my brother’s art

Check out what I got for my birthday :)

My brother Michael drew me Harry Osborn from Spider-Man! :D

He’s the Ditko version of Harry with his fabulous nonsensical hair but he’s got a bird because the game version of Harry looks after the pigeons of NYC!

And Dave got me this amazing cat backpack (catpack?) which is not only adorable, it can fit my laptop in it! I’m going to end up taking it EVERYWHERE.

I also got a cake.


GOBLIN WEEK: The Yorkshire Mumbler is a rarely seen Goblin of the ruddy moors, appearing to Lost Travellers at only the least-loved Cairns and Standing-Stones. Often described as having the demeanor of a ‘Cheeky Git’, the Mumbler offers advice, directions, and instructions to the Lost Traveller, but only in the purposefully unparseable nonsense that gives it its name. A mischeivous little bastard of the highest order, maybe give this guy a miss (Though they might enchant your boots if you mumble right back at them)

+1 BONUS GOB: Our Goblin Field Researcher Mahogany Woodstain is on the scene, she can’t hear a ruddy thing and she is FASCINATED

(Based on a conversation with @fabledquill)


GOBLIN WEEK: The Southbank Skravvler, or ‘Pigeoblin’, is one of the most common Goblineages YET DISCOVERED in the UK. Maybe you’ve even seen one today! Found bobbling around in city centres the world over, they are often seen eating their favourite foods (Abandoned Kebabs), showing off their jewellery (Stolen from empty houses owned by rich people) and saying their favourite word (‘Piss’). Dirty, amusing, and intelligent enough to be rude to people, please pat it on the head the next time you see one (Though maybe wash your hands afterwards)




REPORTS OF THE END OF HALLOWE’EN HAVE BEEN HIGHLY EXAGGERATED: For this year’s Hallowe’en party, I built a lil’ Paper-Maché Devil to sit on my shoulder and whisper all SORTS of Mischief into my ear, and though I’m LONG since immune to Infernal Temptation (I was quaffing Holy Water every five minutes and had a Protective Sigil in my sock), we came to a compromise and did an Elaborate Autumn Photoshoot, and I think the results speak for themselves