Amazing Spider-Man #74

Perhaps you’ve been following my complete mental clusterfuck rage over this story. Nick Spencer’s last issue dropped yesterday, I read it today. And after all that… This godawful story ends on a horrible damp squib. It was depressing, it was pointless, it made no sense. Nothing made sense. It contradicted long-past stories and recent stories and itself.

My only solace is that Harry was never actually a demon after all, just suffering in hell. I know how he feels.

People’s precious toys

Yeah, this is probably on your radar even if you don’t like comic book movies. Big news. From that link:

So what does all this mean for the average Marvel fan? If Disney wins, things will keep chugging along as usual. If the families win, Disney would no longer have full control over major Marvel characters, meaning that at best they’d have to negotiate and share profits for any future MCU films with these characters or potentially decide to stop using them completely.

And honestly, I’m totally okay with that?! I’m surprised more people aren’t! It would be amazing if the Marvel characters went into the public domain, to be honest. I keep hearing arguments like, “But then you’d get hundreds of cheap, awful Spider-Man movies every year!” so allow me to drop the name of another popular superhero whose name begins with S: Sherlock Holmes. In the public domain, and you get… oooh, about 50-50 on good adaptations via terrible cash-grabs? I’ll take it.

(also I want to point you to Spider-Man Lotus, which is a completely unauthorized fan film and looks amazing.)

Anyway, I suppose my Hottest Take is that Spider-Man (or any Marvel character) doesn’t really belong to Disney in any way that matters. In my eyes, no character belongs to a corporation any more than my first Barbie doll Wendy, who came with matching hairbrush and an ice-cube maker tray,

belonged to Mattel.

Today’s Doctor Who news

An unpopular opinion here I know, I’m so sorry… but I really don’t like this development. Here’s a few reasons why:

1- There was lots that really, really wasn’t good about the RTD era in terms of representation. Suffice it to say I really don’t think a guy who tried to sneak the n-word into one of his scripts is suitable to be writing diverse stories. I’m sure he’s changed a lot over the years but he had huge blind spots, huge. And Doctor Who seemed to bring out the worst in him somehow.

2- In a show that’s about going forward, this seems like a big step backwards. Literally. We’ve done the RTD era. Why does he get another go when the modern-day series hasn’t even had a female showrunner yet?

3- This will give a lot more ammunition to the people who have been screaming “Go WOKE GO BROKE!” ever since Jodie was cast. The implication people are throwing up is that being that Being Woke ruined the show and they had to bring in an expert to fix it all again (despite the fact that Davies’ putting LGBT characters into the show would probably have also qualified as Woke if the word had existed back then.) And I hate that.

Sabina Nessa murder: Family left devastated by teacher’s death in Kidbrooke β€” BBC News – Home

Her cousin pays tribute to the primary school teacher describing her as a “beautiful soul”.

Sabina Nessa murder: Family left devastated by teacher’s death in Kidbrooke β€” BBC News – Home

Sabina Nessa was killed in a park, a busy park at that.

It’s always difficult to remember that something as simple and universal as a green open space is different for men vs women.

animal pics

Recently I saw an armadillo for the first time ever!

THRILLED to finally meet one. So I took some pics of him/her and the surrounding animals in the zoo.

Crikey, it’s a croc. (Or possibly an alligator)

Very angry meerkat:

Less angry meerkat:

A vulture friend

PILES of terrapins!

And a whole buncha phone photos, not as HD as the ones taken with the professional camera but still good to have!

Goodbye, Brooklyn 99

A show that’s been in the background of my life for almost a decade, oh man. I remember when it first came into my life via Tumblr, there were constant gifs of it and people singing its praises relentlessly. I thought it sounded worth a watch and turns out I was very right.

It’s sad to see it end. But it got a great wrap-up where everyone got to say and do exactly what they needed, AND we finally got to see that dang tattoo. So long, show. Forever a 99/10.

Exploring an abandoned theme park!

Pleasure Island at Cleethorpes has been closed since 2016, a fact that depresses me slightly since I loved it as a kid. So while in the area last week me and Dave stopped and took some pictures of its ruins.

Don’t worry, we didn’t actually go in! It’s covered in barbed wire, more bafflingly there’s a trench built all the way around it, and there’s a security dog too.

There he is!

So we just got as close to the fence as possible and stuck the camera through increasingly tricky gaps.

Here’s the fairytale-like entrance to the park, not such a fairytale anymore.

Broken things everywhere.

Some castles left to rot behind barbed wire.

Who even smashed these windows?

The remains of one of the rides I remember best from Pleasure Island, the water side. It used to stand a bit taller.

A few misc buildings round the back, and a warning message.

RIP, Pleasure Island. Here it is in happier times.