Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

I am still not very mentally well but I did manage to see GOTG 3, a film I’ve waited so long for. It’s very, very good. (Spoilers from here on!) I admit I did really want Gamora’s Infinity War death to be “undone” in some way, I’m still bitter about that even after all this time, but at least she’s alive and has a family of her own and is on good terms with the Guardians now.

I REALLY REALLY LOVED that Gamora told Nebula “There are little girls like you all over the galaxy, we can help them” back in Vol 2 and this movie ended with both of them helping little girls escape a monstrous god-like being. OH my heart.

I have no idea what Adam Warlock is like in the comics, I gather nothing like how he is in this movie, but he was hilarious and I wish he was in the movie more. I have a newfound appreciation for Will Poulter’s comedy skills.

I loved Peter Quill in this movie, I have loved him in every GOTG movie despite him being played by Chris Pratt, and I’m very glad that he’s going to stick around in the MCU for a little bit. I really want him to be bisexual now like he is in the comics. Genuine suggestion: since there was that big and touching scene at the end of Adam Warlock saving his life, why not pair him up with Adam?

ALSO: Shout out to the taxi driver who drove us to the cinema who was a fellow theme park history enthusiast! That was super nice, I hadn’t had a fun conversation with a stranger for a while really.