.

This was sort of a meh episode I think (can’t win ’em all) except for the very touching, very poetic expression of love from Gary to Quinn at the end.