Fallout 4 Tours: County Crossing

So as the video says, this is probably gonna be the last one of these. I think I’ve filmed all the really good ones now and the game is so overloaded I can barely get into it anymore, let alone take videos.

But let’s take a look at County Crossing!

Before and after shots (before shot from the Fallout wiki)

It looks pretty cool in a radstorm!

But I prefer it in the sun.

So as you can see, the whole settlement is built around this housing block! It has cannons in front of it to take care of security.

Let’s take a look in the houses! House number 1 (in both night and day)-

House number 2 –

House number 3-

House number 4-

And outside we have the pond that provides water for all the settlers here.

It’s also a source for fish.

Round the other side there’s a mutfruit farm and a carrot farm.

There’s also this world map! What’s it for? Who knows.

These rocks, I put them there to cover up the ruined cars, but I actually like to think they’re memorial stones for settlers past.

County Crossing also features a basketball court of sorts…

…and a trading post.

The bathtub is for the Brahmin who pass through here with their owners.

Check out how nice everything looks at night.

And that’s about it for County Crossing! I guess if I remember another settlement that came out really well I might still do a post for it? We’ll see…

Mod List!

  • Conquest
  • Snap ‘N Build
  • Place Anywhere
  • Aki – Colorful Trees
  • Scrap Fallout
  • Clean the Commonwealth
  • Decoration & Furniture Pack
  • Masterwork Architecture Project
  • Sci-Fi Posters
  • ElvenBlossom’s Items
  • Mist Workshop DLC
  • Do It Yourshelf
  • Gruffydd’s Signs and Posters
  • Nuka World Clothing and Items
  • Working Table Lamps
  • Old World Plaids
  • Clean Water of the Commonwealth
  • Minutemen Morale Pack
  • CrimsomRider’s Unique Furniture
  • Old World Decorations
  • Renovated Decorations
  • Nuka World Exotic Lights
  • Modular Kitchen (With Perks)
  • EoW – Pre-War Books Retexture
  • Pictures of Remembrance
  • Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
  • Renovated Furniture
  • 12 Potted Trees
  • G2M – Workshop
  • Creative Clutter