graphics: les miserables

I got bored so I made a map of Les Amis significant interactions with/feelings towards each other, with dialogue from the Brick and some manip’ed character designs. (Mostly just heavily edited screencaps from the movie.)

IT TOOK A LONG TIME. Click the high-res button to really get the flavour of it.

Les Amis de l’ABC MINIMALIST POSTERS! I love that kind of design, y’see, but I’ve never tried making any til now.

All made from free vectors I found on the internet. I tried to get a bit creative with them and not do anything I’d ever seen before. Dunno if I succeeded, but can you tell who’s who?

Inspired by and based on this post, which is a fragment of Victor Hugo’s original notes for Les Miserables, posted by flo-nelja. (Textures from planets-bend-between-us and rosebein.)