I’ve already wished you all a Happy Barricade Day yesterday. So have a Maybe-A-Little-Not-As-Happy Barricade Day today. ;)

Since we all know (by now) what a cheerfully heartless, lying, impenitent bastard I really am, here, have a highly, highly abbreviated version of Combeferre’s speech on me. I realise it’s not what his actual speech is about, but I was thinking about what Hugo said about Combeferre not being an orphan and about to get himself killed, and decided that what I really wanted to do was to frame his speech mainly in the context of the named Amis* and what would follow in the days after their deaths. [— That, and if I actually illustrated his speech in its proper context, it would have taken far more pages, and a finger that was Actually Functional And Very Much Not In Pain.]

Why, for gods’ sake? Because I can.

[And yes, I’ve snuck in people and things all over the place. Also because.]


* And Gavroche. Because y’know.


when i’m sad i re-watch the it crowd

dedicated to tumblr user akumastrife bc she gets me


les amis de l’abc

from left to right: enjolras, combeferre, courfeyrac, joly, lesgles, prouvaire, feuilly, bahorel, grantaire

it’s done! finally !! :^

I got bored so I made a map of Les Amis significant interactions with/feelings towards each other, with dialogue from the Brick and some manip’ed character designs. (Mostly just heavily edited screencaps from the movie.)

IT TOOK A LONG TIME. Click the high-res button to really get the flavour of it.

Les Miserables deleted scenes: 
The beginning of The ABC Cafe

From the “Creating The Perfect Paris” DVD extra, a couple of cut lines from “The ABC Cafe/Red and Black”. (You can see Killian Donnelly bursting in and calling “Enjolras!” at the end there.) No idea how much of it they filmed, I still hold out hope that they filmed it in its entirety…

You probably want to watch it now, so it’s here! It starts at about 2:22.

Les Amis de l’ABC MINIMALIST POSTERS! I love that kind of design, y’see, but I’ve never tried making any til now.

All made from free vectors I found on the internet. I tried to get a bit creative with them and not do anything I’d ever seen before. Dunno if I succeeded, but can you tell who’s who?