the royals

(yes I’m bingewatching some more of The Crown) Actually the scene where Philip imagines his sister’s death is really well done and the Nazi funeral scene is really creepy and unsettling. I suppose I feel sorry for young Philip, I just… strongly dislike old Philip. (I’m not fond of Even Older, Still Alive Philip either, even though everyone else seems to be.)

s’interesting to look at this episode in the light of what’s been going on with the royal family in the past few years, Harry coming out about going off the rails after his mother’s death and seeing a therapist and eventually starting a mental health campaign. That would’ve made a really good coda to this episode actually.

Okay currently the news is full of nothing else but Prince Harry marrying Meghan Markle. I’m interested to see what she’ll do, she’ll be the first biracial member of the royal family in… ever? I’m hoping she won’t be cowed by the weird in-house demands on the royal family and continue the activism I know she does

It’s the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death today and the light entertainment shows are full of nothing else but talk about it. Strangely, I can actually remember Diana’s death really clearly, perhaps because it was the first Big Historical Happening I was old enough to understand? I was nine years old and I got up early to play with my Duplo and Lego. So I was doing that, and then my dad came into the room and said very sombrely (he does that) “People are going to be very sad today, Sarah.” I imagine my mind jumped about all over the place before I said “Why?” and he said, “Princess Diana died.” And then I suppose I went back to the Duplo. For the rest of the day while we were doing normal things, I remember there were newsflashes coming on over the car radio and constantly interrupting it, just repeating again and again “Princess Diana has died in car crash in Paris” etc etc.

Looking back on it it seems so surreal, that the whole country came to a standstill for someone who wasn’t really in a position of much political power or anything. I suppose some people saw her as a symbol of a more modern and down-to-earth royal family (although when she died she wasn’t technically a member of it?) and I know she did some very good work for AIDS awareness, but all the sobbing on TV, that was really… weird. No-one seemed to stop talking about it for months afterwards.