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Fallout 4 Tours: County Crossing

So as the video says, this is probably gonna be the last one of these. I think I’ve filmed all the really good ones now and the game is so overloaded I can barely get into it anymore, let alone take videos.

But let’s take a look at County Crossing!

Before and after shots (before shot from the Fallout wiki)

It looks pretty cool in a radstorm!


Fallout 4 Tours: Oberland Station

So you can probably tell I’ve majorly stalled on making these. Oh well… Expect a couple of them every year I guess. Here’s my Oberland Station! I really like this one.

Before and after shots. (Before shot from the Fallout wiki)

So I kept the station box there but built around it. We’ve got some homes built from Vault parts and plenty of trees.



CW animal death

River, the model for Dogmeat, has passed away :( I recommend reading the rest of the thread, it’s heartwarming to see how much the team loved her.

@/JoelBurgess on Twitter

“I said goodbye today to River, who most of you know as Fallout 4’s Dogmeat. Heartbroken doesn’t cover it, but I won’t eulogize her here. For twitter, I thought it’d be appropriate to look back at her impact on that game. (plus, writing about game dev hurts less than grieving)”

Fallout 4 Tours: Vault 88

Eeeey Vault 88! I remember building this place, it was bloody hard. This settlement doesn’t lend itself well to a before/after shot so let’s just jump straight in…

Here’s the entrance, guarded by a turret.

Then around the corner (I’ll spare you all the boring shots of corridors) there’s this rather sparse security room.

Down another corridor, there’s the screening area-

-and the generator room.