Something something Barricade Day to you all!

[runs for cover]

Not a comic this year! Due to Work, Life, and Other Weird Stuff, I had all of five days instead of the usual two weeks or so to get this year’s Thing done, which sort of limited my options. The script I’ve been working on for the last two years got shelved, Feuilly and Gavroche got spared…. and Courfeyrac won the Barricade Lottery. Umm.

My profound thanks to @ellie-valsin for her comprehensive guide to 1830s men’s fashion, which I consulted extensively while cooking this up. Any mistakes/inaccuracies/ anachronisms/typos lurking in this piece are deeply regretted (they are to be blamed upon excessive sleep deprivation). Any distress caused by this post…. not so much. ;)

[Yes, I realise I didn’t include every last item in a gentleman’s
wardrobe, but there’s only so much I could complete in five days. LOL.
Besides, (1) that would’ve been bordering on pedantry, and (2) I doubt if anyone wants to see me dragging this horror for
longer than it already is….]


[If Courfeyrac’s Scarlett O’Hara impersonation looks a little familiar…. then you probably (1) follow me on Dreamwidth, or (2) used to lurk at Abaisse – in which case, hello!]

[Re: Shirt (Section 6) – I realise that one likely does not carry off a body in such a fashion, but I doubted that anyone would appreciate Bahorel getting hauled off like a sack of potatoes…]

[@pilferingapples  – Sorry, not sorry!]