dr strange

harry osborn’s weirdest comic appearance

(Though it’s up against some pretty stiff competition.)

Okay! This was in a comic called X-Statix Presents Dead Girl, issue 3. As far as I can gather the premise is, villains are coming back from the dead so assorted heroes, including the titular Dead Girl and Dr Strange, go visit the afterlife to stop them. Death is, as everyone knows, a VERY fluid concept in the Marvelverse.

I guess that’s the in-universe explanation for “If your character sells enough comics they’ll probably come back from the dead.”

And Harry is like, ur, the elevator guy… of Hell? This may not be a bad thing though cos lots of heroes end up there? I think?

Oh and also Gwen?! She’s in the background of the third panel.

So Harry and Gwen, best friends, each involved in the death/downfall of the other, are in the same room/elevator/dimension/whatever in this comic and THEY DON’T SPEAK. Sonofabitch. Hey! Howsabout you read this instead.

The other odd thing about this surprise Harry Osborn appearance is that this comic was released in 2006, long after Harry’s intital “death” in 1993. (of course his death was retconned in 2007, making it so he never died at all, so what’s he doing in an afterlife? COMICS.) He was never one of the most famous Marvel characters, even taking the Raimi films into account, so I guess another Harry Osborn fan was writing this particular story and decided to give our boy a cameo. Good on ya mate.

Oh and also George W Bush is in this.


Favorite MCU Character Journeys: Tony Stark, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor Odinson, Loki Odinson, Dr. Stephen Strange, & Nebula 


I wanna see Infinity Wars infinity times.







There are no words for this…

What the everlasting fuck?!!? The only black man in the movie is portrayed as the villain who is jealous of the main white dude, the Asian actor (WHO COULD HAVE BEEN THE ANCIENT ONE) is a man servant, they cast a WHITE WOMAN to play an ASIAN CHARACTER! This cinematic universe is shit and although I hate some of its fans I feel bad for them because these people really got them believing this shitty storytelling and bad casting and saying the word “diverse” well actually make for a good story that surpasses any other cinematic universe when it really doesn’t it just shows that these hoes at Disney only give a fuck about the money in your pocket not the representation and excellent storytelling you really deserve.

Also did they really shade their very own Black Widow? And even Captain Marvel and Gamora? Like…..????? Every time they do this they just self-drag. This is so embarrassing and a humiliation to the poc who are cast in the MCU. Stop acting like poc who are props for white leads = authentic diversity lol.

I always knew how much Marvel love patting Themselves on the back but doing it for avoiding a stereotype that They helped popularize?

That’s a new low.

While we’re on the subject, do you know who else is a middle-aged woman who isn’t a ‘’twenty-eight year old in leather pants?”

Amanda fucking Waller, that’s who. 

She’s also a WOC.

“we have about as diverse as cast as I think you can get”

how low is your bar

If they wanted to show that you could have a middle aged woman who isn’t a “twenty eight year old in leather pants” maybe they could have done that with Captain Marvel, who is actually supposed to be in her 40s. 

Goddammit, I’m glad that Benedict Wong’s getting work because he’s talented and deserves it, but did it have to be in this? :(