Re-meeting my old Barbies (and honorary Barbies)

Today my parents dropped a box of my old Barbies, and associated dolls and paraphernalia, off at my house! I was DELIGHTED, because I never expected to see any of them again!

They, their Barbie Travelin’ House Playset, and all their various accessories are in, ur… relatively good condition? Let me introduce you to them!


a trip to Birmingham

Me and Dave went to Birmingham today to sea (sorry) the Sea Life center! I brought my “good” camera with me but I’m very bad at using it. Luckily some of my photos look maybe like they’re blurry on purpose?

But I did manage to take a handful of okayish/good ones!

Not just in the aquarium but around Birmingham too. Birmingham is utterly beautiful. And it has a giant mechanical bull now!

The rest of the photos I took where you can actually see anything are regular old iPhone photos, but, never mind!


Lucy Letby is found guilty

Speaking as a white British cisgender woman in her thirties, I guess it’s time to put a stop to white British cisgender women in their thirties working in hospitals. Or ideally around babies at all. It’s an issue that needs to be dealt with because we’re just too dangerous. Look at the absolutely horrific thing this one did.

…Wait, is that not how it works? Has everyone been lying to me the past few years?

a barbie girl in a barbie world

I saw “Barbie” last night! (Wearing pink, of course.)

It’s a beautifully made and absolutely fascinating movie that I hope is dissected for years to come. I am mildly disappointed it didn’t feature my all-time favourite Barbie, though, the Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie I had as a kid! Sadly no pictures exist of me with her but here’s what she looked like. I was OBSESSED with her golden tail.

The other fun thing was seeing all these reviews posted on the review board at the cinema! Said cinema was the Phoenix in Leicester and I love it, and I think more cinemas should have a review board.

(There’s a few for Oppenheimer in there as well!)

The British Miracle Meat

I saw a trailer for this show, assumed it would be about lab-grown animal meat, made a mental note to watch it and then forgot to watch it. Only the next day did I learn it was a hoax documentary! And a very clever one, I think. If I’d watched it live where would the penny have dropped for me? Hopefully at the “pain is subjective” part with the blatantly evil CEO. After that things start to get so over the top it’s obvious it’s a satire but on the other hand the past few years have felt like a satire as well.

Anyway, right now in Britain the cost of living crisis is still going on, but all the newspapers seem to care about is Nigel Farage’s bank account. Maybe we should just eat him.