Fallout 4 Tours: Oberland Station

So you can probably tell I’ve majorly stalled on making these. Oh well… Expect a couple of them every year I guess. Here’s my Oberland Station! I really like this one.

Before and after shots. (Before shot from the Fallout wiki)

So I kept the station box there but built around it. We’ve got some homes built from Vault parts and plenty of trees.

If you followed those train tracks, you would shortly reach Graygarden.

There’s glass paneling in the central Oberland area and underneath that is a little tomato-growing area.

Let’s have a look inside the signal box first.

Not much of an actual room, is it? Perhaps it belongs to a starving artist who couldn’t afford anything better.

The other houses are much better! House number one:

And the house about it:

There’s another, bigger house opposite-

And one above the signal box too.

Opposite that house is a little elevated park!

Settlers can come sit here and relax after a hard day’s farming.

Views from the park:

Back down on the lower level, there’s a tiny trading stall next to the signal box.

And that’s about everything! Once you’re done at Oberland you can take the elevator down.

There’s a guard post at the bottom, but no-one’s there right now.

Don’t forget to pet that cat before you go.

Mod List!

  • Conquest
  • Snap ‘N Build
  • Place Anywhere
  • Aki – Colorful Trees
  • Scrap Fallout
  • Clean the Commonwealth
  • Decoration & Furniture Pack
  • Masterwork Architecture Project
  • Sci-Fi Posters
  • ElvenBlossom’s Items
  • Mist Workshop DLC
  • Do It Yourshelf
  • Gruffydd’s Signs and Posters
  • Nuka World Clothing and Items
  • Working Table Lamps
  • Old World Plaids
  • Clean Water of the Commonwealth
  • Minutemen Morale Pack
  • CrimsomRider’s Unique Furniture
  • Old World Decorations
  • Renovated Decorations
  • Nuka World Exotic Lights
  • Modular Kitchen (With Perks)
  • EoW – Pre-War Books Retexture
  • Pictures of Remembrance
  • Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
  • Renovated Furniture
  • 12 Potted Trees
  • G2M – Workshop
  • Creative Clutter