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Today I learned that someone committed suicide by jumping from a window of the apartment building I used to live in. (It made the local news, so that’s how I know.) Hit home a little bit, obviously, not just because of the building but because of the massive mental health crisis I went through myself last year.

Nowadays whenever I write a piece of fiction that involves suicide I try to add a list of worldwide suicide hotlines somewhere in the notes. The best one I’ve seen is Wikipedia’s list, which is extremely in-depth and sorts everything neatly by country. I think that’s the one I’m gonna stick with.

Here it is again:




the etymology of the word ‘blog’ is insane

blog is a contraction of web-log.

log as in a record of your posts, but more generally as a record of events that happened. as in a ‘logbook’, a record of the speeds of a ship. log-book as in ‘chip log’, a piece of wood they tied to a rope to measure speed with

web as in the world wide web. as in a huge interconnected woven web of connections, but with computers and networks instead. the use of web in this context as such a metaphor was coined less than fifty years ago

the tendrils of history reach back so far and so close at once, and all so we can coin silly terms like “blogosphere.” do you see me. everything’s connected

and somehow we’re all still here on this site, leaving little bits of wood in each others’ spider webs to remember one another by

Glass Onion

Glass Onion is a movie where you cannot, I repeat cannot, point at any particular plot twist and say “This is bad writing, because no person would behave this incredibly unfathomably stupidly.” We have all lived through the same past few years and if anything Elon Musk, I mean “Miles Bron” isn’t stupid enough. Close, though.

Glass Onion is a James Bond film just a little bit to the left. (A lot to the left.) I am OBSESSED with this. It has all the ingredients: Daniel Craig, a megalomaniac who wants to take over the world, beautiful women in bikinis, weird tech, important things getting blown up. A fabulous deconstruction. I bet no-one would have blinked an eyelid at the movie’s explosive ending if Bond was involved, but that’s genre, baby.

Glass Onion is the best Among Us movie they could possibly have made.

Glass Onion is a Greek tragedy (even set in Greece!) when it comes to the sisters plot. There’s a great post on Tumblr about Cassandra and Helen. The moment I realized the significance of the naming I fell even more in love with the movie than I was already.

Glass Onion is also the best modern-day Sherlock Holmes movie they could possibly have made.

Glass Onion is haunting my dreams. Last night Benoit Blanc showed up and we looked at text messages of condolence sent to the family of a murder victim. “You know how I know who the murderer is? It’s always the last person to send a text,” he drawled. WHAT IS GOING ON(ION).

Glass Onion is angry as hell and long live its anger.


i love how delusional some articles of clothing are, like you read the tag and its like “hand wash only/tumble dry on low” son you are a cotton tshirt. youre going in the warsh and whatever happens in there is in gods hands

I just want to warsh my stupid dry clean only clothes :(



in a lot of ways, benoit blanc is a love letter to the eccentric detective trope, right? but I think he gets what a lot of other characters who try to fit that archetype don’t: he is a very caring person who wants to help people.

the original Sherlock Holmes stories, everything with poirot- the two most famous eccentric detectives. both of them go out of their way to help people, even if it won’t help them solve the case.

so benoit blanc’s willingness to help strangers, concoct crazy plans, and how he will always help someone who’s scared or in emotional distress is a key part of the character type that im glad they kept.

it also sets up the female leads very well- at the end of each movie, we follow them more then blanc, and see how his kindness to them allows them to complete their story and get what they need.

I’ve always been saying that about SH – he could be anything. World-famous musician, celebrated academic genius, or he could be doing what his brother does.

But he is not.

He’s the consulting detective outside the system who helps the people said system fails. If you’re rich, he’ll take your money, sure. But if you’re poor, he’ll help you anyway.

That girl who comes to him about her new employers having a weird vibe? He doesn’t dismiss her. He takes what she’s got to say very seriously – and it ends up saving her life.

And that tells you everything you need to know about what kind of person he is. Honestly, I’m so over the cold, lonely genius trope. Not even the source material supports it.

Anyway, bless Rian Johnson’s Porg-shaped soul.

Benoit Blanc is a much, much, much better modern Holmes than BBC Sherlock.

They found the Moby Dick!

Remember my mild obsession with submerged animatronics (and animatronics in general?) Well it experienced a resurgence a few weeks ago when I learned via Twitter that the remnants of Moby Dick, one of the most terrifying submerged animatronics ever made, were lost ages ago and never found.

Some FASCINATING stuff on that Twitter thread about the Moby Dick whale of Pleasure Island. (not my own lost Pleasure Island, a different one.) Can you imagine seeing it in action and up close?!

Anyway (possibly as a result of that tweet?) someone got hold of an underwater drone and they FOUND IT! Found proof that it’s still in the original lake! Check it out.

Hmmm maybe someone should write a book about this, the relentless hunt for a white whale. Anyone got a good idea for a title?


Hello everyone,

Let’s start off the New Year with some good news. This is Thor the Walrus. It is a wandering walrus who took a break on the shore of a city in England. That city was so adamant about protecting Thor that they cancelled their fireworks for New Years to not frighten it. Thor is happy and well.