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Fallout 4 Tours: Vault 88

Eeeey Vault 88! I remember building this place, it was bloody hard. This settlement doesn’t lend itself well to a before/after shot so let’s just jump straight in…

Here’s the entrance, guarded by a turret.

Then around the corner (I’ll spare you all the boring shots of corridors) there’s this rather sparse security room.

Down another corridor, there’s the screening area-

-and the generator room.


Fallout 4 Tours: Abernathy Farm

So! Accepting that the past month has been… A BIT OF A ROUGH ONE for Fallout fans, I’m still gonna show off my Fallout 4 settlements! You can’t get me down just yet, Bethesda.

Right! Literally a few seconds away from Red Rocket is Abernathy Farm. I consider Sanctuary-RR-Abernathy to essentially form one big settlement in-game, and Abernathy is kinda on the outskirts, the last checkpoint before the wasteland gets a little tougher.

The before and after pics.

Here’s what Abernathy looks like as you approach it from Red Rocket…

And here’s Red Rocket as seen from Abernathy.

Let’s have a look around!


Fallout 4 Tours: Red Rocket

If you walk down the road from Sanctuary Hills, you come to Red Rocket! As with all my Fallout settlements, it looks very different to how it looked at the start of the game:

So these folks at Red Rocket have it pretty good, although not quite as good as the people across the bridge at Sanctuary Hills. RR is a little more run-down and dilapidated-looking. But for people who’ve just wandered through the ruins of Concord and reached it, it’s the most beautiful-looking place in the world…


Fallout 4 Tours: Sanctuary Hills

For the last three years or so I’ve been rebuilding settlements in Fallout 4!

…Yes, really. Honest to god, it is a major stress reliever for me. I fricking love transforming piles of rundown shacks into cool-looking settlements and replacing dead trees with living ones. Suppose if you can’t do it in the real world you’ve gotta do it digitally right?

So here’s what Sanctuary looks like at the beginning of the game (taken from the Fallout wiki:)

And here’s what mine looks like now!


I suppose my Fallout lands have their own lore. I’m thinking, the Sole Survivor returned home to Sanctuary Hills with Shaun and she overhauled the place, made it better, made it greener. And outside of Sanctuary, little patches of trees and plants slowly started springing up here and there as the world repaired itself a little, and those are Settlements now, places where people can go and live their lives and build ridiculous buildings.

And oh man, I used a lot of mods! You can find a whole list of them at the end of this post.