Final Space 3×09

Good lord, they did it! They made me feel sorry for Clarence!

I doubt I’ll ever like him but I’m a sucker for a good redemption=death sequence. Also gosh, we lost Todd too! (he had it coming even more than Clarence.)

Tribore played a big role in this one and for once I found him tolerable, hooray. I wonder if that’s the last we’ll ever see of him… I kinda hope so?

Things are progressing so fast I almost wonder if this really will be the final season after all. I really hope not, unless Olan Rogers is able to end the series how he chooses. There’s still a lot of unanswered questions though. For a start, where is Evra? (Also what is Evra, but…) Shouldn’t Ash want to take her along as well?

I saw that ending coming from a mile away, and “Where you go I go” had me audibly going “awww” at the screen.


Hey, remember how I was making an archive of all Harry Osborn’s appearances in comics complete with annotations and general ramblings? Turns out that’s the sort of project which kinda needs its own blog-

-and a few weeks ago I noted that the domain name has NOT, in fact, been snapped up by Disney/Marvel/whoever. (the .com version was apparently claimed in 2006) So……. It’s now mine! WELL…

…I don’t know what happens next, because I never actually expected to get that far. Here’s!

WATCH: ‘Friends’ Reunion Trailer Revealed Along with Guest Stars Including James Corden and David Beckham — BBC America

Could we be any more excited? The first trailer for the eagerly anticipated Friends reunion special is here. The 30-second teaser shows main cast members Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer from behind walking in slo-mo. It also reveals that the special will premiere on HBO Max on…

WATCH: ‘Friends’ Reunion Trailer Revealed Along with Guest Stars Including James Corden and David Beckham — BBC America

Oh okay, so this is still happening!… With James Corden and David Beckham. That’s… a choice?

The BBC’s stance on Doctor Who fanfiction

(From here)

This was all over Doctor Who fan twitter today. Three initial thoughts:

  1. As pointed out in many of the aforementioned tweets, it was Doctor Who fans and their creativity that kept the fandom alive when the show was off air. If not for those fans there might never have been a revived series at all. What a kick in the teeth to them.
  2. I gather this particular FAQ has been around for a while and only went viral today, but uh, I don’t think the showrunners want/the show itself can handle any more bad publicity right now, even the tiniest bit?

Final Space 3×08

So I feel this season has been quite hit-and-miss so far but this one is DEFINITELY a hit, what a great episode, wow. As soon as the serene spot the crew picked for Fox’s funeral turned out to be a simulation I knew something special was coming.

So now we have our LGBT character I guess, and it’s Ash! I absolutely loved how her sudden bond with Evra helped her heal and I really hope that whatever Evra is it’s not something sent from Invictus. Their connection was so sweet, oh man don’t let it be ruined.

When I first saw the trailer for this season I assumed the Gary-Avacato fight would be something to do with Invictus possessing one of them, but nope, it was just them. Probably good they got it all out of their systems but now Gary knows the secret of Little Cato’s parentage and that’s not going to end well, oh man.

This episode was full of beautiful moments – Mooncake sending off the coffin, the whole concept of the Hidden Lights – but I think my actual favourite moment was Little Cato’s speech at Fox’s funeral. It was so sad and so bittersweet. My hope for the end of Little Cato’s story now is that he returns to Ventrexia and ends the war in honour of Fox. Assuming we even get an ending for any of the characters, apparently this show’s renewal hopes are not fantastic, sigh. I wish more people were watching it, they don’t know what they’re missing.

Epic Rant Time — Meerkat Musings

The UK has one of the highest number of deaths from Covid-19 of any country on earth (7th), as a direct result of Tory incompetence. Billions have been spaffed up the wall on Track and Trace systems that have taken forever to actually work (and Tory cronyism has seen the mates of Tory ministers get…

Epic Rant Time — Meerkat Musings

I agree with this rant. What an incredibly disheartening day it’s been. :(

The Handmaid’s Tale s4 so far

Dammit, I was really looking forward to this season! But I bingewatched the first three episodes and they were just so… meh. So disappointing. What happened?! I’m tired of June’s plot armor, they’ve really run out of excuses for it, and tired that so many other women have been killed to further her storyline. But worst of all, no-one seems to be behaving in a remotely consistent way anymore! Why is Nick kissing June in full view of his driver? Why would you put this one woman you apparently can’t kill and most of her allies in a van that isn’t locked with one guard? Why would you shoot and murder your way through all the non-June handmaids if you need them so bad? And so on. I know real-life fascist regimes are also very inconsistent but… still.

I’m about to watch episode 4 so I hope it picks up. But sometimes I wonder if maybe the better way to go with this show would’ve been to make it an anthology series. Duck out of June’s story after season one and pick up with a different handmaid in a different situation. The audience can still learn eventually what happened to June, just via someone else. We get some more worldbuilding and less plot holes.

Okay the ship has sailed on that one, but I’d also like less sexualised violence please?