Happy 25th birthday, Pokemon

It’s so strange to think Pokemon is younger than me. But I remain eternally grateful it exists.

Wandavision episode 8

Ah we’ve now lost the sitcom format (I miss it already) but are straight into Wandavision: The Movie. Everything you’d come to expect from an MCU is in there now: sad backstories, Tony Stark’s stuff ruining everything, top secret organizations being unbelievably dumb. (Why would you not let Wanda in right away, you know who she is, WHY would you show her her boyfriend’s mangled corpse when she could probably kill everyone in the building just waving her hands.)

This episode was at its best when doing the quiet moments. “What is grief if not love persevering” is a really beautiful line. And seeing the actual scene where Wanda’s parents die was very moving and sad. I guess Magneto really isn’t gonna be showing up here after all, eh I’ll let the comics deal with that.

Still no answers about Pietro, I’ll be really disappointed if he turns out to be nothing important after all. Also no Monica, I hope she’s okay.

Weirdly one of the things I’m most curious about in this episode is why Wanda can drive a car. Not because she can also fly, but because wouldn’t the five-year gap where she was dead have ensured she had no driving license anymore? (Am I the only one dying for a sitcom about the people dealing with all the insane bureaucracy that would’ve had to happen after the Blip?)

There is one thing that really bugs me about this episode though, and that’s the fact that HYDRA are involved and yet… it’s not mentioned whether or not Wanda and Pietro knew they were Nazis when they volunteered. And that’s kind of an important thing to need to know, since Wanda and Pietro are Jewish. Like… REALLY kind of an important thing to know, for obvious reasons. Obviously they were led into a trap but how did they end up there? That’s what I want to know. Let’s not forget the real origins of the X-Men.

Avatar: The Last Airbender gets its own Nickelodeon division — Sci-Fi Bulletin: Exploring the Universes of SF, Fantasy & Horror!

Nickelodeon has announced the launch of Avatar Studios, a newly formed division designed to create original content spanning animated series and movies based on the beloved world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Original creators and executive producers Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko will helm the studio as co-chief creative officers, […]

Avatar: The Last Airbender gets its own Nickelodeon division — Sci-Fi Bulletin: Exploring the Universes of SF, Fantasy & Horror!

Some unexpected good news! Wow that doesn’t happen often. Secretly I’m sort of hoping this spells the end of the proposed live-action series, because frankly it looks worse and worse every day. Also hey now there will be a Last Airbender movie that Actually Exists!

Official | Spider-Man 3 titled ‘Spider-Man No Way Home” — Future of the Force

Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man threequel has an official title. Our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler will return in Spider-Man No Way Home  The third Spider-Man film finally has a title – SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME. The official announcement comes just hours after Tom Holland and his castmates threw us all into chaos after revealing a series of fake…

Official | Spider-Man 3 titled ‘Spider-Man No Way Home” — Future of the Force

It’s shaping up to be a very Spider-Man-y week. Congrats to them for managing to get the one sensible title I didn’t see anyone throw out as an idea!

Ultimate Spider-Man

Aggggges ago I watched the first season and a half of Ultimate Spider-Man. I generally liked it, I made a buncha cute gifs like this –

-but I zoned out of it because it was quite obviously for kids, lots of silliness and gross-out humour and stuff and I wasn’t a kid. (Far from it.) Then recently I started watching it again, got past the first season and a half and…it was really good from more or less that point on? Still very much for kids but a bit more mature, I guess. Niceeee.

Also a good antidote to the terribleness of the current comics! And I shall attempt to distract myself from them further by writing about this show instead. Since it’s partly about a superhero school let’s bring out a grading system!

Peter/Spider-Man: A terribly frustrating take on the character at first, it’s as if someone responded to the movie versions of Spidey not quipping enough by making every second thing that comes out of this Peter’s mouth a quip. No matter how inappropriate or OOC it is, gotta get those quips in there! Luckily this was less of an issue past season two or so. And I appreciate they kept Uncle Ben part of his story which is more than the bloody MCU managed. B-

Mary Jane: This Mary Jane isn’t too far away from her comic counterpart I guess, but it annoys me how adaptations never have her want to be an actress anymore. Here she wants to be a journalist which is cool and makes for some interesting episodes but… eh, performing is such an intrinsic part of her character and it bugs me a little how it’s appreciated I guess? B

Harry: Ah my precious son. This is a pretty good Harry but he has most of the edges rubbed off him, fair enough I guess since it would be really hard to make his issues family-friendly. My other main quibble is that he’s much too good-looking and Harry really isn’t supposed to be all that good-looking, despite the actors who’ve played him over the years. Anyway I’m giving him a high grade partly to get the taste of the aforementioned recent comics outta my mouth, so sue me A

Aunt May: Okay honestly I judge pretty much all Spider-Man adaptations by how they do Aunt May. If she’s not the most important person in Peter’s life, if she isn’t constantly either there or being mentioned, you have done a Bad Spider-Man Adaptation. But this one achieved all that and made her funny and cool while still being (gasp) old so A+

Nick Fury: This Nick Fury locks people up without trial, employs what are basically child soldiers and spies on said child soldiers without their permission, which is yikes a- F

Miles: Oh this Miles is so adorable and I just want him safe with his mother. Please stop calling him “Kid Arachnid” though. A

Flash: Wow after season one they ramped up Flash’s character development and made him actually really engaging! Funny too. Yes that’s how you do it. A

Spider-Man’s various other amazing friends: Gosh there were so many. I loved the Scarlet Spider arc even though I’m not in the least bit familiar with him. Really loved the Spider-Man Noir stuff, man I gotta read those comics? A

Doc Ock: I’m impressed that they managed to have Doc Ock change appearance like 4 times and eventually end up looking like the version everyone remembers. I kinda liked the creepy watery look he had at the beginning though? Also his heel-face-turn right in the very final episode was a bit silly but that sort of thing is what Spider-Man’s all about so I can’t fault it. B

Norman: Honestly the comics have never been particularly consistent with Norman so you can do pretty much whatever with him in adaptations as long as you include “corrupt businessman/bad father/Green Goblin” in there. This one’s a bit too nice (post Goblin cure) for me but hey he’s hardly gonna be going around murdering girlfriends in this. B

Voice acting: I didn’t know some of these until I looked up the full cast list but this show had [deep breath] Mark Hamill, Tom Kenny, Ashley Eckstein, Donald Glover, Seth Green, Terry Crews, George Takei, Milo Ventimiglia and MANY MORE in it, which is pretty awesome, A+

Jokes: Honestly I watched this one particular episode during the first go-through but to this very day I can’t hear the words “booby traps” without mentally hearing Deadpool pipe up with “Haha! You said ‘traps’!” so A

Puns: They did a whole episode with Howard the Duck and a sea monster and no-one, NO-ONE said “Release the quacken.” B-

New lockdown rules

As read to me by some a-hole who won’t brush his own hair.

Schools back by March 8, then outdoor entertainment, then indoor entertainment, seems to be basically how it goes. Theme parks can reopen April 12 which is somewhat baffling because theme parks are the germiest, grossest places you could possibly imagine.

If all goes well we could be out of lockdown by June 21 and back to almost normal lifestyles again, which my mind can barely even fathom at the moment.