when i’m sad i re-watch the it crowd

dedicated to tumblr user akumastrife bc she gets me


les amis de l’abc

from left to right: enjolras, combeferre, courfeyrac, joly, lesgles, prouvaire, feuilly, bahorel, grantaire

it’s done! finally !! :^

I got bored so I made a map of Les Amis significant interactions with/feelings towards each other, with dialogue from the Brick and some manip’ed character designs. (Mostly just heavily edited screencaps from the movie.)

IT TOOK A LONG TIME. Click the high-res button to really get the flavour of it.

Marius had allowed himself to be taken to the ball at Sceaux by Courfeyrac, Bossuet, and Grantaire, hoping, what a dream! that he might, perhaps, find her there. Of course he did not see the one he sought.—“But this is the place, all the same, where all lost women are found,” grumbled Grantaire in an aside. Marius left his friends at the ball and returned home on foot, alone…

Wait, has no-one written a fanfic about what those three got up to once Marius left? CAN THEY PLEASE