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Surface Pressure

After many days of hearing about how good it was I finally saw Encanto and it is indeed very, very good. Weirdly, I feel like the biggest compliment I can pay it is that it doesn’t feel like a Disney movie in the slightest.

Here’s my favourite song from the movie, Surface Pressure, a really well done and very relatable Absolute Banger.

hello again!

I made this blog private so no-one would be bombarded with emails when I imported my tumblr posts from last year, but the importer didn’t work in the end after two days of trying. Very odd. Technology doesn’t like me, never has. I should use these powers for good… Maybe I should destroy the NFT blockchains or whatever those damn things are called.

It’s new year!

Happy 2022 everyone! I hope it proves better than 2021…and 2020… and, well, you get the idea.

For about an hour or so today this blog will be private while I move some Tumblr posts over, I’ve decided every year in January I’ll do that so as to not lose any tumblr posts, which are apparently very liable to be deleted without warning these days.

Sean Gunn <3

He got a lot of shit for this from the usual suspects (maybe… don’t click through to the whole thread), but I’m so proud of him for standing up to JKR and her constant slow drip of bigotry. It’s nice when actors you admire turn out to be good people.


Les Miserables + Zombies: A Whole New Reason for a Barricade

Happy Halloween! Enjolras takes on the National Guard zombies while little zombie Gavroche climbs up the barricade below, meanwhile the dying Eponine shows off her zombie bite to Marius and Grantaire fights off the recently turned Bahorel with a wine bottle.

So happy to finally be posting this illustration after keeping the sketch in my drafts for 7 years! I wanted so badly to finish this illustration but at the time I didn’t feel skilled enough to complete it. Now I’ve done it and I’m so happy and relieved I finally got here.

Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks

Okay, so I was left a bit jaded by Flux, I really didn’t like it at all that much in retrospect, but I DID like Eve of the Daleks A LOT MORE. Just a nice simple (by Who standards) story about the romance between two complete weirdos, complete with Daleks. Actually this might be the best use of the Daleks for ages, they were way more engaging in this story than they usually are.

And, oh my god, they made Thasmin canon?!?! And did it really well?!?!