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More scenes from a pandemic

Ventured outside for supplies. It was very grey and wet. Signs everywhere.

The guy letting people into the supermarket seemed pretty cheerful, but I heard him talking about incidents elsewhere where customers had deliberately spat on staff.

While waiting in the queue a woman came towards it coughing and coughing and coughing. She wasn’t covering her mouth or making any effort at all not to spread her germs. I try not to wish ill on people but my god did I wish ill on her. She was walking alongside a pram which presumably had a baby in it. I can’t even describe the disgust I felt at that moment.

It’s been a bleak day.


Remember how we left the EU on January 31? That night I heard fireworks being let off all over this tiny little suburb.

Many things have changed since then. Now people need the services that can only be provided when the whole world works together. Tonight a special event of sorts was organised: everyone stands outside (far away from others) and applauds the NHS for their hard, life-risking work.

It was a nice idea. In some places they set off fireworks, again.

But here, in this little village, where most of the population are older and vulnerable? No-one seemed to think it was worth lighting fireworks anymore.


Today there was some rather bleak news regarding a culture of antisemitism at a family member’s workplace. As in, people doing the kinda stuff you would absolutely be fired for if someone found out. (The offenders don’t know my family member actually is part Jewish, and now they never will.) So – yeah, a depressing snapshot of life right now I guess. And that’s without getting into the news headlines from the past two days.