peter quill


Now and again time on the Eclector went slow and someone would put on a shitty ‘classic’ alien film Peter knew nothing about, just to pass the time. 9 times out of 10 he got more entertainment out of Yondu’s constant grumbling snark than he did any of the movie.

The other 1 time it was probably some terrible porn

After weeks of melancholy consisting of very little to no art outside of work, finding the motivation to do an illustration is a happy surprise.  And all because I got a dumb doll in the mail haha


Kraglin: Don’t get me wrong, there were a lotta contenders.

Happy late father’s day, everyone!


Guardians of the Galaxy: Dream On (2017)

(thanks for enriching my life with this, anon!)


Here’s my favorite comic ever (until the next one). And this is just Part One, so there’s even more cuteness coming tomorrow when I post Part Two. I just, I really love these two. I JUST WANT THEM TO LISTEN TO MUSIC TOGETHER AND BE HAPPY!