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Finally, OUTSIDE

After four months of going nowhere but the occasional field I have been to Bradgate Park in Leicester! Oh thank god. It’s so nice to BE OUT.

No-one else was wearing masks… apart from this elf we found in a tree on the way there.

I took a panorama with my phone once we got there. Surprisingly there are no deer in it (they are everywhere)

See, here’s one. This deer has an expression on his face I cannot read.

More deer.

Dave took most of the above photos (only numbers 2 and 6 are mine I think) and he also took these AMAZING ones of a white deer chilling in the ruins of Lady Jane Grey’s estate. There was a wall in the way but he STILL MANAGED IT!

The Romantic/gothy side of me likes to think, maybe that’s Lady Jane’s reincarnated spirit wandering around there.

Meanwhile I took a picture of an interesting wall.

Dave then got this amazing photo of a dragonfly which are very hard to photograph-


It’s much harder to get to than it looks from here, trust me.

I took this photo halfway up:

It’s worth it for the views, if your legs can take it.

Here’s some pictures I took at the top!

Here’s a couple of slightly more imposing-looking ones I took with my phone.

And then just before we left suddenly a noisy peacock flew overhead! Sadly neither of us got any photos of it in flight, but I WAS able to get close enough to it to take this:

And that was I think everything, and oh my god my legs are killing me.


Sigh. This is an awful situation. (And one you most likely already know about if you’ve been reading the news.)

I’m lucky, insanely lucky, because I live just outside of the lockdown zone. I found that out today. I can’t go visit people or go to the city center or visit the next town over, but I’m in an area that has so far had zero deaths.

The mood on Facebook and the other social media hangouts for Leicesterians is a very, very subdued one. Also, because Leicester is known for being so diverse there have been pockets of hate and racism cropping up and Twitter will not do anything about them. That’s awful too.

It’s weird and surreal and really, really not great to be spared when everyone around you is suffering.


So obviously I haven’t been writing about my garden growing attempts for some time, since first winter happened and then a massive global pandemic happened. But! BUT! Now food is growing in the garden! Actual food!

These sprung up literally overnight. They’re pea pods! (Probably.) A few months ago they looked like this:

And now they’ve grown! Oh I’m so proud.

Next to those are carrots and lettuces:

And then there’s the potatoes! The potatoes have EXCELLED. They went from this:

To this!

There’s more growing in a flowerbed too. (Same flowerbed as last year.)

So yeah, good news all round!

Cleethorpes, UK. Not usually known for its beauty. — Stickety Sweeet

Cleethorpes, UK. Not usually known for its beauty. Touch here for the full post on the Quite Gorgeous Everythings tumblr — See these photos and more on eBay!

Cleethorpes, UK. Not usually known for its beauty. — Stickety Sweeet

Unexpected Cleethorpes on the dashboard!

Cleethorpes is far from beautiful, but I miss it terribly, especially now. I spent so much of my childhood running up and down its beaches… and of course my grandmother is still there. When all this is over I want to go visit her, but oh man, that “when.”

Well, I suppose there’s no point dwelling. Have a picture I found on Reddit that is also very much, ah, the Cleethorpes I remember.

The Big Night In Blackadder bit

Since I posted the Doctor Who segement of The Big Night In I thought, let’s post the Blackadder bit as well. It… wasn’t actually much to do with Blackadder, and much more to do with Prince William, but what the hey. Also it led into the Clap for the NHS, which is obviously a political minefield of the “Fuck the Tories forever” variety right now but I still found it kinda touching. Hearing clapping on the TV and going out to hear more clapping, and even damn fireworks finally, it was… I don’t know. It was an experience.

More scenes from a pandemic

Ventured outside for supplies. It was very grey and wet. Signs everywhere.

The guy letting people into the supermarket seemed pretty cheerful, but I heard him talking about incidents elsewhere where customers had deliberately spat on staff.

While waiting in the queue a woman came towards it coughing and coughing and coughing. She wasn’t covering her mouth or making any effort at all not to spread her germs. I try not to wish ill on people but my god did I wish ill on her. She was walking alongside a pram which presumably had a baby in it. I can’t even describe the disgust I felt at that moment.

It’s been a bleak day.


Remember how we left the EU on January 31? That night I heard fireworks being let off all over this tiny little suburb.

Many things have changed since then. Now people need the services that can only be provided when the whole world works together. Tonight a special event of sorts was organised: everyone stands outside (far away from others) and applauds the NHS for their hard, life-risking work.

It was a nice idea. In some places they set off fireworks, again.

But here, in this little village, where most of the population are older and vulnerable? No-one seemed to think it was worth lighting fireworks anymore.