fallout settlements

Fallout 4 Tours: County Crossing

So as the video says, this is probably gonna be the last one of these. I think I’ve filmed all the really good ones now and the game is so overloaded I can barely get into it anymore, let alone take videos.

But let’s take a look at County Crossing!

Before and after shots (before shot from the Fallout wiki)

It looks pretty cool in a radstorm!


Fallout 4 Tours: Oberland Station

So you can probably tell I’ve majorly stalled on making these. Oh well… Expect a couple of them every year I guess. Here’s my Oberland Station! I really like this one.

Before and after shots. (Before shot from the Fallout wiki)

So I kept the station box there but built around it. We’ve got some homes built from Vault parts and plenty of trees.


Fallout 4 Tours: Vault 88

Eeeey Vault 88! I remember building this place, it was bloody hard. This settlement doesn’t lend itself well to a before/after shot so let’s just jump straight in…

Here’s the entrance, guarded by a turret.

Then around the corner (I’ll spare you all the boring shots of corridors) there’s this rather sparse security room.

Down another corridor, there’s the screening area-

-and the generator room.