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I was looking through my vast collection of Spider-Man 2 screencaps and something jumped out at me…

You see the woman in the portrait next to Harry? Is that Mrs Osborn? His mother? Because she looks like him, whoever she is…

EDIT: And Harry has the same picture in his apartment. (You have to look closely for it, but it’s there). Guess that settles it. ;)

Spider-Man 2 review

Well…not really a review as much as a series of bulletpoints. Or something.

-Who was that random girl who gave Peter chocolate cake? I liked her. What’s her name? (And doesn’t she look a lot like an older, thinner Luna Lovegood?)

-I love Harry and I have no idea why.

-Doc Ock was BRILLIANT. I loved what he did at the end *is glad that was the one spoiler she didn’t read*

-That scene in the hospital with no music creeped me out so much. Actually, screw that, it terrified me. ;)

-Loved the whole scene on the train. It nearly made me cry. *sniffle*

-I also love Peter, because he’s just such a Good Guy

-Although Mary Jane shouldn’t have run away from her wedding, that astronaut guy was cute. ;)

-Oh, and he actually seemed to really like her, too…he was running to her and hugging her at the end…Not that MJ and Peter aren’t meant to be or anything, tis just a thought. ;)

-That scene in the lift. *giggles madly*

-Please tell me I wasn’t the only one mentally iconing the entire movie. Please…?

I love superhero movies, and this was probably the best I’ve seen so far. I’m so getting it on DVD when it’s out. :D