The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 5

Another incredibly hard-hitting episode. Sam’s saying “the legacy of that shield is complicated” sums it up about as well as it could ever be summed up I guess. That scene between Sam and Isaiah is probably one of the best-acted and most important ones the MCU has ever done.

Sort of jumping off that in a way, I’m geniunely kinda surprised the government in this show actually DID dismiss John Walker as Captain America because I have a depressing feeling they probably wouldn’t in real life. God knows you can probably find all sorts of modern-day examples of similar behavior that went unpunished, sigh.

Back to the MCU rather than reality:

I had no idea who that was Julia Louis-Dreyfus was playing but it turns out it’s someone from Latveria! Setting up for the Fantastic Four movie I guess? She was a big surprise.

It was nice to see Sarah again, also I realised recently that she shares that name with Steve’s long-dead mother, I wonder if either character ever knew about that. (I am also a Sarah.)

I like that Wakanda had a new outfit created for Sam but oh man I can’t imagine how, after Bucky said “I need another favour,” the next words out of Ayo’s mouth weren’t something akin to “Oh fuck off Bucky.”

John Walker constantly screaming “I am Captain America!” sounded like a dark mirror of “I am Iron Man” in a way. Guess Walker is a dark mirror for a lot of people.

I really wish we’re gotten to know more about Lamar/Battlestar before he was killed off, I kinda want to hear his story and how he and Walker became so close.

Hm I think that’s all I’ve got coherent-thought wise, but this show has made me appreciate all over again how probably Sam’s biggest superpower is Being A Decent Person and man there really need to be more superheroes who have that as their power.

Dirty Racist Cops … Again — Filosofa’s Word

Caron Nazario is a lieutenant in the U.S. Army medical corp, serving in Norfolk, Virginia.  Lieutenant Nazario also happens to be Black and Hispanic.  In December, Lt. Nazario purchased a new SUV and on December 5th, he was driving home from work in said SUV when he saw flashing lights behind him.  Lt. Nazario drove […]

Dirty Racist Cops … Again — Filosofa’s Word

In the time between me first seeing this story and sharing it on this blog,

another black man was shot by police in the US.

Final Space 3×04

Hooray an Ash-centric episode! Well sort of. Oh man I felt so sorry for her at the end of this one. She must feel like she’s lost a sibling all over again. Also man this whole series really likes taking Fox out of action, when will he get something to do?!

This season is going by so faaaast. I’m worried about Quinn, I know Olan Rogers is too smart to kill her off but I still worry about her. Awww the moments between her and Gary in this episode were so sweet, but they’re also the very brief calm before the storm I suspect.

I still find Biskit annoying, sorry. I don’t even see any reason for him to be around right now. And Tribore, UGH. He doesn’t fit into this darker new season AT ALL and I’d much rather he wasn’t there. He’s just so incredibly annoying and also oh yeah he let a load of people die and will never face consequences for it cos it was supposed to be a Funny Moment I guess? Sigh. I love this show but post season one it was never really great at balancing the comedy with the seriousness. Sometimes it really just feels like two different shows squashed together.

I want to go back to the Avacato-Little Cato plot asap please! Oh it’s going to be so heartrending when LC finds out the truth.

Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla vs Kong was EXACTLY as dumb as I hoped, if not dumber. Here are all the thoughts in my head fresh after a (home) viewing. Take this as Kongfirmation that it’s worth seeing IF and ONLY IF you want to turn your brain off for a couple hours:

  • Humankind has about 1 brain cell between them in this movie. See: an evil goateed man trying to make a MechaGodzilla in the middle of a densely populated city, humanity just plain not noticing the previously peaceful Godzilla is only attacking a particular company rather than humans in general, everything Goatee Guy’s daughter does, humankind running about in the streets even though two giant monsters are still in play
  • King Kong gets a magic glowing axe which is always nice
  • We learn in this movie that Jia (the little girl who can communicate with Kong) is the last survivor of the Iwa who were the inhabitants of Skull Island. So that means that very recently an entire culture was destroyed and… it never comes up at all? You would think quite a lot would be made of Jia and Kong both being the last of their kind but it doesn’t get mentioned during their interactions
  • Jia accompanies her adoptive mother (we never really get the details of that story either) and her team on all their incredibly dangerous adventures, including a journey into the center of the earth which killed the previous team, and NO-ONE at ANY POINT suggests that maybe having a literal young child there is a terrible idea
  • Kong and Godzilla have a big ol’ fight in the middle of Hong Kong, skyscrapers go flying all over the place, yet the cool neon lights never go out
  • Speaking of, we’re told that the people in the vicinity of the Kong-Godzilla fight are quickly being evacuated, yet a few minutes later we see a whole bunch of folks on the top floor of a skyscraper, did they somehow miss the two giant monsters beating the crap out of each other?
  • Apex has billions of dollars to spend on a bunch of anti-gravity vehicles and a MechaGodzilla but seemingly can’t afford an even remotely effective security system
  • One of the themes of this movie appears to be “Conspiracy theories might be right!” which is an UNFATHOMABLY THOUGHTLESS thing to be promoting at this particular point in time OH MY GOD
  • Josh (the character played by the kid from Deadpool 2) actually is the hero of this film, seeing as how without his geniunely good idea of pouring alcohol into the MechaGodzilla controls it wouldn’t have gotten disrupted long enough for Kong and Godzilla to get their killer blows in. Josh gets no credit whatsoever for this, remains the film’s butt-monkey, and the last we see of him is his being told to shut up. Yeah actually I think I’m rooting for the giant monsters to destroy the Earth after all?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 4

Sigh… I keep thinking about how interesting this show would be if Karli wasn’t a mass murderer and wasn’t going round making threats to children. Sam having to grapple with the actual, geniune good guys thinking he’s not one, that would’ve been so fascinating to explore. But instead… We didn’t get that. The show is still good but..I’m bummed on several levels because a) I like Erin Kellyman as an actress and wanted to like her character and b) “These people have sympathetic motives but are also a bunch of violent a-holes, thus preventing exploration of the points they’re making” is… Not a good trope.

That last shot of John Walker (and what a great shot it was) reminded me of Homelander and The Boys. And Zemo’s speech about how being a super-soldier is a form of supremacy also did, except it reminded me of how much I hate The Boy’s take that being a superhero is inherently fascist because… How many superheroes actually ask for their powers? In the Marvel world pretty much everyone around at the moment was either born with them (Wanda, Star-Lord), got them by accident (Spider-Man) or is an alien (Thor, most of the GOTG). And labelling someone a fascist for something they had no control over makes no sense.

On lighter notes: Daniel Brul is killing it as Zemo and Wyatt Russell is killing it as John Walker, I don’t know how he does it but he just has this dead, violent look in his eyes all the time. Also WHAT he’s Kurt Russell’s son! I didn’t know that! Wow playing MCU villains really runs in the family huh?

It was really good seeing Wakanda again, I hope we get to go back there before the series is over.

Oh, and also RIP Battlestar. Your death was inevitable but you seemed like a good dude.

Prince Philip

Turned on the TV around noon and got-

I was like, what happened?! Was there a terrorist attack? Did someone get assassinated?! So I turned over and turned out Prince Philip had died. Of natural causes.

(Also, wait, does the BBC actually own the Dave channel? Who knew.)

ANYWAY yeah, I’m surprised he didn’t make it to 100 but there’s not that much to say about a guy who lived by all accounts a very full life and died at 99. And, you know, he wasn’t exactly a great ambassador for the UK at the best of times. I wish the TV (it’s showing very little else except Prince Philip right now) would stop describing his racist comments as “gaffes” since that implies he didn’t mean to say them while he very much did.

That’s… pretty much all I got. Please enjoy this very bad photograph I took in 2014 of a moving car that had Prince Philip in it.

Russian LORD OF THE RINGS Adaptation Makes Its Way Online — Nerdist

The Lord of the Rings is a big topic of discussion these days. That’s mostly thanks to quarantine cast reunions and Amazon’s upcoming Middle-earth series. Of all the fantastical lands out there, J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe remains one of the most beloved and revered almost a century after The Hobbit‘s publication. It’s a world we’ll never…

Russian LORD OF THE RINGS Adaptation Makes Its Way Online — Nerdist

So this looks AMAZING?