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Post-Elizabethan London

I went on a photo-gathering trip to London yesterday, while preparations for the Queen’s funeral were in full swing.

The train station was warning people not to join The Queue.

Shop windows were full of Queen Elizabeth images/merch, and also Paddingtons. It infuriates me how Paddington has become associated with the Queen but more on that some other time.

This is not just public mourning! This is M&S public mourning!

Flowers and flags popping up in all sorts of places.

The Marble Arch area was packed with people. I did get this nice picture of a bird though.

Onto Hyde Park. People and police everywhere, and a load of screens and portaloos set up for the funeral.

(other crowds, cops, & the odd yelling person not pictured.)

Found a weird beehive type thing and an unbothered raven.

Apparently this also happened in Hyde Park:

and I’m glad I didn’t see that because I would have lost my fucking mind. Just a really, really shitty thing to do. (The part of me that still has a shred of optimism about human nature wonders if some of those flowers, the ones unmarked by any Queen pictures, genuinely were for Holocaust victims but I suspect not. I mean, I hope so, I just suspect not.)

On lighter notes…

I do like this pic of the Union Jacks at half-mast, it came out really well.

This shot of a plane going past a statue isn’t too bad either.

Oh look more Paddingtons, Paddingtons everywhere. Wouldn’t it make SO MUCH more sense for these to be given to refugee kids who arrive in Britain with no toys?

So Buckingham Palace itself was closed off but the area around it was MENTAL.

The tributes from children I suppose are touching in a way, but only in the same sense any children’s drawing left out in the rain is.

Those photos probably don’t give the full scale of everything but hopefully this video does.

Absolute chaos I tell you. So were the surrounding areas.

Piccadilly Circus looked beautiful but police were everywhere.

There was a moment of silence for the Queen on the train! ON THE TRAIN! Madness. A voice came over the tannoy asking for a minute’s silence but most people in the carriage were asleep anyway.

Got home and was informed shortly afterwards that my grandmother had taken a turn for the worse. Apparently, she can’t even recognise her family members now. It absolutely sucks. But the country won’t stand still for her, will it.

Facts about the number 34

-It is the atomic number of selenium

-It is the ninth Fibonacci number

-It is the age at which Hollywood icon Jayne Mansfield died in a car accident (the reason Mansfield bars were invented)

-It is the ninth distinct semiprime (nope, I don’t know what that means)

-It is the name of a song by the Dave Matthews Band

-It is the number of the rule stating that the internet contains pornography of every conceivable topic

-It is the age I turn today!

absolute unit

It was a beautiful day today, probably one of the best since the year began, so we stayed inside and built this huge and fabulous entertainment unit.

Totally tetris’d the bottom part with various Funko pops to hide the huge mess of wires behind it.

(no idea what to put on that empty shelf beyond ‘something that will hide the rest of the wires’)

We spent the rest of the day sorting out a big box of comics that has laid untouched for several years now. AND WHAT DID I FIND BUT:

A near-immaculate copy of Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #14, featuring an excellent Green Goblin story I wrote about on not so long ago while having NO IDEA one of the original prints was sitting in the same house as me!

So ur, weirdly productive/surprising day?