Sabina Nessa murder: Family left devastated by teacher’s death in Kidbrooke — BBC News – Home

Her cousin pays tribute to the primary school teacher describing her as a “beautiful soul”.

Sabina Nessa murder: Family left devastated by teacher’s death in Kidbrooke — BBC News – Home

Sabina Nessa was killed in a park, a busy park at that.

It’s always difficult to remember that something as simple and universal as a green open space is different for men vs women.

Please look after this bear.

Here are some interesting facts about Paddington 2, one of the best-reviewed and most beloved films of the UK.

Paddington was created by British author Michael Bond, whose family took in Jewish refugees during World War II. In a 2010 letter (seen in the 2019 documentary The Man Behind The Bear) he wrote,

“We took in some Jewish children who often sat in front of a fire of an evening, quietly crying because they had no idea what had happened to their parents, and neither did we at the time. It’s the reason why Paddington arrived with the label around his neck.”

Paddington Bear is considered a British icon, and rightly so by this point, but he was born out the shame Michael Bond felt about his government. In his autobiography he wrote,

“…there was a small open ship moored a little way apart from all the others. It was packed to suffocation with Jewish refugees, men, women and children making their way to Palestine. And for the first time, as I gazed down at them, I felt ashamed to be British.”

The real villain of the movie isn’t Hugh Grant’s character but rather Mr Curry, the neighbour who wants to send Paddington “back where he came from” and raises the “neighbourhood panic alert” to “wild hysteria” because of Paddington. (A pop at “terror alert level” type charts, I always assumed.)

So if you enjoyed Paddington 2 and its prequel… Consider where it all came from and what Michael Bond was saying about Britain and immigration. He and the filmmakers were not being subtle. You’re not gonna sing the praises of the British film industry while ignoring the very message one of its most prized films is promoting… Are you? No? Maybe sit back and listen and empathize with Afghani refugees the same way you did with Paddington, then.

“They will not have forgotten how to treat strangers.”


We are now in the “aftermath” stage of Britain’s first mass shooting in over a decade. Lots of saddening photographs of the victims staring out at you from the newspaper front pages, and headlines about gun control, and stuff like this.

They found the social media accounts of the shooter and it was… well, it was what I think most people expected, he was an incel who harboured a hatred of women. You’ll note the ratio on that tweet, but 91 likes is still too many. Ohhh, it’ll be stuck in my head for a while, that one.

Interestingly, not long after clicking away from Twitter in horror I stumbled across this old comic strip in a history subreddit. “Are Girls to Blame for Men’s Bad Manners?”

Based on what info is out there regarding the artist, that comic would’ve been published sometime around the 20s or 30s it seems. Some things never change I guess.


Some absolutely obscene, incomprehensible, I-can’t-believe-I’m-hearing-this scenes in London today.

Get your jab. Thank your doctor. Ostracize these people. I don’t really have much else to say, I’m in that state of appalled-ness where your brain just turns off. Also noting that unlike the Sarah Everard protest, seemingly no-one got smacked around by the police here.


I don’t follow the football, but I caved and turned on the TV to see how England v Italy all played out. (Ironically, I swear an Italian football shirt was the only one my English family owned once upon a time.)

If I’m being totally honest, I’m so constantly disgusted by the behavior of England fans that I don’t even care that we lost. I do care that Marcus Rashford will probably be blamed for it since he missed the penalty and that the disgusting tabloids over here are probably writing up gleeful headlines even now. Oh this country loves football! But it hates black footballers.

It’s gonna be absolute shit for emergency workers tonight too isn’t it? Ugh… Sorry, this is so bleak. I’d feel the same sort of bleakness if we’d actually won, mind you. It’s hard to be too enthusiastic when the pre-game “celebrations” involved somone sticking a flare up their arse after all.

“What bombers?”

The above article is a work of satire, but it got me thinking about the Blitz. I’m lucky enough to have relatives still alive who were in it. Over the years I’ve learned a few stories about what it was like… and it was awful. It was extremely likely that you would wake up one morning and find your neighbours the next street over were all gone, bombed in the night. I believe my grandmother’s place of work at the time (I think it was a shoe shop?) ended up a pile of rubble and there was obviously nothing anyone could do.

One story my grandmother told me which stuck in my mind – she said a girl she knew just got sick and tired of going to the shelter every time there was an air raid alert. This kid just flat-out refused to leave her bed, so her mother dragged her out of there, I imagine with considerable frustration, and forced her into the shelter. When the family got out of it the next morning, the bed that the girl had been adamant to remain in was ripped to shreds by bombs.

……..And now these days I feel like, that story may be a good illustration of why you should keep wearing a mask.

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We’re encouraging schools across the UK to celebrate One Britain One Nation Day on 25 June, when children can learn about our shared values of tolerance, kindness, pride and respect.#OBONDAY21 @1Britain1Nation For more information:— Department for Education (@educationgovuk) June 21, 2021The DoE wants kids to learn about shared British values… not only does this sound…

Nationalism — Meerkat Musings

Reblogging this partly because it’s important, and partly because yep, my mind too went straight to Team Rocket.

Who I would still vote for over the Tories.