UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive For Coronavirus — Deadline

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has become one of the country’s most high profile figures to contract the coronavirus. Johnson confirmed the news in a tweet, saying he had developed mild symptoms, including a temperature and a persistent cough, and on the advice of the country’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty had been tested. As…

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive For Coronavirus — Deadline

Twitter I think might enjoy this.

Okay, I don’t wish specific harm on Johnson, I guess. I don’t want him to actually die. But I do hope this teaches him a short, sharp lesson about what he and his party have done to the NHS.


Remember how we left the EU on January 31? That night I heard fireworks being let off all over this tiny little suburb.

Many things have changed since then. Now people need the services that can only be provided when the whole world works together. Tonight a special event of sorts was organised: everyone stands outside (far away from others) and applauds the NHS for their hard, life-risking work.

It was a nice idea. In some places they set off fireworks, again.

But here, in this little village, where most of the population are older and vulnerable? No-one seemed to think it was worth lighting fireworks anymore.


New restrictions in place this evening.

Beforehand, Boris wove a speech about how wonderful he thought the NHS was. The time for that sort of thing was a good few years ago, Boris. He made sure to thank the care workers risking their lives.

Now he thanks us. Only now.

I posted this on Facebook today

Last month Boris and the Tories “updated” the British immigration system. Among the people they labelled “low skilled” were carers.

Carers! The same people who are saving lives now. I was a carer. My family are carers. (Also, on one side, the descendants of Russian Jewish refugees aka immigrants.) Right now carers are still working. They will be coughed on and spat at and they will have to handle the sort of bodily fluids no-one wants to go near even when there ISN’T a pandemic. Due to the nature of disability and dementia some of them will be hit, kicked, choked, it’s painful, I can tell you. I used to work in a care home as well. How many politicians have done this?


Lots of people on here know me and my family personally. When the pandemic is over please, please remember what Boris Johnson and the Tories think of us, of all carers. And please remember the people, many of them “immigrants!” “foreigners!” the targets of hate in the Daily Mail and its kin, who are quite literally risking their lives right now for little pay and no recognition.

Low-skilled. Low-skilled to put yourself in the firing line for the sake of other people. I will never forget that, and honestly, I will never forgive.

London Grenfell fire disaster, corporate mass murder

More on Britain’s most recent appalling shame.

Dear Kitty. Some blog:

This 2019 video from Britain says about itself:

Grenfell Tower cladding ‘more flammable than a match to petrol’ – 5 News

A lawyer representing bereaved families and survivors of the Grenfell fire says the tower was wrapped in cladding that could go up in flames “more quickly than dropping a match into a barrel of petrol”. Stephanie Barwise QC was speaking at the public inquiry into the tragedy which is now focusing on the cause and spread of the blaze.

RBKC or the TMO were guilty of “institutional racism”, said a lawyer representing survivors and bereaved families.

By Charles Hixson in Britain:

Grenfell fire inquiry reveals more criminality by firms involved in refurbishment

14 March 2020

March 10 marked 1,000 days since the Grenfell fire. With the reopening of the inquiry on March 2, witnesses from the companies and entities responsible for the tragedy provided further revelations of…

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Today I Hate This Country

The news today. Here’s a tweet that I saw this morning:

And I honestly don’t know. My mum’s side of the family came over from Russia during one of the pogroms, fleeing antisemitism. But I don’t know which of these new criteria they would have filled, whether they could speak English or had a “skill” so I didn’t RT.

But these “skills” the British government is talking about…

Carers are considered “low-skilled” workers, no visas for them. And that makes me so angry, right down to my core, in a way I can barely even articulate. I was a carer. Sometimes I still am a carer, sometimes. It’s the hardest job most people will ever have to do. In a lot of cases you have to be a nurse and a friend and a sort-of-parent all in one go. You have to give medication, and if you get it wrong the patient might die, and you have to give people baths and take them to the toilet, you have to know their routines and in some cases the routines of other service users who might associate with them – it’s so hard – in some cases you might be hit, kicked, choked, the lot… LOW-SKILLED! Low-skilled to stop a kitchen knife going into you, them or someone else! Low-skilled to stop someone from dying! Low skilled.

Tory minister Jacob Rees-Mogg backs anti-gay hate preacher Franklin Graham

Jacob Rees-Mogg, a cabinet minister and close ally of Boris Johnson, has expressed his support for hate preacher Franklin Graham, who has claimed homosexuals “take other people’s children”. The leader of the House of Commons criticised venues that have declined to host Graham for a planned tour of the UK during Pride Month. Jacob Rees-Mogg…

Tory minister Jacob Rees-Mogg backs anti-gay hate preacher Franklin Graham — PinkNews – Gay news, reviews and comment from the world’s most read lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans news service

Of fucking course he fucking does.

Drayton Manor flooded

(uh the broken roof is just ride theming I think, not a result of the storm)

I went here last year and it RAINED and RAINED and RAINED and RAINED. Then I thought fuck it and went on the water ride (the lighthouse thing you can see in these pictures) because I wasn’t gonna get any wetter and it STOPPED raining when I was in the queue but THEN I was deposited at high speed into a freezing lake and afterwards had to PAY ABOUT FIVE POUNDS to go into one of those awful unhygienic drying machines after which IT STARTED RAINING AGAIN, FUCK EVERYTHING.

Britain is not really built for theme parks or indeed leisure facilities in general.


An important reblog.

Bookish Leftish Gibberish

deportation protesters PA

There are many things wrong with the recent mass-deportation to Jamaica.

Recently ex-Chancellor Sajid Javid said: ‘We will always do what we can to protect the public. These are all foreign national offenders – they have all received custodial sentences of 12 months or more. They are responsible for crimes like manslaughter, rape, dealing in class A drugs.’

In a previous deportation to Jamaica last year, he’d also claimed that all deportees were convicted of ‘very serious crimes… like rape and murder, firearms offences and drug-trafficking.’ The article continues: ‘But the Home Office said on Wednesday that of the 29 people deported, just one had been found guilty of murder, while 14 had been convicted [f]or drug offences and one was jailed for dangerous driving.’

Similar patterns with the recent case, as the Morning Star reported leading up to the flight:

[A] man who has lived in…

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