Fallout 4 Tours: Somerville Place

We’ve wandered through a swamp and found ourselves at Somerville Place! Before and after:

(first picture from the Fallout Wiki)

It rains constantly here, but don’t let that put you off.

Okay I completely forgot to put this in the video (or that it even existed) but if you follow the “Storage” sign it actually leads somewhere!

This little building which is part of the base game. I think usually you can find a hostile Sentrybot there.

I can’t get in there, it’s locked, but let’s presume one of the Somerville Place people has the key. So that’s where they store their… broken computers and junk.

Anyway, let’s turn around and have a look inside the police station.

Thanks for your (presumable) hard work guys!

Okay, to the left of the police station there’s a house, constructed from salvaged Vault parts as many houses are…

It’s nice, if small.

Back outside, let’s go check out the market…

…and the gorillas who guard it! Don’t mess with these guys.

The market is not the best one in the world, there’s only a couple of shops.

Coffin shop, could come in handy.


Let’s go see what that sign says.

“Please respect the grilas.”

And speaking of, here’s the memorial for the gorillas who’ve been killed defending Somerville Place (at least two of them have, if I remember rightly)

The other side of the sign points to the market.

Let’s go check out another house.

Hey dude don’t smoke! It’ll shorten your life… oh.

This house is also made from salvaged Vault parts, as all of the new ones round here are.

It’s pretty cosy, this one. Or I think so.

There’s another house on the other side of the market, past the swing (I love that swing)

Hello, citizens!

This bedroom is quite spartan, but it’s nothing on some of the ones I saw while flat-hunting in Leicester back in 2009. [sad trombone noise]

This house also has a laundry area and, more charmingly, an artist’s studio of sorts.

Still raining…

See those stairs? Let’s go up those stairs.

There’s another house up here.It’s a bit of a mishmash of different parts.

On the inside…

Hey it’s finally stopped raining!

Like all the settlements, Somerville Place looks so much nicer in the sun.

Oh my god kid there’s a plant growing out of you… or in front of you, it’s hard to tell.

God rays.

And that’s kinda it for this settlement!

Let’s head off across this swamp. See you soon!

Mod List!

  • Conquest
  • Snap ‘N Build
  • Place Anywhere
  • Aki – Colorful Trees
  • Scrap Fallout
  • Clean the Commonwealth
  • Decoration & Furniture Pack
  • Masterwork Architecture Project
  • Sci-Fi Posters
  • ElvenBlossom’s Items
  • Pre-War and Post-War Sanctuary Build Set
  • Mist Workshop DLC
  • Do It Yourshelf
  • Gruffydd’s Signs and Posters
  • Nuka World Clothing and Items
  • Working Table Lamps
  • Old World Plaids
  • Clean Water of the Commonwealth
  • Minutemen Morale Pack
  • CrimsomRider’s Unique Furniture
  • Alternate dresses
  • Old World Decorations
  • Renovated Decorations
  • Nuka World Exotic Lights
  • Modular Kitchen (With Perks)
  • EoW – Pre-War Books Retexture
  • Pictures of Remembrance
  • Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
  • Renovated Furniture
  • 12 Potted Trees
  • G2M – Workshop
  • Creative Clutter