Doctor Who exterminated my fears as a queer kid and I can’t wait for more LGBTQ+ representation — PinkNews

Mirra Harris, an ambassador for LGBTQ+ young people’s charity Just Like Us, writes for PinkNews about how Doctor Who changed their life as a queer kid. My parents always love to tell people the story of the night the ‘reboot’ of Doctor Who aired in 2005. I was three-years-old and sat mesmerised in front of…

Doctor Who exterminated my fears as a queer kid and I can’t wait for more LGBTQ+ representation — PinkNews | Latest lesbian, gay, bi and trans news | LGBT+ news

This is a really nice article. :)

first transgender doctor who companion!!!


Despite all the speculation happening right now I don’t think she’s going to be playing the same character as Billie Piper’s Rose. I’m very curious to see who she is playing though! I saw someone speculate she could be Donna’s daughter even and YES PLEASE.

I was really, really hoping RTD would cast a trans actress as either the new Doctor or Companion. Just something, anything, to smack back against what’s going on in the British media right now you know? Thank you Russell. God it’s been good to watch you grow.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate are coming back to Doctor Who!

And I have slightly mixed feelings, I admit. If it was just Catherine Tate as Donna coming back I’d be over the moon! But the Tenth Doctor is here too and as much as I like David Tennant, I hate Ten. As you know. I’m sorry!

In the press release Russell T Davies implied it could just be a flashback or a parallel universe but what I REALLY want is for him to finally reverse Donna’s terrible ending, I’m still salty about it over a decade later.

Well at least no-one will have to digitally de-age them.

The very broken contact form

So it turns out that I have not being getting ANY messages submitted via this blog’s contact form! Goddammit. The messages did appear in the ‘Feedback’ page on my WordPress dash, but I never even knew what the ‘Feedback’ thingy did! Sorry everyone. If you want to contact me in the future maybe just leave a comment instead?

I even tried sending myself a message via the contact form and yep, straight in my email spam folder where I’d never have seen it. Gah. :/

Twenty years ago

Twenty years ago to the day I started blogging. Well, I suppose it was Livejournalling back then. I was about a month into being 14 years old at the time, and now I’m 34.


I wish I had something else to add here, something that would sound smart. It’s really… weird when I go back over old posts and realize how much the world has changed since I wrote them. Sometimes it’s changed for the better. I hope this blog is still around in 20 years. Who knows? Maybe my possible future children can read it then.