NHS pay: More health unions join backlash against 1% pay rise — BBC News – Home

Health staff “have literally kept the country alive for the past year”, says the British Medical Association.

NHS pay: More health unions join backlash against 1% pay rise — BBC News – Home

And yet here we are.

Wandavision episode 9

The last one! I had a lot of fun watching that but I feel it was a little too MCU-by-the-numbers for me. You know… “hero cleverly defeats villain/touching goodbye/sequel hook” bit. Not that the goodbye wasn’t touching, of course. I’m so glad they kept Vision dead (well, more or less) otherwise it negates the whole point of the show, which is that you have to move on past your grief and you can’t bring back the dead.

I’ll miss him though. I loved his weird brand of superhero-mythology philosophising.

There’s a part of me that almost feels like Agatha didn’t need to be in this show. I’m very glad she was (heh, I loved the Wizard of Oz reference, man Katherine Hahn is a shoo-in for the Wicked Witch if they really are remaking that movie isn’t she) but… I dunno, towards the end she felt a bit suplus to requirements, like Marvel realised audiences were expecting a big-budget flying battle and threw a couple of them in. I do like that Wanda did something pretty much… geniunely terrible to defeat her though. That has implications that are really interesting for the character going forward. As does the loss or maybe “loss” of the twins. Losing her children was what triggered the original comics version of House of M if I remember rightly?

God I LOVE Wanda’s Scarlet Witch costume. It was just really, really well done. And not sexualised! Look:

As a big fan of superhero costume design WandaVision might have been worth it for that alone?

Moving on… the Pietro reveal was, uh… disappointing. So no X-Men universe after all, unless something’s going to happen in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Which this last episode really felt more like a prequel to, not that that’s neccessarily a bad thing. It’s just… Weird. That was a weird choice. I’ve seen people online expressing A LOT of disappointment about that and I can’t really blame them.

Oooh I have other questions which I guess might be answered in future stories too – Was Monica’s Skrull friend the friend she made in Captain Marvel, all grown up now? And she was the aerospace engineer, right? I’m not quite sure. Is it Nick Fury who wants to see her?

Also WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BEEKEEPER?! We never found out. Justice for the beekeeper.

I might write a few more things later in other posts, but there’s a part of me that thinks, even accepting a few bits of this finale were quite disappointing… I’ve had SO MUCH FUN watching it. Not just the actual watching part either, the bit where everyone goes online afterwards and screams theories at each other and just gets excited like we’re all leaving a movie theater. Seeing as how, you know, no movie theatres and precious little human interaction right now that’s really been quite a big deal to me. So thank you, WandaVision makers.

my animal crossing villagers

I have ten of them, they’re all amazing, and even though I COULD trade them in for other, possibly even cuter villagers I… will absolutely never do that. In alphabetical order:


Apparently Cherry is one of the most popular villagers across all the game! That’s nice. She’s like a goth-punk dog but her home is super brightly coloured which clashes with all the Halloween-themed stuff I keep giving her, ah well, you do you Cherry


Poor Clyde on the other hand is supposed to be one of the LEAST popular villagers but I don’t care. Is it because of his eyes not having pupils? Bah. I love Clyde, he keeps running airplane-style around the island like a small child. Also he’s very adamant about not eating people, always good


Deli is obviously A monkey but I dunno what kind he is? He’s SO CUTE and honestly he’s my favourite, don’t tell the others. Look at that adorable little smile


Lucha is a little wrestler bird with a house done up like a wrestling ring! HOW DOES HE WRESTLE WITH NO ARMS?


A goat (a nanny goat?) who wears cute dresses. She’s one of my faves too just cos she’s so sweet. Before learning you can stop villagers from leaving I did a whole photoshoot to remember her by and then she didn’t leave, hooray


A hare, of course, apparently one who thinks he’s a famous influencer. His house is island-themed, meaning he built an island ON an island, ICONIC


Okay Papi is another one of the favourites. Look at him, he’s ADORABLE. He’s an okapi as far as I know, which are endangered in real life, sigh


Patty is a cow! And her default dress looks like meat steaks, oh dear. VERY cute, sings a lot, and is super into a movie called Maglevs in Love. I feel I should question more why she has imitation cow skulls


Yes I have two cows! The other one is called Tipper, presumably because of cow-tipping, which is a thing you very much shouldn’t do. She’s supposed to be a “snooty” villager but she’s not snooty to ME


Tybalt was one of the first villagers on the island I think! He’s very very into sports and fitness, and I am not (as proven by the fact I’ve spent an entire year playing Animal Crossing) but I love him anyway

Happy 25th birthday, Pokemon

It’s so strange to think Pokemon is younger than me. But I remain eternally grateful it exists.

Wandavision episode 8

Ah we’ve now lost the sitcom format (I miss it already) but are straight into Wandavision: The Movie. Everything you’d come to expect from an MCU is in there now: sad backstories, Tony Stark’s stuff ruining everything, top secret organizations being unbelievably dumb. (Why would you not let Wanda in right away, you know who she is, WHY would you show her her boyfriend’s mangled corpse when she could probably kill everyone in the building just waving her hands.)

This episode was at its best when doing the quiet moments. “What is grief if not love persevering” is a really beautiful line. And seeing the actual scene where Wanda’s parents die was very moving and sad. I guess Magneto really isn’t gonna be showing up here after all, eh I’ll let the comics deal with that.

Still no answers about Pietro, I’ll be really disappointed if he turns out to be nothing important after all. Also no Monica, I hope she’s okay.

Weirdly one of the things I’m most curious about in this episode is why Wanda can drive a car. Not because she can also fly, but because wouldn’t the five-year gap where she was dead have ensured she had no driving license anymore? (Am I the only one dying for a sitcom about the people dealing with all the insane bureaucracy that would’ve had to happen after the Blip?)

There is one thing that really bugs me about this episode though, and that’s the fact that HYDRA are involved and yet… it’s not mentioned whether or not Wanda and Pietro knew they were Nazis when they volunteered. And that’s kind of an important thing to need to know, since Wanda and Pietro are Jewish. Like… REALLY kind of an important thing to know, for obvious reasons. Obviously they were led into a trap but how did they end up there? That’s what I want to know. Let’s not forget the real origins of the X-Men.