RIP Kevin Clark

Netflix threw me the trailer for School of Rock the other day and I was thinking, oh I should watch that again sometime, it’s a great movie. (It seems to have had a renaissance as of late?) Then yesterday one of the now-adult kids in it, Kevin Clark who played Freddy, died in a completely random road accident. It’s so sad, he was only 32 and had a whole music career ahead of him. Watching the film will be a very different experience now, I feel so terrible for him and his loved ones.

what’s happening in leicester

Currently protestors in Leicester are occupying a drone factory which is supplying weapons to the Israeli Defense Forces. I don’t know how far the news about this has spread but the protestors are being treated appallingly, being denied food and water and forced to drink the rain off their tents.

There have been some displays of solidarity-

-and peaceful protests in schools, making the actions of the police towards the protestors even more inexcusable I think. It’s disgusting, as is what the Elbit factory is doing.

I’m always so proud of my adopted hometown which is why it’s so galling to know an arms factory is here in the first place.

Final Space 3×10

It’s raining Garys! Hallelujah!

A very tense, EXTREMELY aesthetically pleasing episode there. Lemme just find some more shots so I can show you what I mean.

So this was a “The characters think everything is going to be finally okay but then it gets even worse than it was before” episode, always an emotional rollercoaster but even more so now since no-one knows if the show will be renewed. :/

I spent this whole episode expecting Sheryl to die (I don’t think she really deserved that hug. I miss the days when I loved to hate her) but poor Kevin Van Newton bit it instead. RIP Kevin, we hardly knew ye. What a great death scene though.

And… his last words were interesting? “Salvation comes in the blink of an eye,” was something Quinn said to Gary when no-one else was around, and yet… Oh dang was Kevin a future Gary all along?! I always really liked that theory. Godspeed (or Goodspeed?) Kevin.

cool old stuff I found at my parents’ house

Now that COVID restrictions have been lifted I got to VISIT MY FAMILY!! Can you believe it? FINALLY things are sliding back to normal.

While there I got to go in the attic and look at old scrapbooks, and I found various bits of Cool Old Stuff! Check it out:

Amnesty International magazine (I was part of an Amnesty group in high school) being ahead of the curve on the word “snowflakes.”

A newspaper from five days after 9/11.

Some drawings my dad did for a student magazine in the 1970s!

These paintings were done by my grandfather, and they’re REALLY GOOD

And these are postcards all the way from the 1920s! Look, that’s what people sent before birthday cards! Some of the names referred to in the messages are people I recognise (though not all). The baby referred to in the “Baby’s 1st Birthday” cards was, in fact, my grandmother.

I have finally seen “Cats”

It was the greatest Bad Movie I have ever seen. None of it made a lick of sense. The word “jellicicle” comes up A LOT and we’re never told what it actually means. Several ballet dancers give it their all but the camera cuts away so quickly we barely see their actual movements. There are human cockroaches?!? which Rebel Wilson eats? Also she licks herself, which cats obviously do but she… really shouldn’t. Judi Dench monologues for about three minutes at the end while the movie desperately tries to roll the credits.