my life

Happy new decade!

Time for some 2020 vision. (Sorry.) There are many things I want to do this year, things that will set up the rest of the decade, MAJOR things. So there’s that!

And I also want to try and wean myself off a lot of social media. It’s not healthy. I don’t want followers online, just friends, and that’s the part that Twitter etc isn’t set up for. Twitter will recommend you stuff from complete strangers, stuff you don’t want to see and aren’t interested in, just to try and keep you engaged. Facebook does the same, hell, even WordPress does it. I find it really frustrating.

So I thought maybe I would spend some of today archiving some older Twitter jokes/posts that I actually want to keep on here, and maybe I guess make that whole account private at some point this month? S’like, I just want to use it to talk to people I already know, I’m not interested in terrible people’s thoughts on the UK election or the Star Wars Discourse. (My god, the Star Wars Discourse.) It’s not a healthy enviroment, social media, it just… isn’t.

Reddit is another problem in that it is unbelievably toxic and terrifying, but at least it has a forum system rather than a follow one and you can downvote the many, many offensive posts you’ll find. (Plus, the individual smaller forums such as the fanfiction one are very nice on the whole, it’s just, don’t click on anything to do with news or politics.)

So anyway! There’s that but honestly… 2019 was actually good mental-health wise, and that’s… scary. Also sort of survivors-guilt-y because so many people I know are suffering right now. Sigh. I hope 2020 will just be better for everyone and also the planet stops being on fire.

Some things I found while cleaning up

It’s that time of year where ya give away a bunch of old stuff to make way for the new Christmas presents which arrived. I had a lot of boxes to get through it turns out. The highlights:

A very old (2001 era, I think) Arwen toy! She’s from Burger King I think, and looks less like Liv Tyler than anything else in the world could conceivably look less like Liv Tyler.

A mysterious unmarked floppy disk. I would love to put this in a computer and find out what’s on it! But I can’t because they don’t make computers with floppy disk drives anymore.

Swimming badge feat. Smiley whale

This very old choker from the ’90s era… which is now more or less back in fashion again, dang.

Charmander trapped in carbonite

A VERY VERY old glowstick bracelet! I had to throw it away because who knows what the hell those chemicals are doing in there.

A handful of Pokemon.. thingies? from 2001.

A pamphlet advertising a Star Wars exhibition. I think I must’ve got this while visiting France but when exactly I was there cannot say.

A big ol’ Pokemon advertisement from 2001.

!! I never thought I’d see this again! Back in the days when the kid’s show Diggit (part of GMTV I think) was a thing, my family won some signed stuff from the two presenters. Fearne went onto bigger things, Des didn’t. (Sorry Des.)

A knitted medal with my name on. WHAT WAS I FIRST AT?!?!

Another thing with my name on, this time a dolphin badge. I think this was probably one of those badges you get in gift shops where you have to pick out your own name. Kids love those things.

Some A4 posters of my favourite Jedi that graced my wall for a good few years.

And lastly, this appallingly unlucky Mr Mime.


Every damn evening there’s woodlice on the tiles around the back door. I don’t know why they come in. I think they must see the lights of the house and mistake them for safety. They get the opposite, of course. When a woodlouse gets inside it pretty quickly dehydrates and dies.

I don’t like bugs of any kind but I try to put up with the woodlice constantly doing what’s worst for them. Some of them are lucky and I see them in time, crawling across the floor oblivious to the danger and oblivious to the disgust they’re causing. Then I get the dustpan and sweep them up with the many, many bodies of their fellow woodlice and put them outside.


I planted some old shrivelled potatoes in various spots around the garden a month or two ago. I wasn’t really expecting much. I’m not very good at gardening, as you may have guessed, and some of them did turn green which means they’re poisonous and absolutely should not be eaten. However, I went digging in the second spot where I’d planted some of them, and what did I find?

Yes! Actual, presumably edible potatoes!

Honest to god it was a beautiful sight. So… I put them back in the ground again, where they will I assume sprout more ‘tato? Or that’s what the Internet tells me.


I planted the tomato plants around the back garden. Here’s one of them, I think it’s doing okay (it’s still green anyway)

Another one, not so much…

And the third one, has, uh, gone. Where it’s gone I couldn’t tell you. Maybe the epic rain we’ve had over the past few days killed it off completely? I have no idea.

As for the spring onions, things went very wrong with the spring onions. I suppose I should admit to it. Somehow it never occured to me to, you know, CHANGE THE WATER ON THE REGULAR and they rotted. I moved one one day and there was this appalling stench that stunk out the whole house. Kinda awkward. So here I go again:

Same vase, different onion. (And, um, different water, OBVIOUSLY.) So we’ll see how that goes. My gosh I am so pleased about the potatoes though.