Fanmade Doctor Who Blu-Ray Covers: The Bill Potts collection

I think it’s been exactly a month since I last posted one of these. Well it took me ageeeees to be happy with this one, to be fair.

I’m glad I managed to make it blue cos that’s always been the colour I associate with Bill. Anyway I’m wondering whether to make this the last one? Or do one for Yaz even though she’s not the only main companion in her run? I dunno.

Fanmade Doctor Who Blu-Ray Covers: The Martha Jones collection

A very pink cover for Martha Jones! Pink and purple just seem to suit her.

About the original Martha promo shot I used for this cover… I realised when enlarging it that she has blemishes on her skin AND THEY WEREN’T PHOTOSHOPPED OUT! So I didn’t photoshop them out either. Thank you Doctor Who photography people.

Fanmade Doctor Who Blu-Ray Covers: The Rose Tyler collection

There’s some really nice Doctor Who blu-ray covers (both official and fanmade) out there at the moment, but as far as I know there’s never been any which feature the companions rather than the Doctors. So I thought I’d start making some!

Here’s Rose:

It’s just the front cover at the moment, no back or spine! But if there’s any interest (I posted this over at the Gallifrey Base fanart forum too) I might make them!

doctor who graphic: Farewell, Sarah Jane

After the sad little minisode I really wanted to do something to… I guess not necessarily celebrate it, but acknowledge it, or something. So here are some of the remnants of Sarah Jane’s long life, with the Doctor standing over them.

The middle picture is actually Lis Sladen out of character. It just seemed appropriate.

A homemade Final Space poster!

As a Brit there’s not a lot of Final Space merchandise I can get hold of, alas. So I thought, why not have a shot at making my own poster? It’s far from perfect, but it highlights my favourite scene, and also I like how the green light is touching Gary and Quinn. (That was a complete accident.)

What I’ll do with it now, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just keep going back to it as I get better at graphic design.

EDITED a few minutes later to add: Ahhh! Olan Rogers saw it and he liked it!

Doctor Who Graphic: I Found You In Words

I love Amy Pond so much and I’ve always really liked this picture of her. I decided to see if I could make something poster-like with it. And it had to have words in there somewhere, I decided, because “I found you in words!” is both one of my favourite Amy lines and one of my favourite descriptions of what it means to be a writer.

So here’s the result, but I also thought I’d share a lil step-by-step guide to how I made it, because I was quite proud of myself for pulling it off:

Can you find the words (heh) in the graphic? Amy’s last letter to the Doctor is spilling out of the Time Crack.

Remembering The Angels Take Manhattan

On this day seven years ago, Doctor Who aired Amy and Rory’s final episode, The Angels Take Manhattan, and… I found it so disappointing. I still do. God, the potential that was wasted.

There were things I liked! I liked that the end of Amy’s arc is her having agency and making a firm choice. I liked the beautiful music which plays as Amy and Rory fall. I liked…god, what else did I like… I liked the brief moment between Amy and River before she says goodbye?


Really, looking back, my favourite thing about The Angels Take Manhattan was the leadup to it. Before it aired I created this poster:

(Where I posted it originally I could not say. On Gallifrey Base maybe?)

…and someone liked it so much they printed it out and used it! I still have the picture they sent me.

Doctor Who fandom at that point in time was generally a nice place to be. I remember, even though I didn’t like the episode, no-one fought with me about it. And I was so, so happy to see my poster put to good use! Thank you, poster-user, wherever you are. I’m sorry I forgot your name.