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Harry Osborn’s Comic Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #41 – 43 (1966)

Well the awfulness of the current comics shows no sign of going away anytime soon, so let’s jump back into this! Where we left off, Harry’s father had just overcome his first bout of supervillainy, but it would be faaaaaar from the last.

Here’s Harry’s very brief appearance in #41. Looks like his school bully days are behind him thanks to the previous story’s events! Meanwhile, Peter’s getting interested in Gwen.

#42 shows Harry defending Peter to Flash! Hooray for character development! Also Peter loves his motorbike a little too much.

Harry and Gwen’s relationship is a bit hard to pin down during this point, are they actually dating in the non-exclusive way or just friends?

And here’s Harry’s last appearance in these three comics. You’ll note that once more he sticks up for Peter. But now we’ve turned a corner into the real world and a still very relevant era of American history, the Vietnam war. Now I admit I don’t know much about it, being neither American or Vietnamese, but I know the basics. Flash has already been drafted, and these three panels rather make it sound like Harry is distressed at the possibility of Peter too being made to go to war.

Stan Lee’s thoughts about Vietnam I don’t actually know, but I’m gonna see if I can find out before the next one of these posts. I’d be interested in that. Harry is absolutely correct here in that a young man forced to join the military and kill people in a war is nothing remotely humorous.

Wonder Woman 1984

God I really really wanted to like WW84. I saw it was getting terrible reviews and I thought, “That can’t be right, surely, the first one was so damn good.” But… nope, they’re right. Three problems:

[big spoilers ahead]

1. (the most unimportant problem) it’s way too long. This could have easily been split up into two movies. There was no dang reason for it to last two and a half hours.

2. Everything about Cheetah/Barbara. I thought Kristen Wiig’s performance was really good considering what she had to work with, but the implications of her story are so squicky. Her wish “to be like Diana” which kicks her turn to evil off, that wish is made in response to her getting sexually assaulted. (Diana does not offer to walk her home after saving her from the sexual assault either, jeez.) And then she almost gets sexually assaulted by the same guy again, but her beating him up is presented as a bad thing rather than justified considering the circumstances. Add to that the fact that her initial behavior towards Diana reads more like a romantic crush than anything, and add to that the tired old trope of the dowdy girl who wants to be sexy but that makes her evil as well … it’s just a hot mess.

…and by the end she looks like an extra from Cats. I’m sorry. She does.

3. Oh boy. Okay. So yes, Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor appears in this movie, because Diana wishes him back with a magic rock. Except when Dead Steve returns it’s in the body of an already existing person, a person who has their own apartment and job and presumably a life, and this is just…never mentioned. Diana, our heroine, is absolutely not concerned in the slightest that her getting her boyfriend back condemns an innocent stranger to death. When she eventually gives up Steve it’s to get her powers back, not because of the aforementioned. Again, she does not care about this at all and is willing to go to almost any lengths to keep Steve. (Yep, the famously feminist Wonder Woman does very little in this movie not involving her boyfriend.) Oh, and Steve doesn’t really seem too bothered about this either, despite the fact that by following Diana into battle he risks death or injury to a body that isn’t his. The guy Steve possessed shows up at the very end of the movie alive and well, which okay that’s good but…

This movie shows Diana and “Steve” in bed together. Assuming they had sex, which is a pretty fair assumption, Diana slept with a person who had the ghost of a dead WWI pilot possessing his body and thus could absolutely not consent. This movie didn’t just make Diana a cold obsessive throwing her morals away for a man, it also made her a rapist.

So yeah, I can see where the bad reviews are coming from.

Holocaust survivors on this week’s events

From The New York Times. It might be behind a paywall for you unfortunately. But here are direct quotes which sum up the horror so many Jewish people are feeling right now:

Of all the upsetting images broadcast around the world as a violent mob overran the United States Capitol in Washington, the one that particularly distressed Dr. Eva Umlauf, 78, a pediatrician and psychotherapist who survived Auschwitz as a toddler, was of a bearded man wearing a black hoodie emblazoned with “Camp Auschwitz.”

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Dr. Umlauf said. “It really broke a taboo. I never would have believed that was possible from Americans.”

“As Jews, we tried to get our children to America so they could live in freedom and safety,” she continued. “What happened in that country is only one step away from totalitarianism.”

The day before the protests, an incoming member of Congress, Representative Mary Miller, Republican of Illinois, praised Hitler for his campaign in indoctrinating youth, in a speech before the Capitol as part of a Moms for America rally. She issued an apology on Friday, amid calls for her resignation.

Not every survivor was shocked by the image. Marian Turski, who survived Auschwitz and a death march, said the experiences he had while traveling in the Deep South during the Civil Rights movement exposed him to the racism and hatred harbored by some white Americans.

In 1965, while on a fellowship in the United States, he marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in Selma, Ala., and had his car burned in Mississippi, because he rode together with a black man.

While in the South, he said, many people would ask him whether, as a Holocaust survivor, he thought that something like what happened in Germany under the Nazis could ever be possible in the United States.

“I told them yes, it would be possible,” he said from his home in Warsaw. “Nationalism and fascism were not exclusively German. Under the right conditions and circumstances, it could also happen here.”

A convo

2015 SARAH: Hey how’re things going in the future?

2020 SARAH: Well I woke up and remembered it was a terrifying global pandemic so I wasn’t allowed out. Then I read a Spider-Man comic, but a racist Republican has turned our comfort character into a demon. After that I went to see my friends, who are the animals of Animal Crossing. Then I went online to find right-wingers with anti-semitic shirts and confedarate flags had overrun the US Capitol

2015 SARAH: Holy fuck what

2020 SARAH: Yeah the cops just let ’em in because they were following the commands of President Trump

2015 SARAH: President…Trump?

2020 SARAH: Yeah the reality TV star who was already a racist, he got made president. It’s really, really bad. Oh and Britain left the EU by the way

2015 SARAH: Wait go back to the pandemic part?

2020 SARAH: All things considered I’d rather not.

2015 SARAH: So was Star Wars at least good?

2020 SARAH: Oh shut up.

Watch: Grogu Pains — girlonfilms.net

Here’s something to lighten up the dreary days of winter, and get your Baby Yoda fix. Some clever people have created a parody of US 80’s sitcom Growing Pains, called Grogu Pains. It features all the stars of The Mandalorian as if they were in a sitcom, including Mandalorian/Din Djarin, Baby Yoda/Grogu, Cara Dune, Greef […]

Watch: Grogu Pains — girlonfilms.net

Need a distraction? You DEFINITELY do, right? Try this.