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Watch: Grogu Pains — girlonfilms.net

Here’s something to lighten up the dreary days of winter, and get your Baby Yoda fix. Some clever people have created a parody of US 80’s sitcom Growing Pains, called Grogu Pains. It features all the stars of The Mandalorian as if they were in a sitcom, including Mandalorian/Din Djarin, Baby Yoda/Grogu, Cara Dune, Greef […]

Watch: Grogu Pains — girlonfilms.net

Need a distraction? You DEFINITELY do, right? Try this.

Cobra Kai season 3

Well that was a nice New Years surprise. (I forgot it was coming out so early.) It continues to be a very entertaining, surprisingly insightful show. I love how it drives riiiiight up to common, rather tired tropes and then subverts them. Daniel not even thinking of cheating on his wife with his attractive, single childhood friend, for example, or Miguel not being able to overcome paralysis just because he wants it enough. (God, do I hate that one.)

It was interesting to see Kreese’s backstory, nice fakeout right at the beginning with him being the victim instead of the bully. (Fun fact! The guy playing the bully is Martin Kove’s son! Great fakeout there.) I’m glad that the show positions him and his attitude as abusive no matter his tragic history, when he starts talking about “the snowflake generation” you’re supposed to loathe or at best pity him. He’s a child abuser, what else could you call him?

Really the only major flaw with this season is that it makes no sense why the police aren’t involved. Even discounting Kreese’s actions towards his students (no you can’t do that in a real karate dojo!!) you’ve got the kids stealing from the games arcade, the surprisingly overlooked issue of Hawk breaking Demitri’s arm, the THROWING PEOPLE THROUGH WINDOWS… Also where are the parents and why aren’t they getting involved? Shouldn’t Demitri’s parents be raising hell that they gotta pay for a broken arm? It’s not a dealbreaker or anything but I wish they’d address it.

Also Hawk’s “redemption” was a little too fast for me. Ugh, I hate that kid.

Apart from those quibbles I had a tremendously good time watching and I’m so annoyed that now I’ll have to wait a year or two before Season 4.

The Madness of Trump — By Hook Or By Book

As the coming week is going to be stressful here in the US with the Georgia runoffs on Tuesday, and what promises to be quite the spectacle in Congress on Wednesday, of what should be the routine counting of Electoral votes and affirmation of Joe Biden as President, I was trying to keep things light […]

The Madness of Trump — By Hook Or By Book

What else can I even say except,

Lock him up.

New Year via games

Obviously there was nowhere to go on New Year’s Eve so I basically spent it on Animal Crossing. Awww, the little villagers threw a party.

Animal Crossing meant a lot to us this year, so I wanted to get a nice photo of me and my husband in the game as the countdown finished and the fireworks went off. So I got us in cute poses and hit the button at JUST the right moment… and the screenshot gallery was full. No photo for you. I cracked the hell up because WHAT BETTER WAY to sum up 2020 than that. Oh well, I took a photo on my phone instead, which has more sentiment in many ways I suppose.

Also Deli wasn’t there and he’s my favourite. :(

I had a quick whirl on Pokemon to get the New Year ones as well. That was more successful, in that I was able to get 2020 Slowpoke (aww) and evolve him within a couple of hours.

And a Pikachu with yet another hat!

Anyway, those were a fun distraction. Now back to the crushing terror of living in the UK under a corrupt government in the middle of a pandemic.

The Daily Telegraph Just Deleted an Article Showing the Vulnerability of Children to Covid-19 and then Immediately Misrepresented the Science of the Pandemics Spread to Attack Teachers — Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

🗣️ “It was minimally affecting children in the first wave… we now have a whole ward of children here.” Laura Duffel, a matron in a London Hospital, tells Adrian Chiles about the Covid situation in hospitals. 📻 @BBCSounds pic.twitter.com/2BwYOJvov5 — BBC Radio 5 Live (@bbc5live) January 1, 2021 Yesterday BBC Radio 5 interviewed a health […]

The Daily Telegraph Just Deleted an Article Showing the Vulnerability of Children to Covid-19 and then Immediately Misrepresented the Science of the Pandemics Spread to Attack Teachers — Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

This is very, very worrying in every conceivable way.

Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks

An interesting mishmash of the RTD and Chibnall eras! I appreciated the shout-outs to Rose (man, who would have thought we’d still be getting those in the year 2021?) and to Gwen Cooper. Oh and seeing some of the old rogues gallery was fun as well. Wonder what that one Weeping Angel in particular did to get itself thrown in prison? Maybe it’s the one that turned into the Statue of Liberty.

Jack was really the highlight of this episode for me at least, I assume based on his lack of a real goodbye to the Doctor that he’ll be back? I hope so. I loved the scene between him and Yaz. Guess Thasmin (or whatever it’s called, I quite like Yazteen) might really happen after all?

Hooray, Graham didn’t die! I’ve been expecting him to do so for a very long time but he didn’t! He and Ryan left in the best way they could’ve done really. I never really thought Ryan enjoyed the space adventures that much, why would he, one of ’em killed his gran. Oooh it was good to see Grace again too, even if just for a few seconds. A nice way to bring everything round full circle.

Oh and now there’s about to be another companion on board!

So that’s interesting. And lastly…

I appreciate that this episode got political but I don’t think they pushed it anywhere near hard enough. The concept of government-sanctioned security Daleks killing protestors, that’s huge, enough for a whole series of its own. And what with Robinson and PM Jo representing the worst parts of the American and British political systems respectively… I dunno, I just thought there’d be more. Don’t forget, the Daleks were straight-up stand-ins for Nazis originally.

A poem for 2020

It’s raining and it’s freezing

I think I’ll die of boredom

I’m terrified of sneezing

And every movie stars James Corden.

Boris Johnson’s still in power

There’s some confusing economics

I’m checking Twitter every hour

Marvel ruined my fave comics.

We’re all just pawns in politics

It’s complete and utter shite

It’ll take more than a year to fix-

So see you then! Goodnight!

Good News Stories of 2020

With only a few hours left of 2020 (here, anyway) I figured I’d shout a bit of defiance into the void. It was a GODAWFUL year but there were some bright spots. Here’s some stories that did at least make me sit up and go, “oh yeah there’s a pandemic but at least it’s cool that…” (Not counting the vaccine and the US election, by the way. You already know about those.) In no order:

Argentina legalized abortion

Declining support for religion’s role in governance, as well as the growing power of women’s rights activists, contributed to this shift. And now women in Argentina who would have gone through with abortions regardless of legality will no longer face unnecessary medical complications or fear of prosecution.


Lots of amazing and important photographs were taken


Many British celebs, including Olivia Coleman and Jameela Jamil, signed a letter condemning transphobia

The open letter says: “We are feminists and we write, on international day for the elimination of violence against women and girls, to express our solidarity with trans women, particularly trans women of colour, who experience violence and hostility so frequently it is almost a way of life.


Archaelogists found an ancient shop, still colourful, in Pompeii


On Doctor Who the Doctor was played by a black person for the first time ever

(and hopefully she’ll lead her own series of the show soon)


MS treatment has gotten “a step closer”

A clinical trial of the cancer drug bexarotene showed that it repaired the protective myelin sheaths that MS destroys. The loss of myelin causes a range of neurological problems including balance, vision and muscle disorders, and ultimately, disability.


A train broke through a barrier and was caught by a whale tail


Africa is now free of wild polio

In a speech yesterday, the director general of the WHO, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, described the eradication of wild polio in Africa as a “public health triumph”.


Okay here’s ONE little thing regarding the vaccine – Dolly Parton helped fund it! God I love her.


The Pogues told Laurence Fox to fuck off, oh fine that’s a tiny thing but it was SO satisfying to me


People took care of other people’s plants


Wild animals started popping up in unexpected places, including this deer in my hometown:


This house provided DAYS of entertainment for Twitter


Animal Crossing helped many people

(including me)



And that’s all I have for now, but def add your own stories in the comments if you have ’em!