the best thing that we can do right now to fight for abortion rights is donating to your local abortion fund, especially in states with “trigger laws” or laws that will immediately take harsh measures to shut down abortion rights as soon as roe is overturned. If you don’t know your local abortion fund or states with trigger laws, here’s one in Texas, one in Louisiana, one in Georgia, one in West Virginia and one in Mississippi (all states with such “trigger laws”). There’s so many more beyond the handful i just listed here but times like these are the time to donate and support the incredible work that these organizations do for their communities. 

sorry, better version of this post: here is the national abortion fund archive where you can find your local abortion fund and here’s an article from the cut about abortion funds explaining which states are trigger law states and the specific regulations around abortion they have (also links abortion funds themselves at the bottom) 

I’m in the UK but am reblogging this to boost it.


Okay since I never posted about it and that last post reminded me of it, here’s some parallels between Ego and Thanos:

  • A father figure with conditional love. If Gamora wasn’t stronger than Nebula and lost against her as children, she would’ve been the neglected, torn apart daughter while her sister was Thanos’s favorite and praised. If Quill hadn’t been able to control his connection to the Light, he would’ve been killed off for being useless like most of his half siblings before him and left to rot.

Also on that note can we talk about how the only reason Quill could hold the connection was not genetics, but the fact he was an adult and able to better control himself than a literal child- if Yondu dropped him off at 8 years old he probably would’ve been killed as well-

  • Both Thanos and Ego are destructive, powerful beings. Even if Ego’s Expansion plan was more selfish, one wanted to cover possible billions of planets in his own being, and the other wanted to control life and death by wiping out half of the universe’s occupants instead of a better alternative of doubling the resources.
  • Both have killed women they were supposed to love. Ego put a tumor in Meredith’s head that probably made her last years alive hell, just so he wouldn’t be tempted to return to Earth to see her, despite only visiting her a few times. Thanos uses his favorite daughter as a sacrifice for the Soul Stone, denying her wish to die of her own hand and instead throwing her into a painful death on Vormir.
  • Also on that note, both used their Children for what would suit them best. Thanos tortured Nebula by tearing her apart to make Gamora tell him where the Soul Stone was, and then sacrificed her for it. Ego wanted to use Quill’s connection to the Light to help with his Expansion, and when he fought back against it, was content to punish Quill by draining him as a battery.
  • I’d also like to point out the fact that part of why Quill attacks Thanos “too soon” in Infinity War is the fact that he’s very much reliving his time with Ego in that moment. The big baddie has just confessed to killing a women he loved (his girlfriend instead of his mother) and how he Had to do it for some reason. And we all saw how fast Quill is to attack when this happens, shooting his own father to pieces and trying to bash in Thanos’s head in anger.

So anyways yeah Thanos and Ego are scarily similar and this is why I don’t blame Quill for how he reacted in IW




wish i lived in the Mama Mia Extended Universe where almost everyone’s poor but being poor means you have a single bedroom filled with adorable assorted mismatched furniture that still follows a decorative scheme and you have a great view and a french press 

and if you stand in one spot long enough a very attractive man will walk by and just fall madly in love with your fun energy and offer you a ride in his pedicab 100 miles up the coast to a wonderful little bakery where the owner will also love your energy and just leave it to you in her will for some reason, along with her rolodex that includes at least three more attractive dating options 

oh also you can duet with an invisible ghost right there in public and no ones even going to get on your case about it. utopia 



what happened to the tiny little dragon pals that the triwizard champions drew from that bag????? harry mentions it being in the boys dorm later but never mentions it again like ??? if I had a tiny dragon companion i could carry around on my shoulder like a weird, spiky little bird i would literally never let it out of my sight

@loveheartlover#oh my god#I never even thought about this#imagine charlie coming home for christmas and fleur like sprints upstairs and fetches her teeny dragon#like ‘charlie I know you like ze dragons look’#and charlie promptly adopts the tiny thing and decides bill’s girlfriend is the best person in the world#and then harry fucking gives him another#and charlie just sits on the floor and cries as he cups these tiny little dragons in his hands

Charlie Weasley crying about tiny dragons is my aesthetic.