my brother’s art


Sketches of Skulls from Oxford University’s Dept. of Esoteric Paleontology, which can be found by entering a disused broom cupboard and speaking the word ‘Friend’ in Elvish; Once in the Department, please tread carefully because the bones ARE hungry and can hear VERY well. After twenty minutes, you will feel an itching sensation on the back of your head – DO NOT SCRATCH IT or it’ll be YOUR skull the next foolhardy illustrator sketches

Anyway it was a privilege to be invited, 10/10 experience



G O B L I N  N O . 6: A Knight of the Goblin City of Ziz. Like all members of the Order Of Conical Knights, she defends the city from all sorts of extradimensional threats. Alongside her Strong Heart and Sense of Dimensional Justice, she also comes equipped with a steam-powered Shield-Arm (Which can be swapped for a more dextrous prosthesis when Off-Duty) and a Nephropidan Halberd (Excellent for shearing off tentacles, and the Crustacean-Blade can unbuckle itself from its harness if it gets tired)

This is a BONUS GOBLIN WEEK which I could not for the life of me get done in time! I shan’t put it on the tag because G-Week is Very Over



G O B L I N  N O . 5: A two-headed, three-armed ‘Blin (A Duotriblin), having a lively discussion on the way back from an incredible QUEST for the BE-EYED CRYSTAL, a Legendary, Eldritch artifact that does Something Or Other. Looks like they’ve got it, and wow it’s just LOUSY with powerful energies, and the conversation is just fuckin’ SPARKLING (They’re talking about skeletons)



GOBLIN WEEK NO.4: Two teeny tiny bobbin-goblins, or ‘Globobblins’, who have founded a brand new teeny tiny goblin kingdom out of someone’s sewing supply. The kingdom is growing very quickly, it currently has, oh, Two members! Observe their ceremonial Yarn-Armour (‘Yarmour’) and expressions of perpetual surprise. They are married, and they will stick pins in your legs if you annoy them. Defi-‘Knit’-ly my favourite gobbos



G O B L I N  N O . 3: The Waxhead Goblin, colloquially known as a ‘Candeloblin’, is a foul-tempered but otherwise harmless example of predatory gobin-dom. Often found in dusty old Castles, the Candeloblin uses its strikingly Goopy appearance to disguise itself as an ordinary candle, to best lie in wait for its usual prey of Bats, Centipedes, and Hapless Adventurers.

This hunting strategy would make it an unparalleled domestic carnivore, were it not for the fact that the adult Candeloblin is 7 feet tall and smells utterly dreadful. Be on the lookout for the appearance of hilariously conspicuously huge new candles in your home, but it’s not a big deal