Fallout 4 Tours: Murkwater

It’s no longer a construction site!

Before and after pics (first one from Fallout Gamepedia:)

What a transformation! Honestly this is one of my favourites.

Just like in Somerville it rains a lot here, but occasionally you get splashes of sunshine.

Here’s me standing in front of my great creation.

On the ground level there’s not much, just the water purifier and vegatable garden. There’s also a sign pointing the way to Somerville, some seats, oh and there’s two cats. (Attempts to put them on the higher levels failed, and now they just splash about in the water. But at least they’re happy.)

Up the stairs.

But there’s also an elevator on the other side!

And the first level the elevator goes to is here, a little plant-growing area. (Also accessible by stairs.)

Up to the next level!

Lots of benches and greenery up here. And some doors! What’s behind that bottom one?

In here we’ve got the clinic-

And down the stairs, the security department, which has its own balcony with weaponry. (Also accessible by elevator.)

Let’s look at the two houses here! (I imagine both of them are home to one or two families.)

First house is above the clinic.

Let’s go upstairs…

I love this room! I managed to create a four-poster-bed for it out of old pipes!

I don’t love the Institute shower in the bathroom but it was the only one which would fit.

Anyway, let’s head up that spiral staircase-

There’s a very small, but nice, attic room up there!

Right! Back outside, let’s head up to the next level of Murkwater…

Ah man, it’s started raining again. Of course it has.

Here’s a guy who sells you stuff.

And here’s the second house!

Its first floor:

Second floor:

Dude maybe don’t sleep with your gun so close to your head?

Here’s the view from the highest level… ah look at all that swamp down there.

And that’s I believe all of Murkwater!

See ya later!

Mod List!

  • Conquest
  • Snap ‘N Build
  • Place Anywhere
  • Aki – Colorful Trees
  • Scrap Fallout
  • Clean the Commonwealth
  • Decoration & Furniture Pack
  • Masterwork Architecture Project
  • Sci-Fi Posters
  • ElvenBlossom’s Items
  • Pre-War and Post-War Sanctuary Build Set
  • Mist Workshop DLC
  • Do It Yourshelf
  • Gruffydd’s Signs and Posters
  • Nuka World Clothing and Items
  • Working Table Lamps
  • Old World Plaids
  • Clean Water of the Commonwealth
  • Minutemen Morale Pack
  • CrimsomRider’s Unique Furniture
  • Alternate dresses
  • Old World Decorations
  • Renovated Decorations
  • Nuka World Exotic Lights
  • Modular Kitchen (With Perks)
  • EoW – Pre-War Books Retexture
  • Pictures of Remembrance
  • Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
  • Renovated Furniture
  • 12 Potted Trees
  • G2M – Workshop
  • Creative Clutter