“They didn’t actually burn the Mona Lisa, the real one is made of wood, not paper, like in the film!! Of course they wouldnt have given miles bron the real one!!”

Yeah…they didn’t burn the real Mona Lisa…because it’s a movie. Another thing is that paper might just look better than wood when it burns on film. Not only that, but it’s very realistic that miles would have obtained the real one. Rich people buy one of a kind, priceless art all the time, just because they believe they have that right.

Also, in the context of the film, it had to be the real Mona Lisa; Helen’s plan wouldn’t work if it turned out to be a fake. Miles would never always be mentioned in the same breath as the Mona Lisa if the real one didn’t burn.

I’m sorry if this makes people uncomfortable but in the Rian Johnson cinematic universe, the real Mona Lisa has been reduced to ashes.

I remember Andi saying that application of the Klear could “burn the world” and she was pretty obviously correct. So who knows what might have happened due to the arrogance and disgard for human life Miles and co had? Whole buildings could have exploded and killed thousands of people (plus probably a good few other irreplaceable works of art.) And the Klear was meant to be going into space even! I don’t know the science behind regular rockets let alone ones powered by a fictional substance but I think there was a very real danger there of a worldwide catastrophe. Let’s assume that around a million people, at a minimum, could have died because of Miles.

Under those circumstances, burning the Mona Lisa seems… kind of completely reasonable.

TV shows that kept me sane in 2022

2022 was the worst year of my life. Sorry. Coming off my tablets caused an apocalyptic mental breakdown and getting back on them took months. Couldn’t work, couldn’t function. For three months all I was able to do was sit around and watch TV.

Luckily there was some good TV to watch. Lemme pay a little tribute to it now.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

I had been looking forward to seeing the missing bits of Obi-Wan’s story on screen for over a decade. God, I wish I’d been better when it finally, finally came to me. I know the show was a little clunky in plot and dialogue but I loved it, I loved seeing other less-celebrated characters like Owen and Beru as well and seeing them gain more layers (and some badass lines.) And then Qui-Gon at the end to top it all off. DAMN that was a moment.


The Orville

I was really bad when I started watching this but yet I have nothing but good memories of actually watching it, if that makes sense. When I first had a look at it I wasn’t impressed with the pilot episode, I thought it was dull and unfunny, but then I stumbled across episode 8 of the first season, the one where the kids have to survive on the cannibal planet, and I was like “This is the same show? Holy crap!” So now I’m a fan.

Still cannot BELIEVE Seth MacFarlene of all people created this.


Ms Marvel

This show was SO GOOD. I’m so glad Kamala Khan got an adaption that was respectful of her and her fannish personality! I suppose her powers have changed slightly, I wouldn’t have done that but whatever, I can overlook it. It was such a colourful and sweet show AND it had a lot of things to say.


My Name Is Earl

Obviously this isn’t a new show, it’s an older one, but I’d never watched the whole thing from the beginning. It was excellent right up until season three, where it took a sudden and drastic nosedive. (This was around the time of the writers’ strike, if I remember rightly.) It probably could have gotten back on its feet after that but nope, it was cancelled on a cliffhanger after season four. Sigh.


Raising Hope

However! The My Name is Earl story is sort-of resolved in the first episode of Raising Hope, made by the same people, so I watched that too. I’m glad I did, it’s a very silly show but very sweet and wholesome. (And it got to end without a cliffhanger, hooray.)


The Umbrella Academy season 3

A show about the end of the world that somehow still managed to cheer me up in my worst days. It deserves props just for handling Elliot Page’s transition as well as it did, actually… just being totally chill about it and not even making it a particularly big deal, which is totally in-character for everyone. Awful selfish people but come through when it counts! Love those guys.



Madames and Monsieurs. Poirot has seen much evil in the world, but the evil of this man is in a category all it’s own. His crimes are those of which Poirot cannot speak of in polite company, and they stretch the limit of discretion and manners. And he flees his persecution but cannot resist to remind the world of his existence. To brag about the money his filth has brought him. To try and, how you say, “flex” on a girl who’s concern is for the future of this planet by touting his many fast cars. But she is not so easily cowed and came back strong against his crude message with one of her own. Poirot may not condone the language, but he cannot deny it may have been called for. And there, there he let his hubris lead him to make his mistake. In his video, there, there is his pandora’s box. It does not look like much, it is after all a pizza box and such food is popular among the masses today. But this box…this box proved where he was hiding away. What hole this rat crawled into!

I claim no deductive prowess on my part, Watson. Our quarry is a braggart and a fool and he has proclaimed his location for all the world to see. But the prey is still afoot, dear doctor, and we must be swift. Bring your pistol.