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An autism thing, or maybe not an autism thing

I don’t understand why people ask questions they don’t want to know the answers to. This happens all the time on social media! People will pose what is very obviously a question, often with the question mark right there and everything, and then become furious when people offer answers. Maybe it’s always a joke they’re making? But how could anyone possibly tell?!

Assorted reliable Maybe You Have Autism tests suggest that “not understanding social rules” is a sign that indeed you are on the spectrum. But that one particular thing I do not get!! Am I the one following the social rule when it comes to questions and everyone else is ignoring it?!?!

A few stray “Loki” thoughts

(spoilers ahead!)

-It’s nice to have Loki confirmed as bi, a good step forward, but I have a dark feeling this will never be mentioned again and he’ll never be in a same-sex relationship, because Disney.

-Whoa Sif?! She hasn’t been in anything since Agents of Shield and I dunno if that’s even canon anymore. Is she even going to be in the new Thor movie, I can’t remember.

-So it seems like Natasha won’t be in this after all which I find terribly disappointing, like lots of people I was sure I saw her in the trailer but no that was Sylvie instead, who has a similar hairstyle.

-But that being said I love everything about Sylvie! Love her look, her fighting style, that cool little crown that doubles as a weapon, everything. I would definitely watch a Sylvie prequel show.

Why can’t I get MY hair to go like that?

-I’m not sure if I’ve got this “TVA kidnapping variants” thing exactly right but what if everyone working at the TVA is a variant of someone we already know? Like there’s Tony Starks and Black Panthers and Steve Rogerses running around there plucked outta their timelines and we don’t know cos they look different?!

-If this show is going the way I think, Loki having to become the best version of himself after facing everything he did wrong, I’m gonna start calling this show “MCU does The Good Place.” Cos, you know, quite a few similarities already.

-Oh my gosh a crocodile Loki! I’m gonna call him Crocoloki.

Good Omens season 2

Neil Gaiman posted the above today and the internet went wild, WILD I tell you. I wasn’t expecting it at all and after a few punsome exclaimations of surprise (“What the HELL?” “What in GOD’S NAME?”) I started wondering, what do I actually want from a season two? Well, honestly…

…what I want them to do is make the Aziraphale/Crowley “bromance” an actual romance, like everyone thinks it is. And it’s not because I’m a Shipper, I’ve been doing shipping totally and utterly wrong for literal decades at this point, I just feel like it would be a better story if what we were seeing here was romantic love. IE… not something that Amazon can point at and go “No, they’re just friends!” And because said Ship has been so important to and so rewarding for so many people… Why not just go ahead and do it?

Well, that’s my main thought anyway. The other thing that occurs to me is that season one contains a pretty intriguing sequel hook as it is… “Next time, I reckon it’ll be all of us against all of them.”

Also please don’t put Jack Whitehall in this one.

The Timekeepers of the Millennium

Remember how I made that post a week or so about getting to visit the Millennium Dome? I mentioned how there was a children’s TV show to go with one attraction, but it was mostly lost. Well, I found the first three episodes!

Presenting The Timekeepers of the Millennium! It used a combination of live-action, puppetry and CGI to take kids on a irreverent ride through British history. Well, sort of. Kids of the time probably wouldn’t have actually learned a damn thing from it, I know I didn’t, but who cares! They built a park inside a doooooome!

….Yeah, about that.

Well, regardless of the quality of the actual Dome, this show isn’t all that bad. The two main muppets are charming enough and all the actors playing historical figures seem to be having fun at least. Also let’s face it, the demographic for this was definitely “tweenagers who would pester their parents into taking them to the Dome so they could meet the characters” and no-one else. There was indeed a Cogs and Sprinx running round the Millennium Dome back in the day!

(no using that image please.)

RIP Timekeepers! I found out recently that their ball-pit-like Dome attraction was about the only one in the building not sponsored by some evil mega-corporation so they got that going for them too.

The terrible news from Miami

The building collapse in Miami seemed to get surprisingly little news coverage on social media up until today. I first saw it reported as a “partial building collapse” which doesn’t really cover what a horrible disaster it was.

It says 99 are missing on that Twitter thread, but I think the number has actually gone up since then. Four are confirmed dead. And there seems to be so little anyone can do except wait for the fire department to do their jobs, jobs which are obviously slow and agonising for everyone involved. I suppose it’s not impossible that people have survived under the rubble but it seems so unlikely past the 24 hour mark.

There is actually a post here of organisations you can donate to, I note they’re already overwhelmed with physical donations which is good but still heartbreaking.

As a Brit I suppose it might even go without saying that this reminds me of the Grenfell Tower disaster, another case of profits being put before safety. Please do better than us when it comes to punishing the people who let it happen, America.


I actually remember when Britney Spears shaved her head. On the exact same day a guy in my class shaved his, so he got a lot of good-natured (or I hope they were good-natured) jokes of the “Alright Britney?” kind.

I really hope I didn’t make any jokes about Britney herself back then. I don’t think I did, but it would’ve been so cruel of me. She was the media’s punching bag for a long time and those people who singled her out, those people who are now falling over themselves to praise her for her courage, they were cruel too. I hope they think twice before finding the next woman to mock and belittle for no reason, but… knowing what I know about how the media has gotten even worse since Britney’s heyday, what with the rise of Twitter… probably not.

This is reproductive abuse and it was going on under everyone’s noses for years.

Nationalism — Meerkat Musings

We’re encouraging schools across the UK to celebrate One Britain One Nation Day on 25 June, when children can learn about our shared values of tolerance, kindness, pride and respect.#OBONDAY21 @1Britain1Nation For more information:https://t.co/y7PQblUeDN— Department for Education (@educationgovuk) June 21, 2021The DoE wants kids to learn about shared British values… not only does this sound…

Nationalism — Meerkat Musings

Reblogging this partly because it’s important, and partly because yep, my mind too went straight to Team Rocket.

Who I would still vote for over the Tories.

Why movie crew was spotted filming in Leicester city centre — Leicestershire Live – News

The production was spotted in Friar Lane

Why movie crew was spotted filming in Leicester city centre — Leicestershire Live – News

So that Richard III movie is starting to happen now! I wonder if there’s a way I could get to town while they’re filming and watch a few scenes. Probably not, I dunno how they schedule these things.

But I am SO HAPPY to hear Sally Hawkins will be in it, playing Phillipa Langley! I’ve loved her ever since the Paddington movies.