20 May

It turns out that the Tories threw another big party in May 2020, probably attended by Boris Johnson, while the rest of the UK was on strict lockdown.

I’m all out of emotions because I know nothing will come of it and no-one will be punished. That’s the country we live in now. But I do remember that around that same time a 13-year-old boy named Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab died alone in hospital of COVID, and he was buried by men in hazmat suits, and his family couldn’t give him a proper funeral.

Because they were obeying the rules.

Things We Saw Today: New Covid Mutation Is an Unlikely ‘Futurama’ Callback — The Mary Sue

Whelp, a new COVID variant just dropped. The SARS-CoV-2 variant B.1.1.529, aka the Omicron variant, was first reported in South Africa, and has since popped up in Botswana, Hong Kong and Belgium. The World Health Organization has designated Omicron as “a variant of concern”, citing the unusually high number of mutations which could make the…

Things We Saw Today: New Covid Mutation Is an Unlikely ‘Futurama’ Callback — The Mary Sue

I hope we call the next one Lrr.

a vague personal post

We spent last week doing that adult rite of passage, visiting relatives who are in care homes thanks to physical ailments (hopefully curable) and mental ailments (not at all curable, sigh.) It involved going back to a place I very much associate with childhood (my grandmother’s house in Cleethorpes) which kind of simultaneously made it better and worse.

Getting into the care home to visit requires a covid test every day, so you can imagine how delightful it was to see this lot protesting in a Cleethorpes park.

Anti-vaxxers aside, it wasn’t a bad trip or anything! We got to wander around some of my childhood haunts and take pictures! But it was strange. So very strange.

Hey, teacher,

#LeaveOurKidsAlone was trending in the UK this morning. All anti-vaxxers outraged, OUTRAGED at the prospect of kids aged 12 being given the Covid vaccine. And yet, funny this, kids aged 12 and under can still very much can die of Covid! Oh it’s rare, but it does happen. And YET.

Whenever I see a hashtag like this I think the operative word is always “OUR.” The important part isn’t even to do with vaccines but the fact that these parents see themselves as owning their child and thus there’s no possible way that the kid might, y’know, have an opinion regarding their own medical treatment. Not to mention, I note the hashtag is filled with nonsense memes about “rising up against tyranny” and art depicting brave heroic parents protecting faceless, wordless children.

I suspect the anti-vaxxer circle on Twitter and the TERF circle is one and the same. There’s just a grand lack of desire to see children as actual people rather than the property of their parents.


Some absolutely obscene, incomprehensible, I-can’t-believe-I’m-hearing-this scenes in London today.

Get your jab. Thank your doctor. Ostracize these people. I don’t really have much else to say, I’m in that state of appalled-ness where your brain just turns off. Also noting that unlike the Sarah Everard protest, seemingly no-one got smacked around by the police here.

Double jabbed

This time around things went much more smoothly. We were driven there by a very nice and helpful taxi driver, which is always good, and at the hospital there was barely any waiting at all.

I feel a bit nauseous and tired but that’s only to be expected. VERY glad I’m fully vaccinated, now go and get yours if you haven’t already!

“What bombers?”

The above article is a work of satire, but it got me thinking about the Blitz. I’m lucky enough to have relatives still alive who were in it. Over the years I’ve learned a few stories about what it was like… and it was awful. It was extremely likely that you would wake up one morning and find your neighbours the next street over were all gone, bombed in the night. I believe my grandmother’s place of work at the time (I think it was a shoe shop?) ended up a pile of rubble and there was obviously nothing anyone could do.

One story my grandmother told me which stuck in my mind – she said a girl she knew just got sick and tired of going to the shelter every time there was an air raid alert. This kid just flat-out refused to leave her bed, so her mother dragged her out of there, I imagine with considerable frustration, and forced her into the shelter. When the family got out of it the next morning, the bed that the girl had been adamant to remain in was ripped to shreds by bombs.

……..And now these days I feel like, that story may be a good illustration of why you should keep wearing a mask.

Boris Johnson said bodies ‘could pile high’ during lockdown discussion — BBC News – Home

The BBC has been told Boris Johnson made the remarks during discussions in No 10, which the PM denies.

Boris Johnson said bodies ‘could pile high’ during lockdown discussion — BBC News – Home

So there’s a fair amount of discussion at the moment about “Did he really say that? Those exact words?” and yes, I absolutely and thoroughly believe he said that in those exact words.

I also absolutely and thoroughly believe the Conservatives will win in another landslide next election.