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The developers – Pfizer and BioNTech – described it as a “great day for science and humanity”.

Their vaccine has been tested on 43,500 people in six countries and no safety concerns have been raised.

My god November is working HARD to redeem 2020. I saw this news and I think I just sat there and laughed in joy. Is this how my grandparents felt when they learned World War II was over?

The most recent coronavirus news

Me personally, I like presidents who don’t get COVID.

Michael Rooker Recovering From COVID-19, Says Disease “Put Up A Pretty Good Fight” — Deadline

Actor Michael Rooker is recovering from COVID-19, saying overcoming the disease was “quite a battle.” The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Walking Dead star posted on his Facebook account on Friday about his struggle, sharing a picture of his certification as having been cleared of the coronavirus. “If ya’ll aint figured out by now…

Michael Rooker Recovering From COVID-19, Says Disease “Put Up A Pretty Good Fight” — Deadline

Oh SHIT this nearly gave me a heart attack. I’m glad he’s okay.

News from Leicester

Leicester factory put lives at risk during lockdown, claims garment worker

Anil had also been reluctant to speak, saying he feared for his family’s safety. But he agreed because he was so angered by the treatment of workers. While his wife looks after their two children, he has been working about 40 hours a week for £200, about £5 an hour.

There was no canteen, and rats and mice were visible on the factory floor, Anil claimed. There was no hand sanitiser until last week, and the single men’s toilet had no soap. “They have put us in danger,” he said. “If I feel sick, I make my family sick. I put them in danger too.”

Since the second lockdown began, though, the pattern in Leicester has shifted. If the North Evington area where many of the city’s factories are based was previously beset with risky working practices and almost no scrutiny, this week an abundance of attention has come just as many workshops went dark.


Sigh. This is an awful situation. (And one you most likely already know about if you’ve been reading the news.)

I’m lucky, insanely lucky, because I live just outside of the lockdown zone. I found that out today. I can’t go visit people or go to the city center or visit the next town over, but I’m in an area that has so far had zero deaths.

The mood on Facebook and the other social media hangouts for Leicesterians is a very, very subdued one. Also, because Leicester is known for being so diverse there have been pockets of hate and racism cropping up and Twitter will not do anything about them. That’s awful too.

It’s weird and surreal and really, really not great to be spared when everyone around you is suffering.

It’s official – the UK now has the worst death toll in Europe — MeerkatMusings

As we enter into territory we really should never have been anywhere near, having been told that we’re succeeding by a lying government, we find that government being aided by a media that’s largely interested in deflection and distraction, whilst government ministers tell doctors who point out facts to ‘watch their tone’ (some nice subtle […]

It’s official – the UK now has the worst death toll in Europe — MeerkatMusings

This nicely sums up my fears, hopes and disgusts right now.

TWO acts of incredible hypocrisy in one day! We’re being spoiled!

Obviously this stuff is tiny drops of water compared to the vast ocean of unfathomable events right now, but I just can’t let it go-

First, Allison Pearson is denied something in her prvileged life:

Second, Piers Morgan can excuse pussy-grabbing, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, dangerous arrogance, white-supremeist-endorsing, fine-people-on-both-sides-ing and more, but he draws the line at inane mishandling of a pandemic (presumably because a pandemic could, after all, affect him:)

They never thought leopards could eat THEIR faces.