Wandavision episode 3

I guess it’s only single episodes from here on? Ah well. I was totally spoiled for one thing because this morning “Pietro” was trending on Twitter, but it turned out to be a mention of him rather than his return! Well that’s good too. This is the first time he’s been mentioned since like… Age of Ultron, which is pretty daft really considering how important he was to Wanda.

Anyway this episode was packed with clues as to what’s really going on. Vision’s “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players” is 100% accurate, they’re all players in Wanda’s imaginary world. Herb’s cutting through the concrete wall is played for laughs but I took that as the part of him that’s aware of what’s going on trying frantically to get out. (Brrr.) Geraldine was an intruder so she has to go. I really expected Wanda was going to straight-up kill her so it was somewhat of a relief that she didn’t.

The advert this time was “Hydra Soak: Release the Goddess Within” which manages to have even more chilling implications than it would have done anyway, because if Wanda can rewrite reality and even create new life (the twins) who’s to say she’s not a literal goddess?

I see speculation ramping up that this mysterious unseen “Ralph” might be Mephisto and that the stork was also him, because otherwise why was there a random stork walking around unaffected by Wanda’s powers? I wonder.

I’m REALLY enjoying all this as you can probably tell. Also shout out to the outfits! Geraldine’s blue outfit with the fish and the blue waistcoat was a DELIGHT, did everyone dress like this in the 70s? Why did they stop?!

Joe Biden picks trans coronavirus hero Rachel Levine for crucial health role in historic first

Rachel Levine has been named Joe Biden’s pick for assistant secretary of health, putting her on track to become the first openly trans federal official confirmed by the Senate. 377 more words

Joe Biden picks trans coronavirus hero Rachel Levine for crucial health role in historic first — PinkNews – Gay news, reviews and comment from the world’s most read lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans news service

God, the USA is so far ahead of the UK with regards to trans people. Even after four years of Donald Trump.

Wandavision episodes 1 and 2

I had no idea what to expect with this show and I’m glad I didn’t! Really, really good so far. Just the right balance of creepy-funny and funny-creepy.

Most of all I’m enjoying trading theories with people about what the hell is going on! It seems Vision has very little agency in this world (see: that incredibly unsettling choking scene) so I’m willing to bet that the “real” Vision is still dead and Wanda has just created an illusion of him. The other people in Westview I’m not sure about. I suspect Wanda might well have trapped some innocent people in her illusion and they have no choice but to play along. Apart from Agnes! There is obviously something more to her and I’ve heard two theories both of which I like, one is that she’s Agatha Harkness from the comics (whom I am not familiar with but she looks interesting) and the other that she’s Mephisto aka Comics Satan. We’ll see I guess! I haveta admit I can’t see Marvel introducing like THE DEVIL as a television character because, whole can of potentially problematic and/or offensive worms there, but hey I’ve been wrong before.

Many people have pointed out that the “commercials” we’re seeing on the show are actually representations of Wanda’s traumas. The “Stark” brand toaster which beeps alarmingly = the Stark bomb which nearly killed Wanda and her brother. And the “Strucker” watches = Baron Von Strucker and HYDRA experimenting on the twins. Oooh that was a clever way of doing things.

I think I’ve enjoyed this more than any other ongoing superhero property from the past six months.

ITV’s coverage of the Capitol siege

I saw Robert Moore’s full report on ITV this evening. Every bit as shocking as you’d expect. What really got me was the close-up faces of the terrorists. Some of them were screaming at the camera just absolutely contorted in hate. There was another woman who was part of a prayer circle and she looked like she was in a kind of religious rapture.

I think God is sitting this one out.