my life

Facts about the number 34

-It is the atomic number of selenium

-It is the ninth Fibonacci number

-It is the age at which Hollywood icon Jayne Mansfield died in a car accident (the reason Mansfield bars were invented)

-It is the ninth distinct semiprime (nope, I don’t know what that means)

-It is the name of a song by the Dave Matthews Band

-It is the number of the rule stating that the internet contains pornography of every conceivable topic

-It is the age I turn today!

absolute unit

It was a beautiful day today, probably one of the best since the year began, so we stayed inside and built this huge and fabulous entertainment unit.

Totally tetris’d the bottom part with various Funko pops to hide the huge mess of wires behind it.

(no idea what to put on that empty shelf beyond ‘something that will hide the rest of the wires’)

We spent the rest of the day sorting out a big box of comics that has laid untouched for several years now. AND WHAT DID I FIND BUT:

A near-immaculate copy of Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #14, featuring an excellent Green Goblin story I wrote about on not so long ago while having NO IDEA one of the original prints was sitting in the same house as me!

So ur, weirdly productive/surprising day?

That’s my Halloween costume sorted then

I fell over on the slippery street and faceplanted the pavement. It hurt A LOT!

This was the first time I’d been to hospital since the pandemic started and luckily it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I’d been led to believe. Yes the Covid restrictions are awkward and there’s no cafe area anymore, LOTS of machines out of order too I noticed, but all the staff were polite and helpful. And I left having only spent about £2.50 (on a drink and crisps) and that lack of expense is just such an endless relief to me.

Exploring an abandoned theme park!

Pleasure Island at Cleethorpes has been closed since 2016, a fact that depresses me slightly since I loved it as a kid. So while in the area last week me and Dave stopped and took some pictures of its ruins.

Don’t worry, we didn’t actually go in! It’s covered in barbed wire, more bafflingly there’s a trench built all the way around it, and there’s a security dog too.

There he is!

So we just got as close to the fence as possible and stuck the camera through increasingly tricky gaps.

Here’s the fairytale-like entrance to the park, not such a fairytale anymore.

Broken things everywhere.

Some castles left to rot behind barbed wire.

Who even smashed these windows?

The remains of one of the rides I remember best from Pleasure Island, the water slide. It used to stand a bit taller.

A few misc buildings round the back, and a warning message.

RIP, Pleasure Island. Here it is in happier times.